Monday, July 28, 2003

I'm really really sick of people telling me how much of a bloody bimbo/slut/whore/ass/bitch I am.


Fuck you all.

Yeah I am a bimbo, SO? Big fat hairy deal. You dun like it, dun read my blog. No one is holding a knife near ur throat. Perhaps u guys shld reflect a little about how bo liao u are, leaving comments just to tell me "you are disgusting, arrogent blah blah" when obviously u know that I dun give a shit about what u think anyway.

Why am I responding if I dun care? Well, the comments are an eyesore.

I'm totally sick of all these childish people, and you guys are abusing my comments system.

My blog was never meant for u all, and if u only have bad things to say, keep it to urself coz no one else is interested. My blog belongs to me, and I have every right to write anything I want, no matter how "bimbo" or arrogent it is.

My blog is, however, welcome to anyone who wants to read it coz they find it interesting or entertaining.

For the last time I say this: NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ MY BLOG, SO IF U DUN LIKE IT, DUN READ IT. If u feel just like reading something to make urself irritated, there must be something wrong with you. So what if I sound like a bimbo? So what if I am too full of myself? It is none of your business since u do not know me at all.

In my opinion, you all are just jealous. I dun care if u are not jealous. I am just saying it to accuse u anyway. If my blog is such a bad thing, explain the 400 or so readers a day.

Can u write and let so many people want to read what u write?

Is 'bimbotic' writing going to earn me the readers, or are u, the anti-xiaxue person, going to argue that the 400 or so people are all deluded when they read my blog frequently? Are u saying that the rest read it to feel irritated and disgusted, like urself? I think not.

Are the 90% of people giving me praise all wrong about what they think and the 10% correct? I think not too. Unfortunately, these 10% of people are obnoxious and they want to complain. Well, people tend to be more stingy with compliments than praises. The 10% of people are typically like this:

1) Cynical
2) Losers themselves
3) Bitter
4) Needs an outlet for frustration as nobody wants to listen to them in real life
5) Plain jealous
6) Wants to be special. They will dislike everything that alot of people like.

Well. Truth is that lots more people LIKE my blog than DISLIKE it. For every bad comment that u write, I have 10 good comments to counter it. More than enough to prove u are wrong.

For every single time u insult me, 10 people are insulting u behind ur back. They may not be telling u of course, simply because they can't be bothered with u enough to write it down, and also because they are much more civilised people. But trust me, they are doing that.

Well, I had enough of trash like that.

For the next week or so, I shall blog with a different address. Hopefully, this action will aid me in getting rid of the unwanted trash reading my blog.

It is really getting too publisized. Tell a person "Hey, this is quite an interesting blog u know, this girl has a lot of readers" and the person will possibly reply, "NO BIG DEAL WHAT!", after reading.

And then the person will read the comments my readers give and feel pissed that everyone is making a big fuss out of a mediocre website. The truth is, my blog is not as bad as u think it is. It is, afterall, just a mediocre website. And you shld do what u do when u see a mediocure website. Which is to close the page, and continue surfing other websites.

No need to get so angry over me, who is someone who is not in ur life at all.

Oh yeah back to the address. Everyone who wants to continue reading my blog in peace, please send me an email to requesting the new site address. Very sick of these stupid people. Put ur RE as: "Request for site address", and I will definitely reply alright?

I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to my usual readers. Its not my fault, but those stupid people's. Please curse them.

And oh yeah. You anti-xiaxue bastards dun even think of acting smart and searching yahoo for the address. I will NOT include the word Xiaxue in it.

Good riddence to the assholes.

-See the rest of u all in 2 weeks or so, if u can't be bothered to send me an email-