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I'm really really sick of people telling me how much of a bloody bimbo/slut/whore/ass/bitch I am. TO ALL THESE PEOPLE: Fuck you all. Yeah I am a bimbo, SO? Big fat hairy deal. You dun like it, dun read my blog. No one is holding a knife near ur throat. Perhaps u guys shld reflect a little about how bo liao u are, leaving comments just to tell me "you are disgusting, arrogent blah blah" when obviously u know that I dun give a shit about what u think anyway. Why am I responding if I dun care? Well, the comments are an eyesore. I'm totally sick of all these childish people, and you guys are abusing my comments system. My blog was never meant for u all, and if u only have bad things to say, keep it to urself coz no one else is interested. My blog belongs to me, and I have every right to write anything I want, no matter how "bimbo" or arrogent it is. My blog is, however, welcome to anyone who wants to read it coz they find it interesting or
Absolutely tired, tml still must go school at 9 am... Today my manager gave me a chance at serving the VIP table, but it was not in the midst of a busy wedding dinner. Instead, it was a twelve person lunch where there was this cute (as in looks old, and pruny) minster called I.D. Swami (Damn cute ah the name) with eleven other boring old men who talked about Singapore's politics. Not anything interesting, mind you. Just talking about stuff a commoner like me wun understand. Anyway, I would like to proclaim that lotsa Ritz Carlton's stuff dun like me. I certainly did not delibrately offend them in any way but I guess, ah well... At least the Chinese staff dun like me. The Malays seem to be okie with me. Must be something wrong with me, recently alot of this kinda "I hate Wendy" things pop up... Am I really that bad? From today onwards, I shall try to smile and laugh more, talk less, and talk bad about people less. That can't go wrong, can it? Also I sha
June, Shuyin and I were at this Indian lady's shop. I can't really remember what she sold, but I remembered that she has this comfy couch where the 3 of us were sitting down on. I walked around and saw that the Indian lady sold this authentic Gucci HP strap. I fell in love with it immediately. To my pleasant surprise, it only costs $20! I grabbed it and took it to show to June and Shuyin who were sitted on the couch. June took the hp strap and fingered it lovingly. Not surprisingly, she wanted it too. Before I told her to get her own, Shuyin's uncle and auntie came along. The pair sat down beside us, and the Uncle asked June what she was holding. June showed it to him, and he took a look. "You like it?", he asked June. June nodded vigoriously. "But I dun have money to buy," she said mellowly. The Uncle nodded. He got the hint alright. He stood up, and before I could say anything, bought the hp strap for June. I tried to stop h
Yesterday in school June, Fiona (coursemate and June's friend) and I were walking to Dover Mrt together after school. In our oily hands were packets of delicious nuggets and chicken wings. I dunno if u all have a certain way of eating chicken wings, but I follow a standard procedure. 1) Eat skin in front. 2) Eat meat at back. 3) Eat meat in front and use index finger to help push out the flesh from between the bones. But this procedure does not tally with my usual habit of eating what I like best at the last. You see, thats because my favourite part of the wing is the SKIN. So i said out loud rather stupidly, "I think chickens should have their skins inside and their flesh outside." Immediately June and Fiona "Eeeew!"-ed. But this spurred on more discussions on how we think animals should be genetically modified. Lets see, nobody likes chicken breast meat, except crippled Enormous Ek. Chicken breast meat is tough, dry and unchewable. If
Well, my pic is not currently up here... (Do vote for me, please? I need it!) Actually I send the pic in coz I was thinking it would be nice to be a VJ for a while, afterall I might get to host with UTT! June said that MTV will partner us up coz we are both short. Great. Some people left bad comments and ratings. Hey, its like damn funny isn't it, that some people obviously dun have a sense of humour? The description was meant to be funny, and not serious. Ah well... Humans... Let me counter some of the comments. nuit blanche Rating : 1/5 Humility is a virtue!! Well darling, virtues dun really get u to become an MTV VJ. So I am supposed to write my description something like: Hi, my name is Wendy. I pretty much suck big time. I get stage frights and I stagger a little. Sometimes I think I look damn hideous. I know I am not worthy for being a VJ, but I just would like to try. Can u guys give me a chance? Would u give such a person a chance? Humility my foot.
