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I am so angry!!! Urghhhhhhhh!!! Really really unfair, what happened today. I didn't blog about it because the person/s I will be complaining about might will see the blog. BUT HECK. He and she deserves a big piece of my mind slinged at them, and it will be dipped in concentrated sulpluric acid too. Meanwhile, a small piece of graffiti on the bus says it all for me. In fact, I was feeling slightly better already, and then I saw the little msg (I assume it is written by God for me, as he doesnt like to see his children being victimised. Didn't know God vandalised too), and my wrath increased 3-fold again as the words rang repeatedly in my head in a low evil voice. Amazing what random graffiti can do. Imagine if it were a sexually abused niece who saw the message, and it causes her to realise that she should not allow herself to be a sex slave to her uncle anymore. She might just take a knife and kill the bloody uncle tonight, no? All because of a little bi
I am really fat. I am fat around my tummy and thighs. Before you fall asleep immediately with another typical "I'm so fat" entry from yet another stupid female blogger, with horrible nightmares of me slapping you with flabby meat around my tummy, listen to me whine first. I am so fat, that my new phone is mocking me. I bought my dream T500 from Samsung, heres a nice new picture of it. Ok, I'm very happy that Jealous June managed to help me find the gold colour one, which is a limited edition. The front LCD can be changed to different pictures, and the diamantes has LED lights underneath it, so it can sparkle in violet, orange, yellow, green, blue and sky blue when people call. How wonderful. My phone is the prettiest in the world. The 65,000 colour screen can also be transformed into a good mirror. See my camera being reflected? Anyway, since its a woman's phone, it has some saboh functions. 1) Fat calculator Heres my fat
Indeed, it has been quite some time since I last clicked on the blogger link to type out some words... Within this short period of time, many things have happened... More good than bad, I would suppose, but meanwhile, I would like to say that I have somehow lost the momentum to blog, and only when something happens and I would really wanna express my thoughts about it, then would I be inspired to write again. And this something, is almost surely a sad thing, because I don't really need to complain about happy things, do I? Alright here it goes, and I am really sorry that my first post after a long time is so pessimistic (Perhaps it will turn into a happier tone after I finish blogging about my discontent). The guys I like, all seem to think and consider for centuries before they make their decision to be together with a girl. What do I mean? Okie, lets consider the past few guys that I have liked. Chronologically, Adryan, Eddy, and then Jeremy. All of them keep telling
I will continue blogging. =)
These past few days I have been speaking to my resident spammer on IRC. If you guys insist on knowing the reason why I want to discontinue blogging... Heres one big one: In case the format of the site has been changed, I think I would just tell you wat was there. Its an exact mirror of my site, except the picture of me was changed to a stupid staring monkey. A big picture. And my friends' and family's pictures were changed to some stupid characters as well. The site is called "The World Thru' My Nostrils". My entries are plagarised and some words are changed. Changed such that I sound like a slut who masterbates with cucumbers whole day long. There. I put in so much effort into blogging because I thought people enjoyed my writings, but I am wrong. People only want to laugh at me. Laugh at how idiotic I am. The amount of hard work I put into my writings are easily copied and then edited. What can I do about it? Can I sue the fell
Look. What is a blog? Why do you even READ blogs? Because the WRITINGS are interesting right? Not because you just want to see photos. So. My point is, stop saying I am ugly. So what if I am? Who cares? The point of my blog is not to show you pretty pictures. Remember, you should be here for the writing, not the pictures. I have never said I am beautiful in the first place. And even IF i think I am beautiful, am I not entitled to my own opinion? Who are YOU to judge whether I am pretty? When was the last time you had your eyes checked anyway? Thats not the point of course. The point is that if you are here in my site just to see pretty June or Goddess XF or sexy Eileen, please fuck off. You should be here for the writing, so stop being so bloody superficial (and stupid). On a last note, I am removing the tagboard coz the fucking spammer is still there. How cool! To prove my success, I have my own resident spammer. Remember, spammer, support me always yeah? Don&
Here are pictures of my new highlight job! It sucks big time. This is me, before they destroyed my life. Girls beside me are coursemates, but my guess is no one is interested who they are. I only met they there coincidentally. Thats me after they destroyed my life. Its my back view coz my face looks so grouchy, I'm afraid someone would take my pic to be the scary ghost pic your get in your email. I hate those mails. Tells you to find the difference in two pictures or something and when u are concentrating so hard, a ghost face appears and refuses to go off your screen. The highlights are supposed to be ash brown, but it turns out GOLD. I will not be surprised if within the next three days I get beaten up thrice and asked to join a gang. The highlights are too damn THICK. Haiz... On a happier note, I keep meeting Eileen nowadays. The girl beside me is Xiuling, Eileen's best friend. She just showed me two very interesting lovegetys.
I heard this song on radio... How do I Get through one night without you Lets see, how was it that you got through the the nights before you met him? Maybe, DO THE SAME? If I had to live without you What kind of life would that be? A very normal life? Was your life THAT bad before you met him? Gosh. Oh I, I need you in my arms Need you to hold Your my world my heart my soul Its not a need, its a WANT, horny bitch. If you ever leave Baby you would take away everything good in my Life. Are u claiming that your friends and family are not good things at all? How about massages and pasta and rainbows? Aren't they good things? Must good things always come with a penis? And tell me now How do I live without you I want to know Breathe, eat, sleep and shit, honey. Like you once lived without him. How do I breathe without you I have never thought someone would need instructions on breathing. Ok you sort of suck the air through your nostrils,
Today the most amazing thing happened. Of course, everyone of you will "chey!" when u all find out how silly the amazing thing is, but to me, it is still very amazing. Remember in yesterday's entry I mentioned that when a guy comes, ALL the guys comes? It is so goddamn true. I was rushing to work this afternoon, and was walking along Marina Square rather hurriedly. In the meantime, I was sms-ing Jeremy. Me: I think I know why you dun like me already. Its because u have venstraphobia. I think you should see a doctor. Jem: Whats that! Me: Its a phobia for beautiful women. Jem: Ha, I was about to check the dictionary but my legs just won't listen. Me: Huh, you are supposed to be a soccer player you know! I'm off to work already, come crash the wedding and I will serve you good food. Jem: Banquet food sounds great but I'm going to Devil's bar tonight with my friends... Me: Clubbing again? Good, more competition to show you how goo
Wow, it has been like so long since the last standard blog entry. As I have a very terrible memory instead, I shall not even try blogging according to dates but about just events which happened. JEREMY Since the day I confessed to Jem about me helplessly liking him, I did not contact him for 3 days. After that, I gave him a msg on Friday, simply asking him where he would be working at weekend. He replied, "Orchard" Damn, so hostile. I continued my animated conversation with shuyin and did not bother replying. Subsequently he msged me 3 other msgs consisting of one asking me where I am working, and when I didnt reply, another one asking which number I am using (since I have two numbers), and one more in my starhub line exclaiming, "Oei, msg you dunno how to reply ah." Wow. The magic of playing hard to get. That night, I asked him to call me and we talked for 4 hours, till it was 5 am and we both had to sleep, for the next day, we both have to
I have like so much, so much to blog, but I am really busy recently. With Jeremy. =) The day before I talked to him for 4 hours. Yesterday I met him during my lunch break although he was working at Orchard and me at Bugis. And then later at night we met up for a movie (Pirates of Caribbean, which is very nice), and stayed out overnight at orchard till 6 am. Today I went to work very tired, and we talked on the phone again for 2 hours. No time to blog. I shall sleep now, expect a few very very long entries tomorrow, darlings.