Sunday, June 1, 2003

Today I met up with Ghimz, PY and Jing wei for dinner at PS. Jing Wei is another RV fren who was my sec 3 sec 4 classmate. He is Ghimz's good fren as well.

We went to eat at...

Indeed, u realise that there is no cafe car in Singapore. It is actually Cafe Cartel but I didnt manage to capture the whole thing.

As I mentioned before, I think Cafe Cartel is totally great coz the food's price is reasonable for itz guaranteed good taste, there is no service charge and there is free flow of bread and plain water.

PY ate St louis pork ribs. The ribs are like the best selling thing there coz of the generous portion and itz yum factor of coz. Only $10.90. At the same time, it looked totally cannibal-ous coz of the bones that will be left over.

Imagine these are human ribs.

Wahahha... Yuck... After that we went to Zouk...

Eileen is guaranteed to be at Zouk every sat so I called her up... Was thinking perhaps Eileen could sign me in coz she is a member! She didnt though, but asked her fren to give me a free invite instead. Cool!!!

Aha. I took my digicam in and it turns out v useful.

There was this girl dancing on the podium. She was wearing a very short skirt which flared out alot, so we could all see her underwear since we all stood lower than her. And it wasn't even a sexy G-string. It was granny underwear.

She danced away shaking her boobs and butt at everyone, and openly enjoying the attention from all the men all trying to peep under her skirt. Since she likes to show it so much, I took a picture for everyone to see.

Hey! I didnt even purposely put my camera underneath her skirt to take that picture. This is what everyone at Zouk saw as well. In my opinion, she is a tad too fat. And rather blind coz she didnt notice the flash.

I think I am a GREAT photographer. And oh yeah I decided to put my blog's address on my pictures so it would drive more traffic to my blog to satisfy my sense of curiousity. I am curious what would happen after the web counter hits 9999.

Actually I took a picture of PY's cleavage as well but she deleted it, that sneaky thing.

Eileen's friends

Eileen's new best friend is Jeannie. (I dunno if I spelt it right) Jeannie has a boob size of C and she is Bi. I was complaining to Eileen about how I am not able to do that forward hipping thrusting action (somewhat like fcuking. U know u hold on to someone's shoulders or waist and keep thrusting back and forth) and Eileen kept doing it on me for fun. If she was a guy, it would look as if she was shagging me.

Heck, even as a girl she looks like she was shagging me, standing up.

Jeannie started to join in the fun and she kept doing that action to my back. Eileen did it to my front. They both "forgot" to wear bras and I could feel everything on me...

I decided an average guy would pay $200 to be me for that five minutes. Oh gosh, I feel rather aroused thinking about it. I think I am lesbianic.

*confused* LOLz.

Okie yes I know that this blog entry is not funny or entertaining but forgive me! I am tired.. More standard bloggings tml. Will be celebrating June's bdae. Unfortunately, there will be BOTH Androgenous Aaron and Grouchy Gwenne going. Dammit.