Thursday, July 24, 2003

Well, my pic is not currently up here... (Do vote for me, please? I need it!)

Actually I send the pic in coz I was thinking it would be nice to be a VJ for a while, afterall I might get to host with UTT! June said that MTV will partner us up coz we are both short. Great.

Some people left bad comments and ratings. Hey, its like damn funny isn't it, that some people obviously dun have a sense of humour? The description was meant to be funny, and not serious. Ah well... Humans...

Let me counter some of the comments.

nuit blanche Rating : 1/5
Humility is a virtue!!

Well darling, virtues dun really get u to become an MTV VJ. So I am supposed to write my description something like: Hi, my name is Wendy. I pretty much suck big time. I get stage frights and I stagger a little. Sometimes I think I look damn hideous. I know I am not worthy for being a VJ, but I just would like to try. Can u guys give me a chance?

Would u give such a person a chance? Humility my foot. I say Confidence is beauty, don't you?

And anyway please take note that in the whole description I WAS KIDDING. If u dun understand a joke, then u possibly watch CNN instead of MTV, so u wun see me on TV when I become a VJ. Thats good, for both u and me, you think?

fLyHigH Rating : 1/5
U look Like JapaNese...nice but too arrogant by the way you write your profile.

Oh, how fair is this person? "Nice, but hey, since I realise I can judge her by a few words, I give her a 1. This is justified coz she is "arrogant". She may look damn beautiful and she may be funny and perfect for being a VJ, but I refuse to give her a chance coz she is too cocky according to myself, who cannot understand a joke when I see one." Wonderful. Love serious people.

Shuga Rating : 2/5
Pretty but obnoxious...see her blog and u'll know why...sorry but not mtv material!

Fair enough. But darling I am not obnoxious. Most of the time, I was JUST KIDDING. You have got to understand that, baby. Oh well okie okie I am obnoxious.


justpushplay Rating : 1/5
highly overrated

LOL... We have an amoeba here, everybody. This must be going through that single-cell brain when he commented: "Oh dammit! She is pretty! Actually not very pretty but she looks slightly better than some contestants. Well, I think she deserves a 3. But no! I shall not give her a 3! I shall not be fair! Coz everyone else gave her a 5 except some, I shall give her a 1. She does not deserve a 1 actually, but hey, I'm just giving my rating coz I am damn influenced by other people's rating of her.

Not to mention that my friend is another contestant of course."

Well. I hope u die.

B00M Rating : 2/5
Well I'm deluded, your bad. Ure too full of urself. Perhaps it has to do with ur age.

U admitted that u are deluded. What else can I say?

Hey hey whats the age discrimination here? Oh, I think you must be the Eddie Goh contestant, issit? Well news for you. We youngsters discriminate against the old too. We hate people with wrinkles all over. Have fun with your viagra, darling.

Kai Rating : 1/5
No one likes a cocky girl.

It depends on what u mean by "cocky". If u meant girls with a cock, well I guess you are wrong, coz quite alot of people like transvertites (how to spell?)

Who u saying is cocky? *looks around* Oh, ME? YOU MEAN ME? I'm not cocky nia, I am just confident. I know some people who cannot accept that, especially guys who likes girls that keep quiet and nod at every sentence they say, no?

If u are one of those shu nu lovers, well you shld smack yourself awake with a piece of fois gras. Nothing good about diminutive women at all, except for washing clothes and etc stuff u guys bully girls into doing.

Oh yeah your sentence is wrong coz
1) I am not cocky
2) and to prove that, lotsa people like me. =)

fuzzy Rating : 1/5
don't seems to be nice at all..

It depends on your definition of nice, darling. I can be real nice you know. Now it would be nice of you if u would stop judging my niceness like that and sign up with ur second email and give me 5 stars, which I deserve.

Oh yeah, yesterday someone write a long long comment about how I suck. Although I have lotsa stuff to blog about, I shall still counter him painfully, point by point. Once again I stress to everybody who dislikes me.

1) You are plain stupid to try to insult me on my blog coz this is afterall, MY blog and I can choose to erase, or even edit every single sentence u say. For example you say this:

Xiaxue you suck big time. You are not pretty at all, and not to mention fat. You are damn arrogant and think you are the best, don't you? Well, for your info, your fans who worship you are not in the right frame of mind.

Lets see, I can easily make it into this:

Xiaxue you suck big time. You are not pretty at all, and not to mention fat. You are damn arrogant and think you are the best, don't you? Well, for your info, your fans who worship you are not in the right frame of mind.

