I just checked my geocities photo page, and I realised that the said pages cannot be repaired! All I did to the site was to add in a "no-right-click" script to prevent people from copying and great! Now nothing can be accessed! Thus, I decided I hate geocities and I refuse to do the FHM special today. Those who are interested to see it leave a comment telling me to hurry up with it. Because no one left comments I decided no one is interested and thus I am not motivated to write it.

Nah, its just an excuse for my laziness. I'm not in a blogging mood tonight, so I think I shall just write about miscellaneous events happening recently.

Yesterday something very embarrassing happened on the MRT. I swear that the MRT is the most interesting place u can be at. It seems like weird events always happens on the MRT, I wonder why.

Anyway, yesterday night after work at Ritz Carlton, I was sitting on the last train home, and it was a very empty train. I was listening to my discman while grumbling to myself that my pay for that night was a meagre $25 when this Indian guy came on board.

My cabin had me sitting at a corner seat and two malay girls sitting at the other end of my seat. And then there was a Malay guy sitting directly opposite me on a corner seat too.

The young Indian guy got onto our cabin, and according to unspoken MRT etiqutte (somewhat like the male urinal etiqette thingy), the newbie to our cabin, the Indian guy, shld sit on the corner seat at the Malay guy's row right?

But he chose to sit in the middle of the malay guy's row of seats. I gave him a few glances. Hmmm... Looks quite cute ah. I regretted tying my hair into the chun li buns just coz I was feeling very hot.

Just when I was flipping my hair about, the Indian guy started to talk to the Malay guy in Melayu. Obviously I didn't understand, but according to sign language, he tried to start the conversation by requesting for a cigarette from the Malay guy. Which he managed to get.

And this is when, yours truly, ur favourite blog writer, decided to take photos to show u all the excitement going on. I pretended to be playing with my camera and made sure I turned off the flash.

I'm sorry but it seems he doesn't turn out cute looking in the pictures

And then he started to get chummy with the Malay guy.

I insist he is gay.

And then the Indian guy started to get the Malay guy's number. To make things easier for myself, at this point of time, I have decided to call the Indian guy Bala, and the Malay guy, (make a guess make a guess!) Ahmad.

So, Bala proved himself to be more gay by asking Ahmad for Ahmad's phone number.

Which, he managed to get too!

And then Bala did a very atrocious thing. He started to borrow from Ahmad a lighter as well, and started to smoke ON THE MRT! Can u believe it???

Naturally I aimed for a good shot of him with the cigarette in his mouth.

Spot the difference between the first 3 pictures and the last.

1) Bala was looking at the camera.

2) It is brighter.

3) From the reflection of the metal pole there is strong light, obviously coming from my direction.

Yes. My beloved Sony Cybershot decided to, despite me switching it to no-flash mode, turn on the flash by itself. IT HAS BETRAYED ME!!!

I was thoroughly embarrassed as everyone on the MRT looked at me, all realising that all these while I was stealing shots at the Indian guy, and not just viewing photos as I pretended to be doing all along.

I fumbled around with the camera pretending that I bought it this afternoon and had no idea how come the camera shot a picture by itself.

Obviously it didn't work.

Bala was horrified. He obviously thought I was about to report his evil doings to the MRT panel.

Come to think of it I could have threatened him for some money but I think he would turn violent.

Anyway, Bala came to sit down beside me and smiled at me. He then asked me if I minded if he smoked. I stupidly said no. Although I said no, he still looked disbelieving and he mumbled, "Oh, alright alright..." and extinguished the cigarette with his shoe on our clean MRT floor.

Now that irritated me. As if it was not atrocious enough that he risked all of our lives by having a flammable object on the train (dun smirk, recently Korea just had a fire on a train and hundreds were killed or something), he had to dirty our MRT floor. Citizens like him shld be banished to Zimbawee or anyone other country with an unpronouncable name.

But I was too embarrassed to scold him, PLUS, I have reached my stop. Ah, if only I am a burly man! I would have get some quick cash outta him. But if I am a burly man of course I would lose all my male readers.

Anyway, heres another miscellaneous picture.

In case u are wondering what the picture is for, I asked June to take a picture with a drink I discovered is very nice today. Snapples are selling at SP's FC6 recently and I bought this one today. Kiwi and strawberry! Nice!

And also... Ain't I great? For all of the male blog readers out there, I know that June is a hot favourite. So I asked her to be a model for the nice Snapple drink.

I feel relatively miserable that some people come to my blog to look at June/XF/even Gwenne?'s photos. But it is okie of course. Even in Meteor Garden, not everyone likes Jerry Yan but some people choose to like, say, the sidekick Ken Chu. If u dunno what the hell I am talking about, its F4 lar.

If u dunno what F4 is, it is a keyboard key.

Anyway June is the hot favourite of Xiaxue's friends, with two admirers of hers and plenty of compliments. Xf comes in close with one of her own admirer on my blog (someone who aptly nicknamed himself Secret Admirer)

I think I have 3 admirers, so I am actually the hot favourite! Am I right, "in luv with you", "To Dearest Snow" and another guy (I forgot the nickname he uses)?

Anyway, I'm under the impression that there are more females than males who read my blog, so please do the poll to let me know the results? Must do it okie okie?

Whoosh I am so happy!

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