Tuesday, November 11, 2003

I am gonna blog about random items tonight coz I got so much to blog about plus I have got to rewrite that entry about Malaysia. Ok but this is totally irrelevant so I am writing it as a single entry.

Adryan (the guy I once liked but now is attached to another female), is finally on Friendster. And then I saw on his page, his freaking GF.

So, I clicked on the freaking GF and I realised that her marital status is......... MARRIED.

Irritating isn't it, this kinda people?? Married my bloody foot, Adryan is only with her for like a month?! After getting very irritated by her, I click on "back" and read Adryan's page and guess what??

Adryan's marital status is....... SINGLE.

Oh, the irony!!! I am so smirking, smirking, smirking. i'm lovin' it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chihuahua!

Ah, the cheap thrills of life. They make me so bloody happy.

And if you are Adryan's GF, well, I hope u two break up soon. Sincerely speaking, I don't wish you two happiness and I don't see a need to lie. And btw? Change your marital status, wouldn't you? Its EMBARRASSING.

Muahahaha! I'm still gloating.