Yesterday the person who was in charge of the Hennessy job called me up to ask me to work today. I asked her what kinda place I had to go to. She said a KTV pub. I said, Hmmm, okie. She asked me to find another person to work with me, and Xf, upon hearing the pay, said she would like to give it a try.

The pay is 80 bucks for 3 hours.

Anyway I would like to explain some stuff. I am not a slut. I once worked for Tiger Beer and Guinness as their promoters and both were totally decent jobs. No touching by the guests. Just strictly beer pouring. So yeah I thought Hennessy was the same.

1 hour before I went to the KTV pub I asked the girl in charge whether the KTV has "girls" inside. She said "Yeah, why?"


Xf was horrified. She refused to go to the pub initially. I told her we could leave if we wanted to, and she said that they would force us to stay inside. Well anyway I forgot to bring a black skirt for her and she had to wear her jeans to work.

And we arrived at the scary place.

It is not as bad as I thought actually. The guests were fine; they didn't try to molest us or anything but seemed to treat us like little girls instead. After half an hour of not really doing anything except pour some liquer, the manager called me up.

Turned out that the stupid supervisor of the pub told her that one of us (XF) wore jeans and slippers, and we did not do the job properly but slacked around. The second part is totally not true! In fact, within half an hour we sold 3 bottles of VSOP (betcha didn't know it means Very Superior Old Pale) each costing $250!

But anyway WE GOT SACKED! He told us we can leave! I am damn insulted. Here I am, wondering whether I, being afterall a person with slightly above average intelligence, shld lower myself to work such a sleazy job, and HE FIRED ME! THE NERVE! Can he find someone prettier than XF?? How dare he fire us! An undergrad working for him! Gosh...

So after half an hour of doing absolutely nothing much, we left the place and asked Ghimz the Giam to join us for some Mac and went home.

Upon reaching home, I was thinking: "Holy shit! I earned 25 bucks just like that (they paying us for one hour of work)! Thats equivalent to working at the Ritz from 6 till 11, which is much much more tiring. Here flick hair a bit can earn money so easily... Hmmm..."

Anyway I explained stuff to my manager so I think she would still ask me to work, but perhaps for a different outlet or something. Shld I continue? If the job scope only consists of pouring Hennessy and promoting it for 3 hours and I will not get touched, is it job to be ashamed off? But the pay is so good. Gimme some opinions.

I once received an email by someone placing a cam inside a KTV pub and publishing the pictures. It looks utimately terrible! The room had naked women doing blows for the men, and lusty old men playing with the hostresses' nipples while they sing, or hostresses doing handjobs. Very scandalous indeed.

However, nothing of that interesting sort happened at all. Perhaps it was a more decent pub. The worst thing I shall was a "Girl" sitting on a man's lap facing him, ala sex position.

Haiz... I want my T500...

If I dun work this job I can't buy it, and I would feel very pissed indeed.

Oh yeah I joined the Get spotted contest from Starhub, and sent a photoshopped picture into it! But my pic will not be up till a few days later, and u all muz vote for me k k? Must ah! Meanwhile, please sign up and vote every other person a ONE STAR coz they all look quite ugly, in my opinion.

Oh yeah I am aware this entry is neither funny nor interesting, but forgive me, I am tired. I also did up the FAQ page so can check it out.

Oh man I have a headache, gonna sleep now...

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