Thursday, June 19, 2003

Woah how come the visitors to my blog today seem to be increasing ah... Its at least a 100 today liao.

Anyway, I had a good hair day today!

How great! A happy day always begins with a good hair day. But what good can a good hair day do if no one sees it? Everyone seems to be so busy today. Eddy is busy. June is sleepy. EK is swimming with sis. Xf is lazy to go out. PY is teaching tuition. James has (oh wait, it sounds wrong. James have? James plural? Urghhh...) a dinner date with someone else.

Only one person would be free after selling char siew. Thats coz his bike is under repair, and he would not travel without the bike. Thats right, its Bernard! I refuse to let the day go by without letting anyone see my good hair day. So I paid Bernard a visit.

I had a chance to ride on the bus 42 at Kembangan. I dunno why, but I felt magical when I boarded the bus. For those of u who have read Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, you would know why! 42 is supposed to the magical answer to the question of life. LOLz

I got very amused by Bernard's mum's slippers coz these are the smallest Tat Sing slippers I have ever seen. Have you worn a Tat Sing slipper before? Tat Sing slippers seem to be taken over by trail slippers nowadays. Imagine the future aunties and uncles wearing Trail slippers, crossed coloured, one blue and one pink! OMG! Anyway, I have never knew they made Tat Sing slippers so small. Bernard says I am mad to go around taking pictures of bo liao things. But I really think it looks very cute, hor?

I dun feel like writing liao coz I think I wrote too much on the spoof. Maybe I will blog more tml. Actually I got some stuff I feel like writing.

Anyway why isn't anyone interested to be part of the spoof? Can just use it as a forum lor. Just tell me ur email add will do. See the little bouncy icon to the right? Click on it to email me, ppl!