Tuesday, September 16, 2003

These past few days I have been speaking to my resident spammer on IRC. If you guys insist on knowing the reason why I want to discontinue blogging...

Heres one big one: www.xiaxue2.blogspot.com

In case the format of the site has been changed, I think I would just tell you wat was there. Its an exact mirror of my site, except the picture of me was changed to a stupid staring monkey. A big picture. And my friends' and family's pictures were changed to some stupid characters as well. The site is called "The World Thru' My Nostrils". My entries are plagarised and some words are changed. Changed such that I sound like a slut who masterbates with cucumbers whole day long.

There. I put in so much effort into blogging because I thought people enjoyed my writings, but I am wrong. People only want to laugh at me. Laugh at how idiotic I am. The amount of hard work I put into my writings are easily copied and then edited. What can I do about it? Can I sue the fellow who infringed on my copyrights? I have no money you know. Can I request for blogspot to cancel this address? I can't either.

You guys may claim that I am stupid and silly to bother about these spammers, but you all wouldnt understand how helpless, and how disappointed I am.

To think my site sucked so much that people actually put in so much effort to delibrately harm me.

Anyway, the spammer said that he and his friends read my site just to see how stupid I can get tomorrow. Or how bimbotic. Or how full of myself.

Suddenly, I have a startling thought. What if... What if thats what the majority of you think too? What if everybody reads my blog coz I am such an idiotic person? I have done nothing except to write out my thoughts. Stupid thoughts, of course. Yes, I may even put up stupid pictures of my good hair days which only horny guys are interested in. SO? Its my freedom to do that isnt it? And if you don't like the idea, why stay reading everyday? Why must u people abuse me this way?

Why? Why should I subject myself to such mockery? Why should I allow you people to be so happy over my misery?

You spammers want me to stop writing? I will. I will even close down the site. Happy now? Or should I leave the site here just for your abusing pleasure? But whats the point? No readers will come anymore after I stop writing. You will be spamming for no one to see.

And I'm really sorry to those people who enjoyed my blog. The spammers are right. I suck. Go read some other blog right now k? Or perhaps, if you insist my writings are good, you could curse the spammers to eternal hell, coz it is their inconsiderate and cruel behaviour that made the world lose a good writer.