Tuesday, July 1, 2003

(continued) On a last note:

U are very stupid indeed to come and insult on MY blog, coz I can easily *snaps fingers for effect* delete everything u write. In fact, I am gonna write with ur alias at the end of this very entry such that u apologize to me. =) Oh, I love cheap thrills, and the best thing is??

The best thing is?

You cannot do anything about it. Nanny nanny poo poo!

Of course, there are several reasons for ur evilness. Oh heck, it could even be a combination of all the reasons.

1) Ur name is Shui Xiang.
2) U are a city harvest priest/cult member.
3) U are the owner of the Ah lian blog. But then again, (i) I dun think she actually can read. (ii) Where are all the lorx and cums?
4) U are a donkey.
5) U are the owner of a totally unsuccessful blog, possibly ur url is http://nobodyeverreadsme.blogspot.com. Thus u are envious of my blog's success.
6) U are ugly, fat, poor and stupid thus u hate the world in general.
7) U are Jonathon. If u are, go see a doctor about the sperm problem.
8) U are the fellow behind/in front of me when I was watching LOTRs.
9) U are ugly, fat, poor and stupid thus u hate the world in general. I am repeating this coz I think it is the most possible.
10) U are Steve tylor.

For all of u who went "What the?!" at the last reason, it is just there to complete 10 reasons. Looks nicer than 9 reasons.

Oh yeah I just thought of the 11th reason, which is very possible too.

11) U are a true blue fan in disguise. U have actually read my blog since it had its very first virginal entry. U secretly and faithfully read my blog everyday, silently lending me all the support I would ever need. U loved the fact that I didn't know u were there all the time, but u actually are.

And then! And then came the multitude of readers. God dammit. Readers who actually speak up saying they support me. Readers who claim to be a more avid fan than you. U are angry; furious even. You urself know that U are the biggest fan, NOT THEM! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO COME! "Wendy IS MINE, AND MINE ALONE!", you scream in fury.

These readers keep getting my replies. You get zero attention at all! Thats all u get for being a loyal fan for so long! U need the attention from me! If u speak up now as a normal reader, thats what u are, just another normal reader! U need to shout at me, insult me, to get my attention! UUUUUURRRRRGHHHH!!

And then u get so angry, u turn green. U have became The Incredible HULK! And u crash things! Boom! Crash! Kapow! The reason why u took so long to express urself is coz u keep smashing ur computer to bits.

U have the anger of the people who stay at Chinatown, watching their old homes become concrete jungles. You only liked my blog when it still had that lovely pink background with blue words. AND NO FANS! Absolutely NO FANS!

Ah... I aptly described how u feel, didn't I? C'mon, let me give u a hug, u poor thing. Dun worry darling, my blog is still the same as it was before, just that the template is changed.

There. I gave u attention. One whole entry just writing about you. Happy? Now fuck off, u big jumping pistachio nut. Aha, I know u are reading this. U just needed the attention so much.

But if u reply,
1) I will delete it anyway. This will torment u infinitely, being not able to speak up.
2) U will show that u came back to read my blog, which u claimed u hate. Since u are so appalled by my blog, I wonder what u are doing here. So u like it secretly, don't it?

Anyway I would still like to thank you, coz actually I had nothing to blog about today, and u created some topics. =)

And of course to Shawn, John Sim, Jo, Firecow, chicken and Havenized, thanks for defending me. Needed it, lol. Am really touched. *insert sobbing smiley here*