Absolutely tired, tml still must go school at 9 am...

Today my manager gave me a chance at serving the VIP table, but it was not in the midst of a busy wedding dinner. Instead, it was a twelve person lunch where there was this cute (as in looks old, and pruny) minster called I.D. Swami (Damn cute ah the name) with eleven other boring old men who talked about Singapore's politics. Not anything interesting, mind you. Just talking about stuff a commoner like me wun understand.

Anyway, I would like to proclaim that lotsa Ritz Carlton's stuff dun like me. I certainly did not delibrately offend them in any way but I guess, ah well... At least the Chinese staff dun like me. The Malays seem to be okie with me.

Must be something wrong with me, recently alot of this kinda "I hate Wendy" things pop up... Am I really that bad?

From today onwards, I shall try to smile and laugh more, talk less, and talk bad about people less. That can't go wrong, can it? Also I shall stop my sexual jokes coz lotsa girls seem to take offence, wtf. Oh yeah. WTF reminds me. No more vulgar language too as some people take offence as well. Yikes, can't please the world.

I worked on Friday, Saturday and today, and the last two days weren't that bad. On Friday PY told me that some people dun like me (they actually stupidly thought PY was on their side and gossiped about me with her there. How atrocious. I have been her friend for 7 years and what makes them think they can bowl her over within a month?!).

On Friday they really treated me quite badly. As in, conversations stopped short when I arrive etc. PY overheard this guy (CK, who is the VIP server), say that he would make things difficult for me on Sunday when I work. He proclaimed that he would show me that being the VIP server is not an easy thing and he is relatively sure I cannot make the cut.

Slap his bloody face. I have been the VIP server at other hotels, what makes him think I cannot do stupid Ritz? On the other hand, he is SUPER nice to XF. Bloody hell.

It is the work of this terrific bitch that everyone loathes me. She happens to be a coursemate of mine, and although I have never even as much as breathed a word to her in school, she seems to have taken this immerse dislike to me and begin to talk bad about me to all the Ritz staff. Can't help it that they believed her though, she worked much longer than me.

On Sat people seemed to have come to their senses. They actually asked me out to supper.

On Sunday, it was pretty obvious at first that CK was trying to make things difficult for me.

He refused to answer me when I asked him where things were kept.

I acted all pure shu nu.

I asked in 0.0025 decibels and waited patiently with big eyes for him to give his reply. You see, nobody bullies shu nus except me. He had no choice but to give in and answer me finally.

I acted as if I dun know anything and as if he is a total expert in banqueting (actually I really dunno alot of stuff, afterall I am quite new to the hotel). Asked him questions and replied, "Oh, yeah hor... Why I never think of it ah..." to his answers.


Soon he begin to like to attention and "adoration" and became quite nice to me afterall. And thats an achievement; he rarely ever smiles at everyone.

I guess it really pays to be humble and stupid.

Oh yes I know that this entry is stupid and boring but it is just here to remind myself to be less cocky in future.

P/s: No one is allowed to say anything that holds the meaning of "I told you so", or along the lines of "You shld have realised this long ago, arrogent bitch!". Yes I know already. All these kinda msgs will be deleted with NO MERCY!

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