Got this off Firecow's website... Interesting, have a read...

LOL... Looking for virgins?? *Waves hands madly around* ME me me me me me me!!!!! Me virgin!

Who, for a moment, believed that? Haha!

Mr Jackie Cheng, once he starts having sex at the age of 34, would slap himself for missing out all the sex in his life for the past 14 years or so. But I bet he has a very small penis and until the girl is bound to him for life (aka marriage), he would not risk losing the relationship by showing her his inferior member.

I wanna join the Virgin Day thingy. Just to see how they check whether I am one. But on second thoughts... It would be full of ugly people, so no.

Says Mrs Koh-Hoe, 29: 'Our message is this: If I have pre-marital sex, I am not a person of good character. In fact, any sex outside of marriage is immoral whatever the age of the person.'

Siao, how is premarital sex affecting good character? What she said is flawed and totally unfounded. And where is the immorality?

I am pro pre-marital sex.

Several reasons.

1) Before u marry a person, you have to see if the fella fulfilled several criteria. For example, if you cannot accept smokers, you have to know whether your partner is a smoker before marrying the person. It is the same for sex. What if both partners have very different sex tastes, like one likes SM and the other loves slow romantic sex with candles, but not dripped on the body?

Do they change for one another? And if both refuse to change? Do they find others for sexual pleasures? I say, have pre-marital sex first.

2) You don't wanna be shocked to death when, after marriage, you realise that ur partner has ass hair or something which is totally grosteque.

If you argue that no premarital sex doesn't mean no petting, well, whats the difference between heavy petting and sex? Not much. I say, have pre-marital sex.

3) More practice = you can give the best to your future partner.

4) Are u willing to die not knowing how much better sex can get if you do it with another person? (presuming that there are no extra-marital affairs after marriage)

Premarital sex will make the world a better place.

-Only ugly people say they disapprove of pre-marital sex.-

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