Friday, November 21, 2003

When there is love, there will be hate. For every 30 or so people who tell me they absolutely love me, there would be 1 idiot who wishes to be special and begs to differ.

Hate Mail?

Here are my responses.

(They are uneditted. The email address is real, you guys can spam him all you want. The words in bold are my responses.)

From: "Kenneth Yong"
Subject: My friend icq me ur blog site; first impression, NICE Interface! Sparked my curiosity, until I came across...

My friend icq me ur blog site; first impression, NICE Interface! Sparked my curiosity, until I came across at ur comments on the FHM page (true, guys NEVER miss such pages). Whatever.

It is VERY offending how u term S'pore men to be ALL the same with bad taste.

When did I say that? I'm saying generally. Or at least those who voted. I did not say that all of them have bad tastes.

Get a grip, FHM is available in many different countries, naturally, contents are different. During a poll on Top100 sexiest women, UK/US FHM will have their TOP 100 while SG/Asian FHM will have theirs too. Asian men's tastes are always different from Caucasians. So dun compare.

You are an idiot you know? Precisely because it is different, we compare. Whats the point of comparing two identical things? And guess what? I wanna compare, I compare. You cannot stop me, or control me. Its my blog and if u are not happy, don't read it.

And about the CONSPIRACY abt the Mediacorp artists in the SG FHM's TOP 100, even if its TRUE, its abt POLITICS, u'll understand when u grow older or started working in the MEDIA/ADVERTISING industry.

Whats your fucking point?

Every SG man has different unique taste, and FHM is MEANT for men to comment abt the girls in the content, NOT for young girls the LIKES OF YOU to even comment abt the girls (who are pretty enough to warrant a page or a corner in FHM) in FHM, least to comment abt the taste of SG men being bad.

FHM was meant for men to comment? Correct. Thus, I did not comment in FHM. And my blog site, if for ME TO COMMENT. So I comment in my site. Whats wrong? And guess what? The taste of SG men is bad. I repeat that. The taste of SG men is bad. It is my opinion, and I am saying that in a little space of my own in the internet world (and if u realise u are the intruder here), what's wrong? My blog is supposed to be for me to write my intimate thoughts. I am generous enough to share it with people who enjoy it. If you don't, fuck off and don't come back!

IRONICALLY, while u commented that SG men who voted the girls to that particular spot in the poll has no taste, those girls are MUCH prettier than YOU in any way.

Where's the irony? Help me, I need a Phillips Bulb, I can't find it. So what if they are prettier? If you use your miniscule brain to think, I am not saying that SG men should choose me to have good taste. I am saying that there are many many sexier females out there, and the results are just appalling. And I am not even talking about Angmohs here. The truly sexy Asian women like Shu Qi and Vivian Hsu are just missing, to be replaced by what, Constance Song? It is ridiculous.

And of course, so what if they are prettier? Can't I comment that they are ugly?! What bullshit. Does that also mean that u cannot comment food taste bad when u can't cook better? Stop being a fucking arsehole. Even if I look like Quasimodo, I can still say that Constance Song is ugly. So there.

Quote: "Thats all folks! Since I spend so much effort doing this, please send this URL to as many men as possible to let them realise how bad their taste is.

Send it to girls to let us all rejoice in agreeing that Singaporean men's taste suck, which is why I remain single till this day."
Hahaha, you didn't choose to REMAIN SINGLE till this day, its because YOU DUN HAVE A CHOICE! Because, SG men's taste is GOOD ENUF not to choose the LIKES of YOU! YOU are juz LEFT ON THE SHELF~~~~~

LOL my dear. You know what u sound like? A 3 yr old kid. If you happen to read the rest of my blog, you will realise that there are plenty of men who are interested in me. And I am not even talking about the internet world, where my mailbox is flooded everyday with "friend" requests. I'm talking about real life.

But part of what you said is true. I am not single because SG men's taste suck. I am single coz the men I meet are not good enough for me, or it just happens that I do not have feelings for them.

Left on the shelf? ME?! LOL... Possible my dear. I would rather sit on the shelf and play with my palmtop then degrade myself to be with a guy who is not worth it. Like you, perhaps.

Quote"Alright actually I didn't put in that much effort." hahaha, even if YOU ever put in any effort, ya, those with bad taste might be interested.
Get a Grip and grow up! And dun ever lump all SG men together as the same. Becuz EVERYONE is unique, like you, ur friends, and me.

Whats the point here? That I should grow up? Yes, I wish I could, like 10 cm? Oh well.

But hey, guess who should grow up? Who is writing with shorthand? Becuz?? What the hell is "becuz"?

Who is the one whose real name is KENNETH YONG but uses a stupid Japanese name instead? What kinda idiot uses Japanese alias nowadays? You think you are really whats that, Tenshi Sensi? What the hell is a Tenshi Sensi anyway? It sounds like a sushi plus a perfume.

I wonder who should grow up. Mentally.

Yes. YOU. Are u still donning floppy Japanese socks?

If you are not afraid to put the above comments of mine, on your blog, for everyone to see, I'll respect your effort. I'll return to this place to check out your replies, and the replies from the rest of your friends. Last but not least, I dun want to make war, I am juz fighting back for the sake of SG men, because of ur offending comments in the FHM pages. You started it first! Are you mature enough to handle this issue? Or you're juz going to delete this entry away? We shall see...

LOL, challenging me? Why should I be afraid of a stupid internet person like you? You are the one in my site, and I am the one with the power. And I remember you, you are the idiot who said I was racist some time ago, about the Indian woman dream huh?

I thought you don't like what I write? That entry was like centuries ago. Why are u still here? Shoo, and have a great time with your "japanese" poseur existence on the internet.

Oh, shut the fuck up. Tenchi your head.


I think its good that you're honest about yourself but there are some things that can be put forth less're trying to look rich? what for? For more respect, so people would think u have class? really...thats the lamest thing ive ever heard....Its not a rich look that gives u all that...its how u carry yourself. Expensive phones or ex looking clothes mean nothing in the real world. Give it some'll grow up and see it for yourself.
disgusted | 11.19.03 - 6:41 am | #

Did I say I want more respect? And its the lamest thing u have ever heard? Well, its time to wake up, coz u are hallucinating and I did not ever say anything like that.

Its just an image I like. No particular reason. Like people like to act Jap, or some people go Punk and stuff. I like the rich look. Thats all.

I did not buy my phones coz they are expensive. I buy them coz I like them. Duh.


jeremy will never have sex with you even if u offer yourself to him. so dream on...or wake up!
TRUTH | 11.19.03 - 9:00 pm | #

On the contrary. I do think Jeremy would have had sex with me if maybe we were in a secluded island alone or something. But thats not the point. The point is, you do not know Jeremy, and thus, your statement is utterly unfounded. You cannot prove that Jeremy would not have sex with me, so dream on... or wake up!

And I do not really want Jeremy to have sex with me. Oh wait.. Ok maybe I do.. But thats not the point. The point is, I WAS JOKING. What kinda idiot cannot understand that?!


And about the Weihui issue.

Just one point. Kaiwei did not choose Weihui because she is better than me. Kaiwei chose her because she came first, 5 years ago. If she is that great, Kaiwei would not have lied to me in an effort to make me his gf.


Yup thats all. And in future, if you wanna write bad comments, have some balls and send it to my email. NOT LEAVE AN ANONYMOUS COMMENT LIKE SOME SHIVELLED PRUNES.