Monday, July 14, 2003

Just some random pictures.

Thats Clara on the right... And the cutie on her left! It is her Chung Cheng classmate who later became an actor is The Unbeatables III! Cute huh?

Someone, I dun remember who, took a picture with my digicam coz it was the first time he/she saw it since I bought it in the hols. It accidentally features me playing with Aaron's new SL55 (Dun gasp, the 8910 is nicer ok.) and looking remarkably thin for totally NO PHOTOSHOP DONE. I think I shall start to wear black, although I dun like it coz it looks morbid and I am a happy happy person!

And Clara is actually pretty too. U can see that she has a cute dimple and a nice nose. Just between u and me, I shall tell u that she has big boobs too! For those of u idolising XF and June, perhaps u wud like a change of target.

Last but not least in the picture is Aaron's green eye. It looks damn scary, hahaha.. He seems to look pissed that I robbed him of his new phone.

I would like to mention the necklace. U see, I bought it some time ago, and everyone said it is ugly. Thats is because it writes Zhao Cai Jing Bao on it, exactly like the kind ur mum gets from the temple, except bigger. But I persisted in wearing it often.

AND IT WORKS! Did u know that Ritz Carlton kept asking me to work, Tiger Beer asked me to work, and the talent agency I worked for for Guinness asked me to work too! MONEY IS ROLLING IN! I am filthy rich again! Well alright not yet anyway. Soon.

Okie I am gonna skip school tml. I am a very bad student. Good night all!