Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Recently I knew this fellow called Daniel from work at tiger beer. Things got on quite well, and he said he likes me and I quite like him as well... but for one fact. I suspect, somehow, that he is attached.

I saw a girl's picture inside his phone, and asked him whether that is his gf. He said "Yes, she is studying in US currently."

Afterwards, he said that he was lying coz he doesn't like females to bother him so he always claims that he is attached.

Sounds like bullshit, I said.

He crapped a shitload about his reasons, and then concluded by saying that the girl is very much dead now. She got involved in a car accident, he claimed, and died. And he showed me his hp. "See, no girlfriend msgs!"

Ahhh, ok. I didn't dare say more since I didn't want to remind him of her tragic death.

And then he claimed that he is going to the US for some army training thingy.

So lalala, one fine day, I decided to go to friendster.

Hey, I searched for Daniel Bak. No such person. I searched for Daniel's friend, Aaron. Ah! I found him! Tried to see if Daniel was connected. Ok, he wasn't.

I told him jokingly, before he went to the US, that I tried to look for him in friendster. "And so did u find me?" he asked.


Today, I decided to try my luck at friendster again. I typed in his chinese name instead, and TADAH!!

You see for yourself.

No gf my fucking foot.

I feel cheated, abused, stupid and fucking pissed.

And now click on the girlfriend.

Ok tell me people, after u have read all the testimonials the holy couple wrote for each other, are they bloody attached? It seems from Kaiwei's "Describe who u want to meet" that they are not together anymore, but yet it seems that they are having a long distance relationship from Weihui's testimonial. WTF? I am confused.

And according to a certain Augustine's testimonial on Kaiwei's site, it seems that they have not broke up by the 26/10/2003.

But one thing is for sure. Weihui is not bloody dead yet.

If the Weihui girl is very much dead, tell me, how come she can approve a testimonial written on the 04/11/2003?


I am so pissed, I am hopping around my house in anger, and almost stepped on Cloudy who is very shocked by my behaviour.

I hate everybody and I hope the adultrous pair breaks up. I don't care if they are not adultrous. I am angry. Hey wait. A simple message to Weihui via friendster would cause exactly a break up, wouldn't it? How would she like it when she knows that her "bao fucking bei" has been telling other girls she is DEAD? Wahahaha... Maybe I should...

Or maybe I will wait for Kaiwei to give me an explanation. The fellow is in US huh? Perhaps fucking Weihui now. But he claimed he is in Texas. Well I hope he gets crushed to death by a giant falling cactus.

p/s: I got tons to blog about but guess what? I am too fucking pissed.

p/p/s: Friendster is a bloody bloody dangerous thing. Everyone should beware. Especially those doing the same things as Mr Kaiwei is doing.

p/p/p/s: Kaiwei's page is no longer available.