Wednesday, July 9, 2003

I'm too tired to blog! It is the first day of school and hey, I feel quite glad that I can see my classmates again.

I feel like hugging Shuyin, June and Clara for fun, sorta missed them.

Meanwhile, the very ironic thing is that except the 3 I mentioned plus a few guys, I seem to dislike my classmates more after the long break. It is weird ain't it? How much muz u hate people to dislike them more after u see them again after a long break? Very much I guess. I go like: Gosh, why does she STILL exist???

Not surprisingly, the rest of my class consists of Shu nus.

Very freaking boring shu nus. Actually I quite like shu nus cause back in RV days, I found great pleasure talking to Shu nus coz they giggle at everything u say. They gave me all the laughter I wanted from an audience. The difference between Poly shu nus and RV shu nus are:

1) RV shu nus dun speak much coz they just dun feel like speaking much. Poly shu nus are dumb so they have nothing to say anyway.

2) RV shu nus laugh at my jokes coz they are intelligent enough to understand them. (Read: If u dun find this site funny, u are a Poly Shu nu, in which u shld wish to be reincarnated as a piece of llama's liver, that will be more interesting than what u are currently; a Poly Shu nu.)

3) Rv shu nus, despite being conventional rather nerdy shu nus, readily accept sexual jokes and just smack me, laugh and say: "You ah!" Poly shu nus think that talking about sex is rude.

If u are a Poly student, u are probably very angry right now. U scream: "ARE U IMPLYING THAT POLY STUDENTS ARE DUMB?"

Nope. I am not saying that. Since I have not interacted with all Poly students before I cannot make that conclusion. Poly kids that I know at my classmates. And some of my classmates are dumb. June agrees with me. Shu yin agrees with me too. Thats all I am trying to say, which is that some of my classmates are not very intelligent.

Am I implying that I am very intelligent? No. I cannot calculate the trajectory of the Bugis fountain. I got a D7 for my A maths in O levels. I suck at checkers even; whenever I try to eat double I end up being eaten double.

But the shu nus in my class. haiz... I shall refrain from being mean by shutting up right now.

You may think I am like so ultra mean to talk bad about my classmates like that. Well, they started it.

Shu nus MY FOOT! Once u turn ur back they become vindictive backstabbers. I dun even UNDERSTAND why people BOTHER to even backstab. If u dun like the person, just stay away from her lar! So free to go and plot and plot vicious ways of making life worse for the fella.

U see, I had no idea that my classmates (the shu nu gang) did not like me at first. So I went around get chummy with everyone and trying to make everyone's life better by saying a joke or two, and I had no idea they got offended, coz they actually pretended to laugh.

Typically, my jokes are PG 13. I reckon they are mentally less than 13 years of age so they get offended. I hate people who cannot take jokes. I hate serious people. I hate people who dun appreciate my jokes. Worst of all I hate serious people who cannot take jokes to dun appreciate my jokes.

Digressing for a moment it seems like my recent blog entries are all so angry. I will try to be more cheerful tml, I promise.

Anyway, there was this one day when Shu yin and I had a big quarrel. And then the class shu nus all wanted a share of the excitement and no doubt they all told Shu yin I was a bitch etc etc. They all started to scold me for something which was totally none of their business. Eg: "Wendy, Shuyin is ur good fren how can u do this to her blah blah?"

I had a good mind to tell them it is none of their fucking business whatsoever but I was too busy getting upset over the main issue.

After the quarrel me and Shuyin patched things up, and one day Shuyin told me that they had some difficulty deciding the project groupings. I asked her why, and she said that alot of people dun wanna group with me. I was damn shocked.

We were in the lecture hall, so I asked her to point out who didn't wanna work with me, and she pointed everyone in the shu nu gang. WTF! Then June joined in and told me that all this while they found my jokes crude and offensive, thus didn't like me.