Monday, November 24, 2003

When I took Media Law in school, I was told by my lecturer that the Media is a very powerful tool, thus, in many countries there are many strict laws protecting who owns the media. For example, the chairperson of say, Mediaworks, cannot be a foreigner.

Ah, a few days ago I just realised the power of propaganda.

I have just ruined someone's life.

Everyone remember Kaiwei?

Well, I think half of Singapore's teenage/young adult population have read my blog at least once. I have reason to believe that because everytime I talk bad about someone, the person seems to be able to read it 1 day after I wrote the entry. For example, the Herpes entry a few days ago was read by the gf of the guy I wrote it to. Doesn't matter though, coz I was only joking anyway.

And then Kaiwei called from the US to tell me that Weihui read my blog.


I have no idea what is going on, but I think Weihui threatened a break up? Or maybe not.

1 hour later Kaiwei called me again to say that his whole camp knows by now coz some campmate read the blog. One single day before all life-forms associated with Kaiwei reads my blog. The campmate told him, "Bak, you are so dead."

"Oh, so does he find it nice?", I asked Kaiwei. He didn't think it is funny.

Well, of course not.

But let me jump to my own defence before everyone starts to blame me for breaking them up, if they do break up, which I think they wouldn't.

1) It is good that Weihui (AND I) found out early.

2) If their relationship cannot withstand a silly hiccup like this, it is not my fucking problem. Too bad, I thought a 3 year relationship would have been stronger huh?

3) Whatever I wrote was the absolute truth.

4) The entry wasn't meant to be for Weihui to read. If you think that she should not have known, well, blame that friend of hers who told her to read my blog.

5) Hello, did anyone consider that I am the victim here too?

6) Why can't I write about my life in my blog? Kaiwei is just plain unlucky that he has dated an internet bitch from hell. Should I have been a normal stupid girl, none of these would have happened. But no. I was just smart enough to think that he could be lying and smart enough to spend some effort to check. And I happen to have a blog which gets 500 readers a day.

7) He should not have been lying in the first place.


Well, here are some words I would like to tell Weihui:

First off, Kaiwei did not really "betray" you coz he and I did not do anything at all. He merely said he is single. Well, I think most guys do that all the time, moreover, you are in the US, so stuff like this would happen I guess. But the fellow seems to be very smitten by you anyway, so a dumb thing like this should not upset the relationship too much, else it is difficult to find guys who are smitten nowadays.

Don't get angry. Get even.

Fuck a Caucasian today.

If you choose to leave him (most likely this whole issue is merely an excuse?), welcome to singlehood! *embrace* No more hurt, no more confusion, and FREEDOM to choose all over again. Ain't life great?


Kaiwei told me I ruined everything for him.

Well my dear. I didn't. You ruined everything yourself. If you didn't lie, nothing would have happened.

And by the way. Weihui is not everything. Your still have your family, your friends and your other possessions, no? Come on, its just a girl. Brace yourself and stop behaving like some spineless sea urchin.

Kaiwei said that he regrets knowing me.

The feeling is mutual.

Kaiwei said he would not contact me again.

What about the Penthouse magazine you promised to buy for me from US?! :(

Kaiwei threatened suicide.

I thought about removing my posts for a while, and decided that I shall not. If he is such a weakling, it is not my problem. If life means only ONE girl to him, well, he should watch Temptation Island and wake up his idea; life is not worth living. If he cannot handle this silly little incident in life, he possible would kill himself sooner or later anyway.

"Oh, my hairline is receding. I think I shall commit suicide."

Maybe he should see this website. Maddox. He is damn funny.

And Bak? Even if you died I wouldn't remove the posts. So it is not worth it.

The only reason I can think of about why Kaiwei is still civil to me after all I have (unintentionally) done to him is because I have all the power in my hands.

One simple click from blogger. I can say he had sex with me (which he didn't, ok!). I can say his penis is puny. ANYTHING. In case you guys are wondering whats my point, my point is that I AM ALL-POWERFUL!!!

LOL... I don't think any guys would dare to offend me from now on.

Don't worry, little boys! I am usually kind and nice...

-You men should know the seriousness of infidelity. Everyone gets hurt, precious trust which is lost is never regained, and in most cases, you lose both the girls. Go fuck a llama.