Yesterday in school June, Fiona (coursemate and June's friend) and I were walking to Dover Mrt together after school. In our oily hands were packets of delicious nuggets and chicken wings.

I dunno if u all have a certain way of eating chicken wings, but I follow a standard procedure.

1) Eat skin in front.
2) Eat meat at back.
3) Eat meat in front and use index finger to help push out the flesh from between the bones.

But this procedure does not tally with my usual habit of eating what I like best at the last. You see, thats because my favourite part of the wing is the SKIN.

So i said out loud rather stupidly, "I think chickens should have their skins inside and their flesh outside."

Immediately June and Fiona "Eeeew!"-ed.

But this spurred on more discussions on how we think animals should be genetically modified.

Lets see, nobody likes chicken breast meat, except crippled Enormous Ek. Chicken breast meat is tough, dry and unchewable. If u are a chicken breast meat lover, you fall into the catergories of weird people liking peas, livers, kidneys, ginger, parsley etc. That means u are a minority.

So chickens shld be genetically modified to look like this, despite your protests:

No breast no butt and triple drumsticks.

Ain't that great?

After a while we decided the head is pretty much useless as well.

Hai, if only I am god. I would make chickens look like this. This will save the human race alot of trouble, afterall stupid animals like chickens are born to be eaten. Dun say I am cruel, you vegetarians. Even if we don't eat the chickens the tigers/lions/platypus will. It is no one's but the chicken's whole fault that it is so nice to eat.

Well, I have no idea why scientists are wasting time making square watermelons when there are so much other things to modify.

Eg make some:

1) Shell-less prawns/lobsters/crabs, saves us tons of trouble.

2) Bone-less fish, so that inexperienced banquet waitresses won't spoil your fish no more.

3) Bulls with udders so that milk would not be so expensive.

4) Pandas with both sex organs so that when they masterbate they get pregnant and we dun need to worry so much about whether they get extinct.

5) Cockroachs into a bright pink/electric blue so that the world would be a much quieter place without girls screaming. On the other hand, we will get more of the typical "So cute!" (which is bad), but cockroaches will then be dried and sold as ornaments so in general the economy will get better, and we will have less cockroaches.

6) Humans shld have a tail. I have no idea what for, but I am just jealous animals have it and I dun. I can use it to whack people.

7) Humans to have pointy ears like elves. I like!

Okie I shall stop here coz the list is quite endless.

Anyway, I was just thinking about some of the bimbo events that happened in school last time.

There is this group of vain girls in my course, and they always sit below us (Me June Clara Shuyin) in the lecture hall so we can see clearly what is going on with them.

Once, I was about to fall asleep when Girl A started to scratch the behind of her ears. I was looking dreamily at the said ear when Girl B, sitting beside Girl A, started to look at Girl A too. Girl B saw that A's ears were very red from the scratching. B got rather dramatically worried about the redness.

Actually it did look really red.

Girl B kept saying the ear is very very red. A asked for B to show her.

B took out a mirror.

And she intelligently held up the mirror behind A's ear to show her, something like this:

Very smart indeed
Sorry if the picture is ugly/unclear, coz I had no choice but to draw it

Obviously A can't see a single thing as the mirror was held behind her ear.

Girl B said, "Woah, see, very red hor?"

Girl A exclaimed, "Where is the mirror?!"

Girl B realised that she had done something really dumb so she started to erupt into laughter. Girl A laughed too, and Girl C and D saw what happened and laughed as well.

Beside me, June was sleeping and Shuyin and Clara were distracted, so they missed out the good show. I almost burst 3 ribs from stopping myself from howling in laughter.

If you thought that was stupid, you are wrong. During the very start of Poly there was a lot of activities for us to sign up etc. Pasted outside this classroom was a notice:
make-up class, 16/7/2001 4:30pm

I actually told June that I feel like going to the make up class so that I can improve my make up skills. Ah well...

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