Thursday, July 24, 2003

Alright heres more about normal life...

Today I had a very good hair day! I shall post up a big big picture so that I will irritate people who think I am ugly.

I bet u agree the hair is nice anyway.

Yup! June said I look like a porn star. I took it as a compliment.

I did something silly. I went to cut away the nice curls.

U see, I met up wth PY today, and we walked pass Kimage, and we both decided to get a trim. It is done by students ($10.40 for long hair) at Funan. I got my hair done by this really cute Malaysian guy, so I dun really care about the hair. Hmmm.. I was enjoying every second of the neck massage he did... But no, I didn't manage to get a shot of him... A bit paiseh to ask like that lar...

So while I was looking into the mirror at him instead of at the scissors, I think he cut it too short.

Yeah I noe I look hideous here.

The back is supposed to be in a V shape!

Ah well... The blown curls doesnt look very nice as well... But it makes me look like those taitais who blow their hair everyday at salons.

Oh man.. I'm too tired to continue blogging... Tml still got school at 9! I will write about today's and yesterday's and tml's happenings tml then. Got lotsa rubbish I wanna blog.

Nites everyone, and once again, please remember to vote for me? Please?

-All those idiots hating me make me laugh-