Wonderful. I had no idea there was a hidden message in the paragraph at all.

2) There is no way you can argue urself after I counter what u said. This is because nobody is interested in what u have to say anyway, and also because even if they are, I will delete it. I will delete your arguements not because I am not good enough to argue with u again, but bacause it will make you infinitely pissed and also because I am not interested in what u have to say as well coz I think crap shld only be given one chance.

And then again there is the usual sentence my readers will say. If you dun like my blog, dun read it! If u really wanna give me a piece of your mind, one comment will do. So if u come back to argue what I countered, you are proving that you actually love my blog and just want some attention from me. Well, little begger, I gave u some, so leave.

3) My warning to you is that u will just realise that I am fabulous afterall, after u get over the initial trauma of seeing my "cockiness", because as such is my sense of humour. U dun wanna be seen to take back your words afterall.

OKIE here is the comment, in bold: (thanks Jo for already countering it so beautifully.)

First and foremost, i am not surprised, u look like a fat ah lian, the type i will not give a second glance on the streets. what makes u feel so proud to be working as a tiger girl?

Why would you be surprised? As in what, u expected to see a fat ah lian and u saw one? How can u be surprised about my looks when it is plastered everywhere so u definitely saw my pic before reading my words? Weirdo.

Define fat. You live in Stickland? I am not fat and I know it, darling. Possibly, you, hiding behind ur dusty computer screen, is.

Oh boohoohoo heres a guy who claims he wun give me a second glance on the streets! I am so upset! Kleenex please!

No, asshole. I DUN GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHETHER U GLANCE AT ME OR NOT, ASSHOLE. Crazy. Whoever gave a shit about ur opinions anyway? My blog readers dun, so fuck off.

Me proud to be a Tiger girl? Well, first find proof that I said I am proud to be one. Hey look here, loving my part time (I stress on the part time) job doesnt mean I am proud of it, dumdum. It is just a normal job, which even hired Grouchy Gwenne. Hey, who wants to be on par with her, looks wise?

Oh yeah lets try to see YOU being a Tiger Boy my dear, since u claim it is an easy job to get. LOL... The imagery! Nerd in tiger dress! LOL...

u are but a cheap ah lian looking for some easy money. coming from poly doesn't make u any better either, read my lips: i am an A'level student with a place in the university and a bright future waiting for me. how about u? when will your first million from cheap jobs come in?

This one really made me laugh out loud. Hey read my lips my dear. Two simple words sums it all. "WHO CARES?

You are indeed very weird. U come to my blog to talk about urself? For goodness sake this is MY blog, and my readers do not give a shit about whether u are an A level student or not. So, big fuck if u are going into uni? All of my friends are, no big deal. Oh yeah I forgot I dun give a shit about you.

I'm a cheap ah lian looking for some easy money huh. Yeah okie I am. SO? And yes I chose poly. That doesnt make you superior my dear. I could have got into JC too you know. But seriously, why shld I compare myself to such an idiot? Haha...

And my first million? Well somewhere in the archives is a detailed entry on how I will earn my first million. Go read it, and be so impressed.

i think u are fucking racist as well, what makes u think u are any better than these footballers?

Did I say I am better than them? Oh yeah I did. Whats better about me ah... Hmmm... Let me think a little. Maybe brains? And yeah, as I said those footballers are a mixture of Indian, Malay and Chinese, so who am I racist against, ALL of them?

u all work for fucking Tiger, i dun remember seeing it on Fortune 500's top 50 companies.

1) The footballers dun work for Tiger Beer my dear. Just because Tiger Beer sponsors the game, it doesnt mean the footballers are WORKING for Tiger Beer.

2) Tiger Beer, Heineken and Anchor Beer, Guinness and etc alcohols are Asia Pacific Breweries' products. I bet u dun read that magazine my dear, coz I happened to read that Asia Pacific Breweries is Singapore's 5th richest company, standing only slightly behind SIA. Do your research properly before you write, or APB might come sue you, asshole.

Wake up! have u got no sense of ambition? are u going to rot like all the other ah lians working in the coffeeshops?(contrary to popular belief, not only aunties work at coffeeshops, lots of ah lians do that too)

Erm, its time for YOU to wake up? Coz this is only a PART TIME JOB, my dear. I'm not gonna be working for Tiger Beer all my life! You sound mad, you know, so concerned over whether I have an ambition when you dun know me at all.

