Monday, August 4, 2003

Quite often I get comments like this:

Xiaxue you think you are very pretty meh? Please lar, look at urself in the mirror! What do you see? A PIG! Imagine a world without Revlon, without L`oreal! You will look like shit and you know it! Your pretty face currently is just a facade!

Well, to this I really got to argue it out.

To everyone with this view:

See, I dun deny that I was born ugly.

You dun usually discriminate ugly people because they are ugly, right? You dun look at someone on the streets, and say "FUCK IT! She is freaking ugly! Thats a crime!"

Coz it is plain unfair that you do that. Well, I am relatively ugly without make-up, I admit it.

Then we come to the make-up part.

Please understand. What if you are born ugly, BUT, you are blessed with a skill? A skill so valuable... And together with the skill are tools that are economically priced. With the two, you can make yourself look better in a jiffy. With the two, you can feel more confident of yourself, and make others view you in a better light as well. Miraculously, you can have the opposite sex's attention, without even doing plastic surgery on urself.

You are telling me you wun do it? I dun think so.

Most girls do not put make-up because they find it a hassle. Not only that, they do not have (or have not mastered) the skill to apply make-up properly, such that the end result is a much more beautiful self.

Well, I dun see what is wrong with being pretty only with make up? It is phoney, you exclaim. WRONG. Because you can SEE that I am having make-up on. Who am I cheating?

So according to the stupid logic about "being natural is being beautiful", should I keep my ugly face (when I have the absolute power to make it much better) and just be ugly, not doing anything about it?

Having a choice between being all natural but ugly, and made-up but beautiful, I choose the latter. There is nothing wrong with my decision at all. If you are feeling pissed that some people did not manage to see through the make-up and decided that I am a natural beauty, well, its their stupidity and there is nothing you can do about it.

I'm sure you urself have cheated people about ur looks in some way. Rebonding? Tooth whitening toothpaste? All these products make your looks phoney. You are actually much uglier, right?

I really feel like slapping guys when they say they prefer girls without make-up. IT IS A FREAKING STUPID THING TO SAY.

When is a woman most beautiful? On her wedding day my dears, and it is ALWAYS with make up.

You want your bride without make-up? Fine, let her strut around with that big pimple on her chin. Let other people see your wife looking tired and pale from all the preparations! No make-up! No phoney-ness! All natural!

Here we are, the gals, making an effort to make ourselves look prettier so that you men can bask in glory as you walk around with us holding your arm. And you men are complaining that we put too much make up. You all have the nerve to complain that we shld look beautiful without make-up, and not only look pretty when we have it on. So how if we just cannot manage to look good without make-up? Break with us lor, go find someone who looks good without make-up.

Bet she is with someone else who looks good without hair gel or whatever products you men use to beautify yourself. And he is, unfortunately for you, likely to have a dick size of 8 inches.

I understand, of coz, the dilemma of men. Some women just CMI with make up, coz they apply it wrongly. Perhaps too much, or perhaps it makes them look like they are going for a wayang show. In these situations, the men can complain about make-up, of course. I am not that unreasonable.

I just cannot stand the stupid comment about "natural is beauty". To stand true to your theory, do not brush your teeth from now on. Do not shave, or colour your hair. Do not even delibrately train your muscles. For girls, do not pluck your eyebrows or armpit hair. There you go, all natural, like you just stepped outta blue lagoon. It is my guess, however, that you wun look the least bit like Blooke Shields.

All natural? I wonder if we would still like our celebrities if they looked like this:


Well, came as a horrible shock right? Our own Wong lilin... One day, I was in irc chatting with some male friends. I happened to ask them which Singaporean actress is prettiest, and a lot said Wong Lilin. I went to Yahoo to search for her pic, and a stupid fan or hers (I suppose he is deluded) captioned the photos I found as "Very very pretty!".

What can I say? Different people have different tastes. Plastic surgery on the eyelids anyway, in case you men didnt notice.

Alright I am not a celebrity but still...

In conclusion, I am not pretty naturally without make-up. The latter has aided me in my looks. So? I dun deny it, and I am not cheating anyone. And so what if I am ugly??

Theres nothing wrong with being ugly at all, so scold me all you want. You just sound superficial and idiotic.

(In case you are thinking: If you said there is nothing wrong with being ugly, then why are you bothering to put on make-up to look better? Well, my answer is that I feel more confident about myself when I look better, and things go smoother. There is no fault to being ugly, but it is undeniable that there are advantages to being good-looking, which is why everyone is trying to look better, except Tibetian monks.)

-It is not a crime to prance around pretty with make up. It is a crime to let urself remain ugly when u can make yourself look better.-


Speaking of the type of guys who say "Natural is beautiful", we have come to a similar type of guys. Yes, it is the type that says "Simplicity is beauty".

In my opinion, both speakers deserve a good tight slap.

See, I once heard a guy friend of mine tell me: "The kinda girl I like right, is pretty, and look sweet. She must look like she is stupid stupid like that, but actually she is very smart."


He was dumbfounded.

Men! Seriously. I have no idea why why why on earth they want their gfs to look dumb. There is only one reason of course, which is to feed their own bloody ego. They are scared that the gf looks superior standing next to them. Well, if they cannot accept the fact that their gf has something close to a brain and look like they can recite the alphabet, they can jolly well date a date (the red kind we boil soup with).

It is a fact. Females are equal to males brains-wise, and instead of being ashamed of a gf smarter than they are, guys should learn to feel proud that such smart girls chose to be with them. What century liao, for goodness sake.

Which is, I guess, why shu nus are so damn popular. Because they are dumb.

Someone told me that he thinks that he wouldn't mind having Mo Jing Jing as a gf. For those of you who dun watch Holland Village on Channel 8, Mo Jingjing is a semi retarded girl.

I almost died. She speaks 3 words a minute. The said fren claimed that she is good what, very pure and innocent, unlike many girls in our society now, so slutty and bitchy. (Somehow I suspect this is how paedophiles think too.) The above sentence makes sense as well... But should be girls succumb to these guys expectations and from now on be quiet and unopinionated too?


I won't change myself just to fit these selfish guys. They can jolly well date semi-retards and have the time of their lifes talking about nothing deeper than the weather to these females. I dun mind. I will wait for a truely intelligent guy who can appreciate females with some opinions of their own, and is not threatened by my achievements, but supportive.

There was this other time another guy friend shrieked when he saw Jaime Teo on TV.

He practically worshipped the telly for having flashed her face for 2 seconds.

I frowned, told myself to calm down, and said quietly, "She pretty meh?"

He said, still dreamy-eyed, "Yes, very very pretty. The best of Mediacorp so far."

I was stunned. I couldn't help myself as indignant words came out of my mouth.

"SIAO! She look so normal! So common! NUS girl face, go to NUS can find a few hundred like her face liao, whats so special? Normal eyes, normal nose, normal lips... Nothing what! She look so common and simple!"

He stared at me (giving me the exsperated face so many guys like to give me when I insult Jolin/Wong lilin/etc), and asked slowly,
"Thats where you are wrong, yanyan. The beauty of her, lies in her simplicity."

"Oh really?", I told him.
"Go date an amoeba then. Can't get simplier than that."

-We girls solemnly swear to get rid of stupid MCPs one fine day.-