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By the way I worked for Tiger Beer today and my 8910 got fucking stolen. I curse the person to eternal hell.
I just found a blog entry I wrote on my clie some time ago which I had forgotten about. Upon reading it again, I believe this entry will offend a lot of people, because it is about something very sensitive, which is... race. However, as usual, I am going straight ahead with it. Please do not scold me or something, coz remember I am merely a 19 yr old poly student. My knowledge of the world outside is limited, and if I am wrong, correct me. There is no need for insults. If you disagree and you think u are justified, state your reasons too. The following chunk is merely what I felt that day. I could be wrong, of course. ***** Watching ARE YOU HOT? yesterday really almost made me puke blood. Alright, for those of you who don't know what the show is about, it is a competition to find out the hottest person in the whole of US; hottest meaning the sexiest. It is sodding obvious that the judges are trying their best to be racially careful. There was this Afro American girl
Just finished clubbing at a Heineken event at Velvet... Was great fun... Am very tired now so shall blog tml... Anyway, I was just randoming reading through August's entries and I was like, "Oh Jeremy jeremy jeremy... Oh jeremy..." And then I proceeded to drool at his picture for about 2 hours before Cloudy (my maltese) hiccupped in his sleep and woke me up. Help! I'm still in a daze of infatuation.... Oh, jeremy jeremy jeremy.... Fuck it, I will never get over that guy. I can imagine myself sobbing and sobbing non-stop at his wedding, together with a few other girls, one of which has a pimple on her nose which has never left her nose for the past 2 years. My sharks' fin will overflow with mucus and tears. My suckling pig will drown. I will flood the banquet room and the flowers will all wither and die. Jeremy will be very angry with me for acting like his wedding is a funeral. He will never speak to me again. I will realise that I can never
You know you have reached the epitome of narcissism (if there is such a word) when u do something like what I have decided to do. I will... Print a tshirt... which has a picture of me, wearing a tshirt, which has a picture of me, wearing a tshirt, which has a picture of me, wearing a tshirt, which has a picture of me. Still don't understand? Here you go: Tadah! Is it brilliant, or brilliant? I'm off to printing it now. Anyone who thinks this is a perfect idea can ask me to do the photoshopping for your pic at a reduced price of $5. While stocks last only! Limited offer this christmas! LOL!
Got this off Firecow's website... Interesting, have a read... LOL... Looking for virgins?? *Waves hands madly around* ME me me me me me me!!!!! Me virgin! Who, for a moment, believed that? Haha! Mr Jackie Cheng, once he starts having sex at the age of 34, would slap himself for missing out all the sex in his life for the past 14 years or so. But I bet he has a very small penis and until the girl is bound to him for life (aka marriage), he would not risk losing the relationship by showing her his inferior member. I wanna join the Virgin Day thingy. Just to see how they check whether I am one. But on second thoughts... It would be full of ugly people, so no. Says Mrs Koh-Hoe, 29: 'Our message is this: If I have pre-marital sex, I am not a person of good character. In fact, any sex outside of marriage is immoral whatever the age of the person.' Siao, how is premarital sex affecting good character? What she said is flawed and totally unfounded. And where is
When I took Media Law in school, I was told by my lecturer that the Media is a very powerful tool, thus, in many countries there are many strict laws protecting who owns the media. For example, the chairperson of say, Mediaworks, cannot be a foreigner. Ah, a few days ago I just realised the power of propaganda. I have just ruined someone's life. Everyone remember Kaiwei? Well, I think half of Singapore's teenage/young adult population have read my blog at least once. I have reason to believe that because everytime I talk bad about someone, the person seems to be able to read it 1 day after I wrote the entry. For example, the Herpes entry a few days ago was read by the gf of the guy I wrote it to. Doesn't matter though, coz I was only joking anyway. And then Kaiwei called from the US to tell me that Weihui read my blog. Well. I have no idea what is going on, but I think Weihui threatened a break up? Or maybe not. 1 hour later Kaiwei called me again
Ha! Now everyone is writing bad comments! I think u people just want me to respond and rebutt, ala previous post. But too bad! I can't be bothered. I shall just delete the comments. Lalala! Shall blog later, I'm too tired after Nicholas tse's stepsister's wedding at the Ritz.
