Tuesday, July 1, 2003

LOL.. I think I almost laughed my head off when I first saw my own blog today.

For those of you who didn't see the tagboard entries, heres what someone wrote. And since the house above me seems to have taken a fetish to drilling in the mornings and I can't sleep, lets do some insults, shall we?

antixiaxue: i think you are fat. admit it. no wonder we see pictures of your upper body only. when i first saw your pic, thought you were some china shit

To him (him coz I dunno ur gender) I say: hohoho... Too bad only u think I am fat. Oh wait Bernard said I am fat. So did EK, XF, June... Okie alright I am fat. SO??? Big fuck ah? Fat got fault ah? Fat cannot post photos izzit? Hmmmm if 42 kg is considered fat, I wonder what u describe Moses Lim as? If a size 25 Levi's fits me and I am fat, shld I diet till I fit a size 22? Oh wait 24 is the smallest size already, hmmm...

Fucked up people like YOU! They fuck the world up. U and ur vindictive kind make it such that girls who are appropriate sizes go diet like crazy and they get bulimic (did I spell this correct?) and such.

2 years ago I walked into The Body Shop and I decided to believe what the poster said. "Love your body". Yup! I will not let u destroy my confidence. The rest of the world is okie with my body. =)

Heres a picture of my whole body.

I am not fat! I bet u are fatter, no? What do u mean it doesn't look like me? It IS me. Wahahhaha...

LOL its okie to look like China shit coz Zhang Zi Yi looks perfectly fine to me. Oh perhaps u are hinting I look like Gong Li? Faye Wong? I dun mind looking like them.

antixiaxue: whats with the act cute face anyway huh?so whats with that sony camera if you cant take good pictures?editted by photoshop...lame

(Readers beware, the following is not meant for the weak hearted.)

U want act cute? I give u act cute. Heres a series of act cute photos I took just to irritate and traumatize the udders out of you.

Awwww... Why u say I act cute? I am so sad! I want candy! (Yes, I am aware it looks hideous.)

I love my fake dimples! I want candy!

LOL... Those are act cute. My normal photos aren't. Now be glad for that.

Erm, what makes u think I can't take good pictures?

Now heres a good picture!!

(okie this picture is not taken by me.

WOW! No, I didn't photoshop Utt to be beside me!!! Can u believe it I actually saw him yesterday! I'm gushing, I'm so excited! Can u believe he actually hugged me! Gush gush gush.. I like Utt coz I think Utt looks like this guy in my school whom I liked for like a year last year.


Yup, he is in SP and he is a Mannequin model, pun not intended.

I am never gonna wash my jacket.

Alright enough digressing.

Edited is spelt with single t, u dumbass.

Erm, just coz it is edited by photoshop doesn't mean it is lame, duh. I bet u can't even use that software. And u think u get all the pretty pictures u get on posters etc without editing? Fat chance. It is a SKILL to know how to use photoshop properly. Lets see u do it.

antixiaxue: see the world thru' my eyes??? see the world thru' your ass bitch...

U wish. My ass is thoroughly nice and only my shit is allowed to see the world through it. Perhaps u would like to be my shit? =) I think you have just slapped urself.

Oh yeah baby. Proud to be the bitch I am, baby.

antixiaxue: anyway i think your dog is screwed. ITS legs are far too close together...makes it hard for IT to mate...hah!

My dog is male, thus even if itz legs are close together it can still mate. Come to think of it, doggie-style is ok for close-together legs what, for both sexes. It is apparent that u have no knowledge about sex at all. Which might be a good thing of course, who knows what perverts like u will do to ur sex partner. Say that he/she is fat?

U think what, dogs do it missionary style?? LOL.. The imagery is killing me.