Oh yeah I think the "ah lians", whose food you have been eating (we know u eat at coffee shops coz u are so sure about Tiger girls working there), are possibly richer than you would be in future.

Why, you ask. Well, its simple. The streets are full of graduates. But how many people can cook a nice plate of chicken rice?

Say you took a course in Accounting. Its okie if the world hires an accountant less, but hey, everybody needs to eat! The ah lian would inherit her dad's store and earn way more than you, measly graduate! Till then, you better pray that she is so filthy rich she needs an accountant, so u would get a job.

anyway, i know plenty of malay guys who are way smarter than u, at least they know where they stand and move aside when successful people like me come along.

OMG this is so funny. And he said I am racist. I am not even gonna start one this one, just laugh right now.

Oh yeah once again, you come to my blog to talk about urself. I'm sorry darling, but this is not fasttalk hotline, not a place for you to promote urself, coz NOBODY CARES about u...!

u? u can only act big and have nothing to show for it. u got 251 for your PSLE and just managed to scrape thru to RV, afterwhich u go to Poly, what a disgrace. what about me?

I got act big meh? U then act big, and u have even less to show for it.

I got 269 for my PSLE, lets see you try to beat that.

Go Poly very disgraceful meh? I chose to study something which will be USEFUL in my life, and not stuff like F maths which I wastes my brain cells for useless information. I'm still going to uni after poly, and that is nothing to be ashamed of, you asshole.

i followed the Singaporean dream, i went to JC and will now go to the university, in ten years time, u will be nothing but a cheap whore, maybe a SPG even.

LOL... Loser... The Singapore dream can only work for an immigrant country my dear (PY please explain in comments), where everybody starts fair and fresh. You are too dumb to realise that, and followed what our government told you to do. With MNCs monopolising almost every business market, u can only work for others in future. How far can you go?

Well lets, for a split second, imagine that I am what u said I am, which I am not.

Whore? Well, If I am one I would be earning money from desperados like you who are too disgusting to have sex and are very deprived. At least I am earning YOUR MONEY. Can u earn mine? No, I dun think so.

SPG? Well okie... You will be working under my Ang Moh husband in future, and I will order my cute little Eurasian kid to bite u, and there is nothing u can do about it. LOL...

In conclustion, a whore and a SPG is better off than you.

How about me?(Firstly I would like to stress that no one cares about how about you, but never mind, please continue) i will be flying the corporate flag, laughing at u losers.

LOL so I am right, your ambition is to work for others. Who's the loser?

anyway, i hate ah lians,(once again no one cares who you hate.) the only people who like them are ah bengs.


so dun u go round calling people small ah lians, look at the fucking mirror and what do u see? an obese ah lian.

SMALL AH LIANS?? LOL... A level student using a direct translation from Chinese? LOL... Tsk tsk

Who is the mirror fucking?

I dun see the obese ah lian in my fucking mirror leh, did you see it in your fucking mirror instead? hmmm... Obese sia. Talk about exaggeration. Lets see you try to fit into my jeans (levis 25) and we will see if u dun tear the seams. Dun gimme the "you are a girl of course your waist is thinner" shit. Since I am OBESE a normal guy shld be my size, no?

LOL 42 kg obese. I had enough of this "FAT" insult my dear, it is stale and not working anymore. Dun u have something better to say? U sound so fucking stupid coz no one else would agree that I am obese. I may be a little plump, yes, but not obese, asshole.

i'll tell u what,(what? Oh wait I am not interested to hear.) u are the kind of girl that no decent guy will every consider for a spouse, u will end up a spinster with no possible chance of a future of any significance.

LOL I wonder what makes him so sure. Well, I sure there are people out there who would like to marry my kinda girl.

No future of any signifcance? Well, I'm sorry I have to sound a little proud here, but at the tender age of 19, I am already a successful writer (please read the guestbook) and you? You are still NOTHING. I wonder who will end up the loser, really.

Go get a diet, u look horrifically fat, i dun remember knowing any girls who are more fat than u, but then, i would never associate myself with people even remotely like u.

LOL... U have the memory of Dory? Or have you forgotten about ur mum? Ask her if she weighs more than 42 kg. If ur mum weighs less than that, please ask your school teacher. Not knowing anyone fatter (not more fat, take note) than me is ridiculous, unless you live in Africa.

And lastly, the second part of your sentence is irrelevant with the first part, if u noticed, amoeba-brain.

Well thats it. Finished with the insults. Lets go on to everyday life then.