When there is love, there will be hate. For every 30 or so people who tell me they absolutely love me, there would be 1 idiot who wishes to be special and begs to differ. Hate Mail? Here are my responses. (They are uneditted. The email address is real, you guys can spam him all you want. The words in bold are my responses.) From: "Kenneth Yong" Subject: My friend icq me ur blog site; first impression, NICE Interface! Sparked my curiosity, until I came across... To: My friend icq me ur blog site; first impression, NICE Interface! Sparked my curiosity, until I came across at ur comments on the FHM page (true, guys NEVER miss such pages). Whatever. It is VERY offending how u term S'pore men to be ALL the same with bad taste. When did I say that? I'm saying generally. Or at least those who voted. I did not say that all of them have bad tastes. Get a grip, FHM is available in many different countries, naturally, cont
One upon a time there was this woman who looked like Cher. She may have once been beautiful, who knows? But now, she just looks scary beyond all reason. So anyway, 17 years ago this woman had sex with an albino, and after that, she got a baby daughter who looks really pretty, and her face was white as snow, her hair a jet black, and her lips red as blood. The proud mother called her Snow White. The albino daddy of Snow White decided to turn gay, so the mother brought her baby daughter to the local pub where she could drown all her sorrows. Alas, she got drunk again, but this time, the one night stand turned out to be a Prince! The desperate Prince was forced by his dying mum to marry a fat and ugly princess from the next country before he could be King, so he decided to marry Snow White's mum instead, faking his mum that Snow White was his daughter but he was just afraid to acknowledge her a year ago. The Prince's mother died and the Prince was made King, making Snow
How?? I am Friendster siao!! I just realised eons around I requested for Randall Tan to be my friend and today while scrolling through my friends' list and religiously checking if Jeremy's "single" has suddenly turned into "in a relationship", I realised that RANDALL TAN HAS ACCEPTED ME AS FRIEND!! Whahahahah! Cheap thrills cheap thrills! Oh no I need to get a life. lalalallalaalala! Randall is my friend! So is Mark Chow. Oh but I know that fellow. LOL...
Ok I got alot of things to blog about. So everything such be in short. For super faithful readers like Jo and BlueBalls, you would know that my favourite minister is Vivian Balakrishnan right? Well, I worked at Ritz Carlton a few days before, and guess what? I served him!! Hahaha... Its so exciting...! I think he is a very sexy man!! Thats not the point of course. The point is, the fucking manager Khor caught me for my hair colour again. This time round, I pinned up my very short fringe (can u imagine how hideous that looks?) and sprayed it black already. However, the black spray is not lethal enough, and some parts of my hair remained dark brown. He took a look at me and claimed that he has to deduce my pay by two hours. I took him he has no rights to do that. He claimed that Ritz Carlton has rules, and either we follow the rules, or leave. He then gave me a smug look and asked me what is my choice. I said there were no such rules until he came, so who is he to s
Ok it is offically proven. Friendster is evil. On friendster I found two other people that I should not see. 1) And ex RV English teacher who has... TURNED GAY. 2) Jonathon my ex... His current gf is so ugly. God Bless my heart. I can't take this anymore.
Jigsaw my fucking foot! The more I read the more I fume!!!
For the first time in my life, I am still bloody pissed after I blogged something out. I can't stand it! I AM SO BLOODY PISSED!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU, BAK KAI WEI!!!! (that translates to: I am so bloody pissed. Fuck you, BAK KAI WEI.) *names have been changed*
Recently I knew this fellow called Daniel from work at tiger beer. Things got on quite well, and he said he likes me and I quite like him as well... but for one fact. I suspect, somehow, that he is attached. I saw a girl's picture inside his phone, and asked him whether that is his gf. He said "Yes, she is studying in US currently." Afterwards, he said that he was lying coz he doesn't like females to bother him so he always claims that he is attached. Sounds like bullshit, I said. He crapped a shitload about his reasons, and then concluded by saying that the girl is very much dead now. She got involved in a car accident, he claimed, and died. And he showed me his hp. "See, no girlfriend msgs!" Ahhh, ok. I didn't dare say more since I didn't want to remind him of her tragic death. And then he claimed that he is going to the US for some army training thingy. So lalala, one fine day, I decided to go to friendster. Hey, I searc
Men should read this! I got it from Blowjob Etiquette For Men (as stated by women) 1. First and foremost, we are not obligated to do it 2. Extension to rule #1 - So if you get one, be grateful. 3. I don't care WHAT they did in the porn video you saw, it is not standard practice to come on someone's face. 4. Extension to rule #3 - No, I DON'T have to swallow. 5. My ears are NOT handles. 6. Extension to rule #5 - Do not push on the top of my head. 7. Deep throat - do you really WANT puke on your dick? 8. I don't care HOW relaxed you get, it is NEVER OK to fart. 9. Having my period does not mean that it's "hummer week" - get it through your head - I'm bloated and I feel like shit so no, I don't feel particularly obligated to blow you just because YOU can't have sex right now. 10. Extension to #8 - "Blue Balls" might have worked on high school girls - if you're that desperate, go jerk off and l
Dear readers, My mum, after the departure (as in moving out) of my dad, decided to prove to the world that she can live a better life without him. Thus, she decided to renovate the toilet and kitchen. As a result, the whole house is now filled with dust and debris, is fucking messy, and has no toilet. The rest of my family evaded to my grandpa's house to stay. My mum allowed me to stay at my friends' place. Yesterday, I stayed at PY's and tonight I will stay at Eileen's. Eileen's computer is spoilt. The conclusion is, I will stop blogging for a few days. I think. Have a nice day. Cheers, Wendy.
