Tml is my deathday. I am so dead. Two projects, one by tml, and one by thurs.

Meanwhile, I did not go for an exam, and I need an mc for the retest, and I did not see an doctor. So, I decided to liquid away the dates of a former mc, and photostat it with correct dates, but i dun think the school would accept that. If they suspect something, they might call up jurong polyclinic, and I WILL HAVE MY ASS SUED OFF.

My brother is having his streaming exam (maths) tml, and he does not even know the difference between multiples and factors.

I am so SCREWED.

Plus I dun even have a bf I can complain to. Suddenly there ain't any guys in my life. I may as well be staying in venus. I hate everything. Bleah!

No blogging tonight. Except for this miserable paragraph.

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