I have just discovered the worst EVER way to argue with someone.

You see, once upon a time Eileen (Eileen who? Go see Character Intro, RV friends) had this ex boyfriend called Khai who had a pea-sized brain. Not only has he the brains of a caterpillar, he has the ego of Saturn's size. However, despite the obvious flaw in his intellect, he ALWAYS wins arguments with Eileen. Lets see how.

Eileen told me about this arguement she had with Khai.

-I forgot the exact arguement and so did Eileen so I shall just use another word to replace the argued word yeah?-

Eileen, to another friend when she was in a cab with Khai: "Yadda yadda yadda divorce yadda yadda"

Khai: "Divorce should be pronounced de-vorce and not die-vorce!" (Divorce is not the exact argued word.)

Eileen: "No what, it shld be pronounced die-vorce what, I'm quite sure about that."

Khai: "Pronounce it anyway u like, but I know I am correct coz Americans pronounce it that way."

Eileen: "But the British pronounce it my way."

Khai: "We shld follow the Americans."

Eileen: "Obviously we shld follow British coz our English follows their system in Singapore! Duh!"

Khai, knowing he lost the arguement: "Hiyah, De-vorce, die-vorce, WHO CARES?"

Eileen: "Yeah right if u dun care about it then in the first place why did u correct me?"

Khai: "WHO CARES?"

LOL.. So freaking irritating right. I suggest u start to do that to people u dislike alot. It is powerful, this who cares thingy. It not only lowers ur opponent by saying u dun give a shit about his opinions, it also gives u the final word in the arguement by saying that ur opponent may be correct, but u just dun think he is worth ur time arguing. And giving the last word in an arguement is a good cheap thrill to have.

So to people who dun like me:

Antixiaxue: U are freaking ugly and fat.

Me: Yeah okie I am. Who cares!

Lovejune: June is much more shu nu than u and prettier than you.

Me: Yeah okie. Who cares if she is?

To make the opponent EVEN more irritated, u can add a SO?

Antixiaxue: You are freaking ugly and fat.

Me: So?

Antixiaxue: So u are wrong thinking u are pretty.

Me: So?

Antixiaxue: So u are a bitch, so so so!

Me: So?

Antixiaxue: Oh shut up~! Dun u have anything else better to argue?


Finally, theres also one more method u can use that irritates the shit outta people. The word "Jealous". When u say someone is jealous, u are maligning the person without proof (who all know how terrible it feels to be accused.) and also, at the same time, praising urself. Ain't that great? Once again, it can be paired up with "who cares?", and I suggest to make the person damn angry u act irrelevant as well.

Antixiaxue: U are freaking ugly and fat.

Me: u jealous izzit.

Antixiaxue: I jealous of what, u amoeba-sized brain and ur fat thighs?

Me: Everyone knows u are jealous coz I am pretty and smart.

Antixiaxue: No u are not, u are damn stupid and ugly.

Me: Jealous jealous jealous! Admit it lar!

Antixiaxue: Urgh! Shut up lar! I am not jealous! Prove that u are worthy of my being jealous first.

Me: U are just plain jealous!

Antixiaxue: U are really arrogant, disgusting, fat and ugly. U shld go and die!

Me: Who cares?

See, it is foolproof. Try it on dumb people today. They all shldn't exist anyway, so lets torture them outta their existance.

P/s: Thanks to everyone who give nice comments in the previous blog, and to June: I am not upset anymore after I typed out my frustrations so dun u feel guilty or anything lidat okie? *muacks*

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