(Continued) Here is an example ok.
I hope this amuses you, coz it amused me alot.

June wore a thick frame spectacle that day to school, and it made her look rather nerdy. Coincidentally, she had on very decent clothes as well, I think it was a buttoned up cardigan with jeans.

It was filming lessons so they were deciding on who to shoot our film on. I said, "Take June lar, she looks like one of those teacher porn stars today. Act decent then suddenly throw away the specs and remove the cardigan, inside all leather sia! Hahaha.."

Okie I know the joke is not funny. It is not really meant to be funny! It is just a bo liao comment.

And u know what are the reactions? Everyone got really angry.

"OMG WENDY how can u say that!!" *disgusted look*

"Yeah lar you claim June is ur good friend yet u do this to her?!" *flabbergasted look*

"How can u say such a thing?!" *Appalled look*

Woah! Suddenly I am attacked from everywhere. Where do my classmates come from, Virginland?? In all seriousness, what is wrong with my comment?? Is it offensive? It wasn't EVEN TARGETED AT THEM!

If I rule the government, I will make sure everytime a person cannot take a reasonable joke, he will have to go and live with a sex pervert for 1 month. Throughout that 1 month, the only form of entertainment in the prison is Bill Crosby's show Kids' Say, which is the most horrible show in the universe with cheeky kids thinking they are very smart and talking crap and expecting us to laugh along.

I think this plan is very good indeed because most possibly people who cannot take jokes are very serious and boring people, so the sex pervert would get his just punishments too by staying with such a person for a month. If the sex pervert commited beastiality, which I totally detest (why shag animals when there are insects around?), I will throw in an accountant in the cell. That will teach him to commit beastiality!


The only problem is that there are more "I-can't-take-a-simple-joke" people than sex perverts. For a simple statistics count, my class habours around 12 such people and only one sex pervert, which is me. Thus the plan is flawed coz the sex pervert will die within a few days interacting with such dull people, and also the dull people can talk Dullish (their language which nobody understands) to each other and thoroughly enjoy prison life.

The only solution would be to increase Sex perverts. If I rule the Government, I would buy over Kazaa and make another version of the program called KazaaPorn. Not only will this make sex perverts increase, I can make money by selling KazaaPornPlatinum (at a revoluntionary price of $14.99) to customers, and KazaaPornPlatinum is no doubt the EXACT same program as KazaaPorn, but sex perverts wun notice such details.

If only I rule! The world will be perfect. We will be left with very scared people who laugh at everything I say. Ain't that great? The world will be a much better place w/o dull shu nus u think?

Not to panic if Shu nus are ur sexual fantasies and u are afraid they will all be locked up in prison. I will, if u purchase KazaaPornPlatinum, let u shag them. In fact, it is great that u can shag them at a prison, it acts to the bondage feeling doesn't it?

But what u dunno is that once u step into the trembling Shu nu's cell rubbing ur hands together in glee, I will catch u into the next prison cell and put u with a cannot-take-jokes person. THATS FOR BEING A SEX PERVERT! Whats more, with the shu nu locked beside u, u will thirst for her more everyday and that will torment you infinitely till u die, and thats not counting the Bill Crosby part.

It is a win-win situation coz the shu nu will live in fear everyday that u might break the separation bars and rape her. THAT WILL TEACH HER TO BE A DUMB SHU NU!

Meanwhile smart Shu nus will work under me coz I pay them alot of money. I will pay them to attract the guys that I like, and then do something mean and horrible to the said guy. The said guy will get very upset and this is where my role comes in. I will comfort him and pretend to be at his side, and he will become mine!!!

If only I rule the world.

But I dun. I think I wrote too much. Did I mention in the front that I am too tired to blog? Oh well. Thats what fatigue does to u, u start to think nonsense. Okie good night, will blog more on daily events tml.

Oh yeah I forgot. A reader just wrote in the tagboard that he/she saw me today! I am so freaked out. Ok honestly speaking, how many of u have seen me before in real life? Leave me a comment!

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