Saturday, July 5, 2003

Shu nus SUCK. I rule. I hope they all get strangled on their silly rebonded hair and get choked on their saliva while smiling sweetly. Dumbass shu nus shld all die! They have no character! No brains! No opinions! They are the shame of the female species! DIE!!!! DIE DIE DIE!!

Yesh, indeed another wave of anger at the shu nu phenomenon. Pardon me for the bitterness. You dun need to agree.

1) This is my blog and no one is forcing u to read it.
2) I do not need to write to entertain you.
3) I am always right anyway.

If u feel like arguing, please do leave some comments and I will delete it immediately when I reach home. And anyway, you are WRONG. Shu nus suck. They are only good for ONS, please try to hurt their feelings/fuck around with them so that they will grow up a little and stop being stupid diminutive silly innocent girls thinking men are always nice to them.

In which men usually are but thats not the point.

To all shu nu lovers out there, I have some holy secrets to reveal.

1) Shu nus fart too.
2) Their shit stinks too, in case u think it is fragrant.
3) They have to dig their noses as well.
4) They are only ACTING cute. If u think they are really cute, it just goes to show how good their acting is.
5) THEIR HAIR IS ONLY SMOOTH COZ IT IS REBONDED! If u rebond ur penis hair it will be as smooth and as silky as their hair, no biggie.
6) I bet they masterbate. ("Oh no, I don't!" YES, you do!)
7) They suck in bed coz they are all virgins. And they remain virgins till they are married. Meanwhile, have fun masterbating.
8) They just plain suck. And this is no secret, u are just deluded.

I hate Shu nus. Why can't u men like girls with some character? Why not marry a blow up doll, u cocks??? Tell me, whats the difference between dating a shu nu and a retard, except looks? Both has no opinions. Oh wait the retard possibly has a little more opinions. U can't shag both, coz theres this "I shouldn't shag her, it is WRONG." thingy.

There. I have done it. I have vented my anger. Will regret writing this evil chunk when I come back later. Going out now, not gonna tell u guys where in case Shu nus come beat me up.

On a last note, I hope all shu nus die.