Alright heres more about normal life... Today I had a very good hair day! I shall post up a big big picture so that I will irritate people who think I am ugly. Yup! June said I look like a porn star. I took it as a compliment. I did something silly. I went to cut away the nice curls. U see, I met up wth PY today, and we walked pass Kimage, and we both decided to get a trim. It is done by students ($10.40 for long hair) at Funan. I got my hair done by this really cute Malaysian guy, so I dun really care about the hair. Hmmm.. I was enjoying every second of the neck massage he did... But no, I didn't manage to get a shot of him... A bit paiseh to ask like that lar... So while I was looking into the mirror at him instead of at the scissors, I think he cut it too short. The back is supposed to be in a V shape! Ah well... The blown curls doesnt look very nice as well... But it makes me look like those taitais who blow their hair everyday at salons. Oh man.. I'm too tir
Yesterday I didn't blog, so I have alot of stuff to write. Firstly, yesterday I worked for Tiger Beer again after a break of 1 year, and it is really the best job in the world! All we had to do yesterday was to pour beer for a relatively decent pub's guests as it was the pub's first day of opening and only the boss' friends were invited. We (me and another Tiger girl) arrived late at 6:40 (supposed to be 6pm, but the manager is not there and nobody cares) and we were allowed to eat dinner till 7pm. We walked around and poured beer and the owner of the pub even asked us if we wanted to sing KTV. Later on, at 9 pm, we were asked to help ourselves to the buffet line, and then our manager came. He walked into the room where we were eating. I clammed up, seeing that he caught us skiving. He smiled and asked us if the chicken is nice. And he pulled a chair and joined us. And there we sat for the next 40 minutes talking rubbish, after which the other girl, Tess, a
Fucking shit. The day has come! Read this: Dear xiaxue, Your ImageStation account has been deactivated. This is most typically because there is unacceptable content in your account or you have created links on other websites that directly connect to files stored in your account. Please review the albums and Storage Bin in your account for the following situations and make corrections within 24 hours after reactivating your account: 1) unacceptable materials blah blah 2) You have placed links in other websites, forums, or chat groups to files stored on ImageStation. While it is permitted and encouraged to link directly to albums stored on ImageStation it is not permitted to link directly to the individual picture and video files. After reactivating your account, please remove all content that does not conform to the guidelines. We will review your account content 24 hours after you reactivate your account. All the images in your entire account will be deleted wi
Thats right! Today I went to a place u possibly would not be able to go into for the rest of your life. Unless u work for the President of course. Thats the ISTANA! So exciting right, Ritz Carlton had an Outdoor catering event at the above mentioned location and I begged and begged my manager to let me go there and he agreed! Actually it is not as beautiful as I thought it would be, but heck it, it is grand enough. Crystal chandeliers (did I spell this correct?) everywhere with white lights and high high ceilings. Exactly like what they show u in the movies. U see, I love u guys. So I happily brought my camera into the Istana with me, hoping to possibly take a photo with Nathan and get his autograph or something, and show u all. Thoughtful ain't I? Nah, the security guard didn't think so. I hardly thinks he reads my blog. We had to pass some metal detector so he asked me to take out every metal item and show him. I took out two hp pouchs and an 8310. He looked shoc
Yesterday the person who was in charge of the Hennessy job called me up to ask me to work today. I asked her what kinda place I had to go to. She said a KTV pub. I said, Hmmm, okie. She asked me to find another person to work with me, and Xf, upon hearing the pay, said she would like to give it a try. The pay is 80 bucks for 3 hours. Anyway I would like to explain some stuff. I am not a slut. I once worked for Tiger Beer and Guinness as their promoters and both were totally decent jobs. No touching by the guests. Just strictly beer pouring. So yeah I thought Hennessy was the same. 1 hour before I went to the KTV pub I asked the girl in charge whether the KTV has "girls" inside. She said "Yeah, why?" Sleaze! Xf was horrified. She refused to go to the pub initially. I told her we could leave if we wanted to, and she said that they would force us to stay inside. Well anyway I forgot to bring a black skirt for her and she had to wear her jeans to work.
I'm feeling much better now! The tonsil might have swelled until it became so big it dropped off, so now my stomach is possibly digesting it. Thats good. Tonsils are useless anyway. In case u dunno what a tonsil is, it is a cross between a tongue and a stepsil. Yesterday I had work at New Park Hotel, and goodness knows why, that particular family had ALOT of kids. I hate kids at banquets. Ok I pretty much hate kids. Oh, I'm not that unkind. Who doesn't love babies? I love babies. They smell so nice (is it some water bag or vagina smell? Sometimes I wonder.) and I think they are absolutely cute. But I hate the babies once they learn to talk. In my opinion, kids shld always keep quiet. Kids nowadays are too darn rude. Thats why I only had ONE tuitioning experience: Mum: This is Wendy jie jie, ur new tutor. Ok Wendy u teach him his spelling first, then help him with some Hw and make him do some assessments ok? Me: Okie. Smelly 9 yr old boy, when mum is gon
Am sick. Think I'm running a fever. I shall go sleep right, and try to blog tml. No one is allowed to ask me to take care. If u intended to ask me to take care, say I'm pretty instead and I will feel much better. I shall skip school. Dammit, I got alot to write but Ow, that swollen tonsil. I wanna cut it off. tata!
