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MRT irritants continued... Muahahhahahahha!!! I wish I brought along a pair of scissors yesterday. Some uncle who sat next to me did precisely the shirt sleeve tickling thingy. I squirmed, I moved, and squeezed, yet nothing I did could escape this filthy sleeve (the rhyme is not intentional). If only I had a pair scissors! I would cut off the cretin's sleeve and save the rest of the world from his tickling! No use dreaming about it now. I used to have long curly hair right? And its all over the place... If I still have my curly hair, I would tickle his face with it! Let him have a taste of his own medicine. But no! My rebonded hair is so bloody flat. The pair of scissors would have another use as well. The uncle STINKS. I could threaten him with it and he would move seats. Now, why do some people smell so much? Wait, I think I dun wanna know. The fellow sat beside me and my nostrils were filled with his horrible stench. WTF? This is not fair! I
I just set up a friendster account for my INTERNET SELF. I actually quite like being shizophrenic (if I spelt it correct). It is Miss Xiaxue, so do add me as a friend if u read my blog?? Pretty please? My email add is! You can access my page here ! Muahahhahahha! And I will pay everyone who writes me a good testimonial $0.015, which is what Starhub charges per second of usage!! Teehee... Meanwhile, I think I shall blog tml, coz I just came back from a wedding dinner at One Fullerton Hotel! Quite a disappointment if you ask me... I got pictures too! Show you guys tml! Add me ah!
Yesterday we went to Aaron's Drag competition in Zouk! It was great! This is stupid, but I just feel like uploading this photo. Anyway, apparenly it was butch and gay night, and nobody can be sure of anyone's sexuality yesterday night. 2 butches asked for June's number. WTF? They are shorter than her! So weird! June is a butch magnet! (She is the one is the middle in case you are new to my blog. P/s: You could read character intro to get less confused. The tab is on the right, baby...)
I have a class chalet going on and I am late for it! Oh damn, I'm still gonna blog! Yesterday I mentioned that discovering blogger is one of the best things that happened to me. To further prove that correct, my long-lost primary school best friend, Yee Yen, whom I had tried very hard to find, saw my blog and gave me an email!! Yaay! I am very happy! Hahaha... -Hello Yee Yen!- Anyway, I decided on one thing that Singapore should ban. It is infinitely worse than chewing gum. It is bad advertisements. The first of the bad ads list, would definitely be the KFC finger licking ad. IT IS TOO GROSS FOR WORDS. Who the FUCK would go lick their mother's fingers?? Finger-licking is a sexual act (due to the phallic shape of the finger) and will always remain that way. Even if your mother is blind and you want her to get all reminiscent about the past when you still licked her fingers for her (goodness knows that else the mum asked him to do?), you don't go about lick
Quite a long time ago, PY, EK and XF had a discussion about my blog. I can't remember the full details, but I remember PY said something about me becoming very ya-ya about the high readership (I know its not very high actually but I'm not used to the sudden amount of strangers reading it). Suddenly, due to the amount of attention I am getting from my readers, the blog became a big part of my life. Every other sentence would be about "my blog." XF says that I no longer treasure her opinions like before. For example, if she says that a necklace is ugly, I would counter-claim that thats not true because my blog readers say it is nice. PY said I have became very self-centred. EK had an even more severe claim. She said that my blog would finally become my downfall. Those are all friends who are very very important to me. I weighed it out for a moment, and almost stopped blogging totally. I thought, "if my blog affects my friendship with them, I woul
I am really touched. Sincerely! And I'm feeling much much better now after a talk with mum. No worries at all! And as adviced, I spoke to my bro, and it ended up with him comforting me instead about my insecurities..... Haha.. I have a very sensible bro indeed. I will blog tml as I have a project to hand in tml morning! I love you guys. =)
My parents are getting a divorce. Since like 7 years ago, daddy has got this woman outside. When my mum found out, things got pretty serious. Mum threatened divorce. I was then 12 years old, and to a primary six kid, such a thing happening to my family was unthinkable. In fact, the only nightmare I deeply remember having, was one I had when I was around p3 or p4. It involved my parents getting divorced, and I got so traumatized, that I woke up and cried and cried. My mommy then reassured me that such a thing would not happen, she and daddy are still loving as before. And then it happened in Pri 6. By then, I had my brother with me, so at least there was someone to go through the ordeal with me. Also, I was old enough to think that it is quite imposssible that both my parents don't want me and would dump me at an orphanage. In the end, my parents patched things up. They got more loving than before, and it is pretty obvious that dad did made the effort to make up for hi
Really haven't been blogging properly for a while now.. I used to update everyday, but now, I realised that I don't really have any things to bitch about. Thats coz I seldom go out nowdays, and the only places I go to are June's and Idris' house for projects. However, the projects are finally over now, and its a weird thing, coz I actually wish that they are still existent. All the projects suddenly end off at the same time, and this while when I was so busy with them, I rejected job opportunities, rejected dates and stuff, so now I'm all alone and bored while the rest of the world is busy with exams. Thats super sickening. Today I got home after a presentation which I screwed up for my group, feeling particularly grumpy, and then fell asleep till 6pm when I woke up feeling very much alone although my bro and maid are both at home. Haiz... I managed to struggle till now, when I decided I shall blog, although I have absolutely no interesting topic to blog about a
Vote for me and Xiaofeng!!! Here: Http:// Must vote ok!! Meanwhile, I'm in friendster too! Add me to your friend list!! My email is The thumbnail pic is the one with me and eileen kissing!