Here's a rewrite of the previously deleted entry. I have a weird friend. This friend of mine, suddenly decided that she doesn't want to be mentioned ever again in my blog. This is because someone which she detests seems to be reading up information of her from my site (it IS getting immersely popular, isn't it?) and she doesn't like that. I told her I am gonna write about her anyway, and she asked me to respect her privacy. Oh well... So anyway, lets think of a name for her, shall we? I think I shall call her BlueBalls, because calling her using another month would be too obvious. So anyway, I hate the freaking fellow who is reading my blog who knows BlueBalls. If you are thinking, you already know who BlueBalls is, and the freaking fellow would know too, you ARE WRONG. Thats because he is an idiot with the IQ of a llama. But we shall give him more credit, shalln't we? Lets say that he is actually thinking... "Hey, BlueBalls could be her... Sound
I am gonna blog about random items tonight coz I got so much to blog about plus I have got to rewrite that entry about Malaysia. Ok but this is totally irrelevant so I am writing it as a single entry. Adryan (the guy I once liked but now is attached to another female), is finally on Friendster. And then I saw on his page, his freaking GF. So, I clicked on the freaking GF and I realised that her marital status is......... MARRIED. Irritating isn't it, this kinda people?? Married my bloody foot, Adryan is only with her for like a month?! After getting very irritated by her, I click on "back" and read Adryan's page and guess what?? Adryan's marital status is....... SINGLE. Oh, the irony!!! I am so smirking, smirking, smirking. i'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chihuahua! Ah, the cheap thrills of life. They make me so bloody happy. And if you are Adryan's GF, well, I hope u two break up soon. Sincerely speaking, I don't wish yo
I just realised that Jeremy likes this other girl. I have no idea who she is but I know she sucks. Agreed? I shall delete all comments that claim otherwise. Please patronise me, everyone. I am in pain and I need the support. FUCK THE WORLD. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE?! More blogging after I finish watching Jacky Wu.
Just came back from Malaysia!! Lotsa cheap loot!! Got photos taken, show ur guys tml!!! Woohoo!!! I love our neighbours!
I am not gonna blog tonight, because I just got back from work at Ritz Carlton, and I am fucking pissed with my manager. Thus, I wrote a long long complain letter about him. And I am gonna paste it here. It is boring like shit unless u know him (*wink wink, Peiying*), but still, I'm gonna paste it here to get u guys excited over a new post which is actually of no interest value. Anyway, I served Senior Minister Lee today and being the bitch I am, I have absolutely no comments about him except one: He is bloody wrinkled. I have no idea why anyone can be so wrinkled. In fact, when he was sitted down, all I could think of is that he is a wrinkled old man. When asked whether he would like his Evian by my manager, he replied "Yes, thank you" in perfect English and I almost jumped in shock. I have no idea why, but he just looks like a wrinkled old man to me and I sincerely expected him to answer in mumbled Hokkien that he demands beer instead of Evian (Si mi si
I'm feeling self-centred tonight. Lets just talk about me. Everyone wants to know more about me right? (If no, stop reading here and go to to know more about the rest of the world.) I am weird. I am weird because when I visit the library to borrow books, I only like to borrow the green books. Green books just look nicer to read. Actually, the first novel I borrowed, without knowing the author, was a green book and I liked it a lot and thus I always borrow green books since then. I am extremely irritated when people take photos with the camera tilted. I don't understand whats the POINT. Its ok for a real life camera (although its still pointless unless u happen to want to capture something far at the top corner) because you can always tilt a photograph back to see it properly after you develop it. But for DIGITAL photos??! WTF? (I'm getting angry again). You cannot tilt you PC/lappie, can you??! CAN YOU?? If u wanna see the fellow clearly, u can only rot