Oh my god oh my god. I am really really touched by all the comments u guys left after the latest entry. U people are really the best, seriously speaking. *tears* And anyway, I would just like to admit that the previous entry was simply one caused by PMS (I really got my period around 4 hours after I wrote that entry), so I am feeling much better. Thats right, women and mood swings, heehee... Just now something very terrible happened. I got home after a job interview (which I succeeded) as a mobile phone promoter (some new brand) and I rushed into the bathroom to bathe happily. Stripped down to nothing and sat on the toilet seat while replying XF's sms (yes I bring my phones into the toilet). As I was clicking away, something brown and nervous flew straight towards me, seemingly attracted to my belly ring area. A giant moth, spanning 4 cm in length I'm sure, if it spread its wings properly. It flew towards my naked body at 80 km/hr and while I was paralysed with disgust, l
The day before, I was busy being upset with XF being VIP server instead of me. Yesterday, I was upset because PY told me that XF confided in her that she felt, although I am a good friend of hers, I never seem to be able to feel happy for anything good that happens to her. Thats not true. I felt sincerely glad for her when she got into the Uni course she wants. Its just that.. never mind already. I wonder how we are supposed to feel glad for others when we ourselves are down? If u failed ur O levels, would u feel happy for a friend who got 9 A1s? Some people can sincerely do that. Perhaps their heart is split into two parts and while one part is bleeding with the own failure, the other part is feeling sincerely happy. So does the face register a frown or a smile? It is impossible for the two to go together. Perhaps my heart is one whole big lump then. When I fail and someone I cared about succeeds with the exact same results i would like to get in the same test, I would be t
What is it about height anyway? I dun see why that is a plus point at all. Sure, it helps u take stuff from high selves. Sure, the air u breathe is fresher. But as I have once said before, aesthetics is all about proportion, not height. Perhaps u guys forgot the cavemen story on how height became an important factor for beauty nowadays. Maybe I shld reillustrate it? Indeed, I shall. For those of u who read it before, please read it again coz obviously u didn�t get my point. Once upon a time very very long ago, the earth was only populated by Cavepeople and perhaps some sabertooth tigers. The Cavepeople were divided into groups by their height, coz the taller ones are usually the stronger and more successful. The tall cavepeople are leaders because it is more possible for them to find food as they are the ones who can reach higher up the trees for fruits, and go deeper into the rivers to catch fish. Not unexpectedly, they run faster too (longer legs, longer strides), thus th
Just some random pictures. Thats Clara on the right... And the cutie on her left! It is her Chung Cheng classmate who later became an actor is The Unbeatables III! Cute huh? Someone, I dun remember who, took a picture with my digicam coz it was the first time he/she saw it since I bought it in the hols. It accidentally features me playing with Aaron's new SL55 (Dun gasp, the 8910 is nicer ok.) and looking remarkably thin for totally NO PHOTOSHOP DONE. I think I shall start to wear black, although I dun like it coz it looks morbid and I am a happy happy person! And Clara is actually pretty too. U can see that she has a cute dimple and a nice nose. Just between u and me, I shall tell u that she has big boobs too! For those of u idolising XF and June, perhaps u wud like a change of target. Last but not least in the picture is Aaron's green eye. It looks damn scary, hahaha.. He seems to look pissed that I robbed him of his new phone. I would like to mention t
Oh yeah I forgot to mention: For all of u who haven seen the FHM special coz it cannot be viewed, u can see it here . It wouldn't run outta bandwidth again, all thanks to Richard who mirrored it for me. It is exactly the same so if u saw it already there is no need to go again. Thanks Richard! And I urge everyone to take the poll to tell me if u are a guy or girl k k? It is just below the tagboard, and it is anonymous so just clicking wun do anything scary like popping pop-up ads to u. Or perhaps it does, i dunno. But JUST DO THE POLL! I dun believe only 16 people and one amoeba read my blog!
I have just discovered the worst EVER way to argue with someone. You see, once upon a time Eileen (Eileen who? Go see Character Intro, RV friends) had this ex boyfriend called Khai who had a pea-sized brain. Not only has he the brains of a caterpillar, he has the ego of Saturn's size. However, despite the obvious flaw in his intellect, he ALWAYS wins arguments with Eileen. Lets see how. Eileen told me about this arguement she had with Khai. -I forgot the exact arguement and so did Eileen so I shall just use another word to replace the argued word yeah?- Eileen, to another friend when she was in a cab with Khai: "Yadda yadda yadda divorce yadda yadda" Khai: "Divorce should be pronounced de-vorce and not die-vorce!" (Divorce is not the exact argued word.) Eileen: "No what, it shld be pronounced die-vorce what, I'm quite sure about that." Khai: "Pronounce it anyway u like, but I know I am correct coz Americans pronounce it th
I am in a bad mood. I shall scold the next person who tells me June is pretty on MY blog. I am jealous, yes. Afterall, this is MY blog so give me a break will you? Dun tell me u come here just to see her pictures. Dun tell me u are not here for my writing. If so, please sod off, I dun need lusty pigs reading my blog. I am feeling doubtful about the blog again. I know u guys gave me lots of generous encouragements, but I am really easily shaken. U say, I once commented to a friend that I think more females than males read my blog and asked him for an explanation. He commented that I bitch alot thus girls will come read it. "Then what about guys?" I asked. Afterall there is a fair amount of the said gender too. He replied confidently, "Hiyah, u ask some chio bu to write anything people will read one lar." I was deeply appalled despite the praise. Are there really such superficial guys around? Then what if the guys all read my blog coz they are hoping everyday