My string of projects are ENDLESS. Ok enough excuses. Actually I am just not very motivated to blog nowadays, but here we go to the projects issue again. I have no motivation to blog because I have no life to blog about. And I have no life to blog about because I am doing projects DAILY. WTF. But today! Today I have a life again. Thats because I did something drastic finally. To those of you who liked my curls... I'm sorry but they are not longer existent. Thats because I went to rebond my hair. To add, I cut my bangs into a straight cleopatra-like style. (some people might be mumbling under their breaths that they do not care whether I rebonded my hair or not, but I would like to say that similarly, I do not care abt your opinion as this is my blog and I shall write what I want. So there.) Pictures? Here you go. I'm sorry that it is so blur, thats because I took the picture without flash and I had to jack up the brightness. Anyway, the fringe was cut one d
Blogger is behaving like a spoilt kid again, my comments links are all gone, and i'm too busy too repair them. Maybe tml. After work at New Park Hotel. Gosh, I would be so tired, but I will blog coz I got lotsa stuff to write about. Meanwhile, I would like to say that I bought my sony Clie already, and the best thing about it is that it can have acrobat reader in it, which means I can like read ebooks on my palm! I downloaded Anne Rice's The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, an attempt of the famous vampire writer to write erotia. AND ITS REALLY GOOD. Its sickeningly arousing. The story is a rather sick twist of the childhood tale "Sleeping beauty", and although the book started out as being totally sexual, you will realise that later on there are many other issues being discussed subtly (is that how to spell it?). Its wonderful what words can do that touch cannot. So please everyone, click on your kazaa link right now, and download the ebook, and have a tormented t
I have just decided to blog again, because I realised that my group members did not disseminate much work for me. Tml. Tml I promise to contribute more to the project. Anyway, today's topic is: How to Look Like a Cute Jap Porn Star Without Plastic Surgery What kinda girls do Singaporean guys like in bed? We have some choices here. 1) Annabelle chong. Screaming her head off in a fake orgasm while hiding a yawn and drowning in sperm is no mean feat. We salute Annabelle Chong. The dirtier, the better. 2) Mo Jing Jing/ S.H.E. The more innocent, the more enticing. She screams and tears while guys tear off her pre-puberscent (spelling error here i think) half bra. Never mind the fact that she has never shaved her armpit hair or that her boobs are puny. Its ok. As long as she is a virgin, baby. 3) Pamela Anderson. The typical angmoh saboh with huge boobs and big hair. She screams the wrong name constantly and is too stupid to know that multiples are different from f
Tml is my deathday. I am so dead. Two projects, one by tml, and one by thurs. Meanwhile, I did not go for an exam, and I need an mc for the retest, and I did not see an doctor. So, I decided to liquid away the dates of a former mc, and photostat it with correct dates, but i dun think the school would accept that. If they suspect something, they might call up jurong polyclinic, and I WILL HAVE MY ASS SUED OFF. My brother is having his streaming exam (maths) tml, and he does not even know the difference between multiples and factors. I am so SCREWED. Plus I dun even have a bf I can complain to. Suddenly there ain't any guys in my life. I may as well be staying in venus. I hate everything. Bleah! No blogging tonight. Except for this miserable paragraph.
Every so often you hear people whining about how they feel have having a total change of image. Or maybe not people in general, maybe just June. I assume everyone would have a friend who is like June. June went through drastic changes in her poly years, from Ah lianish, to glamourous (with permed long hair, make-up and flamboyant clothes), to act jap (Big tees and sneakers with short cropped orange hair), and now, since her eyes are beginning to reject the contact lenses (just like Jeremy rejects me, tears result), she is keeping the "I-may-look-nerd-but-I-am-superior-because-I-am-smarter" look with the specs she has on. As for me, I have been floating around bimbo and more bimbo, because: 1) I like shiny things. Diamantes. Silver. Gold. Diamonds. Gimme more. 2) I like pink (alot. I cant help it, dun blame me.) 3) I like ribbons and stupid lacy stuff 4) I have to wear heels because I am so bloody short. 5) I have a stupid perky butt. Finally, I have decided o
I'm sorry peeps, I'm really busy recently, just handed in two major projects yesterday, and theres more to come up on weds and thurs. If I get thru this alive, I will (it is confirmed) continue blogging. Meanwhile, I would like to say that I am sorry for leaving that previous post hanging there... Actually what happened was just a misunderstanding, I would explain after thurs k? And thank you, for all those of you who click on my page daily despite the scary picture. Love ya all! This is a song for you guys: This is the song that doesnt end! Yes it goes on and on my friend! Some people started singing without knowing what it was, and they continue singing just because this is the song that doesnt end! Yes it goes on and on my friend! Some people started singing without knowing what it was, and they continue singing just because this is the song that doesnt end! Bleah.