Sunday, July 6, 2003

Today marks the day where my blog page has hit 10,000!

The first day I put the web counter was the 18th of May (No, I dun remember. I checked archives coz I wrote about the web counter and how I felt I was a web guru when I first put it in the site. Afterall I started out knowing nuts about HTML. =))

Anyway, it has been 50 days since I first put the web counter in, and indeed, that will make it an average of 200 visitors a day. To these 200 people, thank you for all the support!

I would like to say thank you to my biggest fan.

Thats me, Wendy.

Thank you Wendy. Thanks for being there to read all your own entries and clicking refresh a few times a day to see if there are any new comments. Wendy loves her own blog entries and she reads the blog loyally, approximately 3 times a day.

LOL enough crap.

Anyway, yesterday's blog entry was an evil one. I was thinking of deleting it coz it makes me look so totally jealous and uncouth, but heck, that was exactly how I felt at that moment, and there it shall remain to remind me to be nice coz when I am angry I sound like an MRT's horn. And yes, I got horned by an MRT before, think was standing too close to the yellow line.

Jealous? Of what? Yesh. Jealous of guys treating shu nus nicer than they treat me. You all know that in most people's hearts there is always this special someone. That special someone would most possibly be a favourite ex who initated the break up. OR, the longest lasting ex. OR, a guy/gal that they have liked for like a century.

I think no one's special someone is me. Every guy seems to keep yakking about their special someone to me. LISTEN: I DUN WANNA HEAR U TALK ABOUT UR SPECIAL SOMEONE MORE THAN U WANNA HEAR ME TALK ABOUT MENSTRUAL BLOOD. I dun give a shit about Cherie, or Kris, or whatever sweet name the special someone usually possesses. I dun wanna hear about how much u loved them once, how much u will love them forever.

Dun show me photos. Dun show me the loveletter u stuffed in ur wallet for years. You are making me wanna burn it all, and I WILL, if....



And it is ALWAYS a shu nu. WTF! Incoherent girls who speak approximately 5.8 words a day are usually the ones who gets loved. Ah well.

U hear guys saying: I am still totally in love with my ex, Liting (Liting sounds totally shu nu and romantic. How can Yan yan sound romantic when it is the brand of a biscuit? Thats my chinese name btw.). Liting is so sweet, so gentle and so caring. I would liken her to be a dove; free, and graceful. I would die for her.

Conversely, u dun hear guys saying: I am still totally in love with my ex Wendy. She is humourous and makes me laugh. She has her own opinions and is not afraid to speak up. She is slightly mad.

The sentence usually ends this way: She is a good fren of mine. I dun love her, but I like being with her, just as a platonic friend. If one day I must choose to drown Liting or Wendy, u know who I would choose without a second's hesitation. Wendy possibly can swin and Liting (obviously *rolls eyes*) can't. Wendy is a platypus and Liting is a Dove! And the Wendy I know will not blame me for not saving her. I suppose all I get is a whack on the head.

Well, for ur information, I AM NOT A PLATYPUS! I am a, erm, swan! Yes, thats what I am! I need Love too! Boohoohoo... All these phenomenons from society is totally shaking my self-confidence. Are my type of girls doomed to not be loved as much?

Of course, some people would be smirking right now and thinking: Then u would have to ask urself whether it is ur own fault for making guys like girls other than you. Well, my reply is that I did try. To all the exs that I really liked, I think I was a pretty good lover. As in, I dun mind travelling to meet them, and I remember anniversaries and I make little gifts for them. Still, I believe no one's special someone is me.

But then again it is fair coz I have no special someone in my heart too. It used to be my ex boyfriend Larry (I give u 5 seconds to laugh at the name, but dun ask me if he gave me diamonds.), but he did something to strike out his prestigious position. Thats a very long story and I would tell u gusy another day. And then theres Jonathon, who obviously struck out his position as well by having half transparent semen. Oops, did I just say that? haha..

So I am embracing bisexuality now. Guys are too disappointing. In fact, the first moment I felt like a lesbian was when I watch Zhong Wu Yen, which coincidentally will be screening on Channel 8 later at 8 pm. Please watch it, u will turn lesbian too. If u are a guy, I bet u like Cecilia Cheung and Sammi Cheng anyway. And u must love to watch lesbians; the whole show is about it.

I totally fell in love with Cecilia Cheung when she acted as a guy. AND also when she acted as a gal. I think I am going mad. She had this cute loop sided grin when she acts as a man, and I am so totally smitten!!! Arrrghhh!

Anyway, I would like to say that yesterday I was a very happy girl!

And I didn't even have a good hair day.

1stly, EK sold me her palmtop (Lousy one lar, just an m105) for a meagre $40. Hurray for the lusty lawyer! And I get very excited by new gadgets.

There are so many things u can download onto ur palmtop, that I had spend the whole of yesterday night, from 12 till 5am, downloading stuff. Theres this palmboy software that turns ur palmtop into a gameboy immediately! But the problem is that u must find the games' software. These are called ROMS, and irritatingly, alot of sites promised to let u download roms for free, but yet it is always only cheating u to go.

Billions of pop-ups come out, and it is all porn, trying to trick u to set ur homepage to their site.

After hours of fruitless searching for Dr Mario, I finally found it in Kazaa. -_-|| Waste my time.

Still, I am very happy with the purchase. And also, I went out with James yesterday.

After dinner, we had no place to go. We were at City Hall, so we thought of going to the Ritz to sit around in the lobby. And then the lobby was too crowded so we went to Ritz's cafe, Greenhouse, to have coffee.

This is like the best deal ever.

We ordered a small pot of Vanilla creme coffee, and here is what the set comes with:

So cute ain't it?? It all mixes up to a really nice coffee.

Heres a bigger picture of the cute sugar.

Nice! And whats more, make a guess for the price!

Only $10!!!! $5 each, since a pot can be shared by 2 people. Its far more worth it than Starbucks! Plus the wonderful ambience, comfortable couches, lovely music and excellent service, it was all and all worth the $11.55 we spend there.

Sheesh, dun tell too many people about the place, or it will get too crowded. I hope the 200 people who read this will not all go at the same time. =)