I am so angry!!!

Urghhhhhhhh!!! Really really unfair, what happened today. I didn't blog about it because the person/s I will be complaining about might will see the blog.


He and she deserves a big piece of my mind slinged at them, and it will be dipped in concentrated sulpluric acid too.

Meanwhile, a small piece of graffiti on the bus says it all for me.

In fact, I was feeling slightly better already, and then I saw the little msg (I assume it is written by God for me, as he doesnt like to see his children being victimised. Didn't know God vandalised too), and my wrath increased 3-fold again as the words rang repeatedly in my head in a low evil voice.

Amazing what random graffiti can do. Imagine if it were a sexually abused niece who saw the message, and it causes her to realise that she should not allow herself to be a sex slave to her uncle anymore. She might just take a knife and kill the bloody uncle tonight, no? All because of a little bit of graffiti.

Anyway. I am not a slave and I will not allow myself to be one.

On a happier note, I am gonna meet up with Ghimz the Giam, Potty Peiying, Dong the Dumb and (Eekean's name is changed after she enters Law) Wong the Lawyer, my RV friends whom I have not met up with for a long time. Thus, I would not have time to tell you guys the full story now, so I shall do so tonight.

Please stay tuned, and let me know what you guys think k! I need support!

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