Friday, June 27, 2003

Two days ago when I was working at Ritz (whats new?) there was this English dinner. After English dinners chocolate pralines are served on this nice looking glass dish.

Absolutely heavenly looking chocolate pralines.

I looked left. Looked right. No manager looking. Popped one white chocolate praline into my mouth. WHOOOOSH! Orgasms rushing in! Ah, the tongue is a very good muscle indeed. The smooth and sweet white chocolate exterior was crushed by my eager teeth to spill out itz insides, soft wet hazelnut.

It was as good as it lasted. But is one orgasm enough??? I dun get them from men, so eating chocolates is my only solution! I want more! I need more!

I looked left. Looked right. No manager still. I stole all the remaining pralines and stuffed them all into my pocket. Urgh! One pocket full liao. Never, put into another pocket. Aiyah, this pocket got my hps inside, dammit. Nvm lar, can still put 2 pralines.

I happily gave some orgasm-inducing pralines to some colleagues after eating my fill.

Is this all written just to make u envious of me? Of course not. U see, I got my just punishments for the greed I had.

I put a hand into my pocket to check out the time from my hp. YIKES! It is full of chocolate!

It was terrible. I spent a good 15 minutes in the toilet cleaning it up. The chocolate managed to squeeze itself into the hole for charging and for the earpiece. it squeezed through the keypad onto the insides of the fone. It squeezed onto the battery even. Luckily enough, only my 8250 kanna.

No doubt it caused my 8250 to go berserk.

Today Eddy called me. Chatting halfway, the phone gave an unpleasant clicking sound as if announcing the tremendous amount of suffering it was going through. And then it really died.

I thought to myself: "Wah lau that Eddy ah, talk halfway hang my call. And dunno how to call back one lor..."

I had no idea that it is Eddy who must have thought I am a rude bitch. (I later discovered as Xf's call got cut off too that it was MY phone with the problem.) But thats not the point. The point is, I need a new phone!

There are 3 phones that I like currently. Samsung's T500, 8910 (titanium) and 6100. I like T500 the most, but I think it is freaking expensive and I can't really afford it. Nice diamonds on the cover. Glittering diamonds just so complete my bimbo look!

I dun like 8910 coz it looks like a coffin, but heck, it will make me look rich. Imagine a person using a 8910 and another using 7250. Who looks richer? I just need to couple it with my Gucci/LV bag to complete the tai tai look.

Plus u can continue using 8910 for a century and just say "I bought it at one grand u know! Change phone for fuck? -Scoffs-" when people comment that ur phone is ancient.

A few ppl told me I am very dumb for wanting to buy 8910 coz it is an old model, it is ugly, and it doesn't come with polyphonic ringtones, colour screen, and camera, etc etc. I dun care about polyphonic ringtones coz it is simply not worth the money to download it. Free ringtones u say? Alright. We rich people simply do not play with silly things like ringtones. Colour screen is not very important to me too. Camera? I got a perfectly good one which I take everywhere already.

I found one at yahoo auctions for $350. Great huh, $350 I can fake that I bought it at a grand. Wonderful.

6100 is if I can't find a good deal for the first 2 phones. In fact, I think people who bought 6610 are worthy of some sympathy. Thats u, Eddy, June, Xf and the rest of the world! 6610 has transformed successfully from a "wow!" phone to a "oh, I have one too." phone. Price plummeting horribly. 6610 is now one of the lousiest colour phones around. With 6100 I expect the same situation to happen as well.

Haiz, all these headaches for stealing some chocolates. Anyone selling the phones I want???? Or any admirer gonna buy it for me? Poor Wendy doesn't have a phone to use! Boohoohoo.

This blog entry is gonna be long, just to warn you. My blogging thirst has grown these few days; I was so deprived of it. Good news for my fans though, those who are punching their fists into the air and throwing confetti when I just announced that this entry wuld be long. Thats coz I will be buying Enormous Ek's pda from her, at a measly $40. With the device taken with me everywhere I go, I can now blog everything which is interesting without forgetting what happened when I reach home.

Speaking of EK, she is very happily in Melbourne currently. She must be a very happy horny girl! Did u know that Australia airs porn on all its channels after 11pm? That cool ain't it? Australia porn stars must earn a lot.

I would like to interrupt myself. I just went to cook some spuuer for myself and guess what I found. It is ur worst horrors confirmed when u crack open an egg.

I think I just killed a life! It looks like a little pink chicken embryo to me, complete with a curled up look. Either it is an embryo, or this chicken has cervix cancer or something. Anyway, I felt quite guilty that I killed a cute chick. But I was thinking:

1) It is the guy who choose this egg to sell that caused the chick's death.
2) It is the chicken's own fault for shagging that cock.
3) It is the chicken's own fault for being a stupid organism and thus not able to stop its eggs from being taken away from humans, or even shout out loud that that egg is fertilised.
4) It is God's fault for not making fertilised eggs have a red dot on it or something, so that we wun eat fertilised eggs.
5) Even if the chick hatched outta the egg and say, it manages to escape out of the fridge, Cloudy will eat it up in a jiffy.

It is absolutely not my fault that I cracked its life up. In fact, I decided I blame that chicken for traumatizing me and spoiling my meal.

(In case u guys are wondering what I did with that egg, I took a spoon and tore, with some difficulty, the embryo from the egg yolk and cooked the rest scrambled style.)

Back to normal blog topics.

I just found some of Jonathon (my 7-month ex bf) photos!

XF likes this photo alot. She thinks Jon and I look very loving coz we both look so happy. Eh, I guess we were happy, during the first 6 months or so. Very happy.

Jonathon took this photo himself. He was in Manchester visiting his sis so he took this photo to send to me to let me see. Ah, the grass seems greener in England. Perhaps that lame saying about the grass being always greener at the other side is correct then.

Jonathon gave me this card.

Oh man, I can't believe I once felt so loved. Long time since I last felt that way. Seems to have lost confidence in myself after Jonathon left me. I just keep thinking no one will ever love me unconditionally again.... Bleah.

I know what u are thinking.

1) Stop the mushy stuff, it is making me nauseous.
2) Jonathon's handwriting is extremely ugly.

I agree with both. I'm sure everyone wants to know how Jon and I broke up right? It is a long story, I shall write about it tml.