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Do some math. 20 people wants Xiaxue to close down her site. 80 people want her to please go on (within just 10 hours). Hundreds more have not got the news yet. The answer is obvious. After reading 80 plus encouraging emails, and reading another thread in the stupid hardware forum place, I'm slapping myself for not realising I really shouldn't give a shit about the retards. Spare the mushiness, you say. So just one sentence. Thank you so much, readers, really. And for one more thing: I realised people who appreciate my kind of humour, are those who are smart. And I am not saying this to boot-lick anyone. From all the emails, I gather that my readers are all capable of writing well themselves, and this by itself at least proves that they received good education. In conclusion, people who dislike AND FLAME me so much, are either stupid or really narrow-minded people. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT DUMB PEOPLE. (not me, do you?) Of course, the smart (aka myself + re
Wah I really cannot stand stupid people. Someone posted my links on some dumbass forum, and like a million chao ah bengs started to critisize what a fucked up bitch I am, etc etc. I was vaguely amused by the very heated response I could get, plus the fact that they were actually bo liao enough to copy and post my photos etc. Even those in friendster. Go ahead, dudes. I have nothing to hide. On the other hand, pictures are protected by copyrights, so take it off (just because I don't like my rights being violated), or trust me, I have the money to sue your asses off. Some people are REALLY dumb huh? For example, they said that I critisized pregnant ladies in my previous (+3) post. -_-|| Hello, before you used your pea sized brain to critisize, please read carefully first. The only person I rambled about was the lady with a kid of age 5, and I did not say I would not give the seat to her, I only said that she should be grateful instead of being so demanding. For anoth
I feel too lazy to write, so I shall compensate you guys with some additional reads if you want. If you are an ardent reader like Jo or June its no new thing. Its written very long ago when I first had spammers... Ah... Those were the days. Its my very own spoof site! I would suggest you read archives first if you have not, else you wouldn't understand the jokes there... Also, remember to read from the bottom up. Yes, its all written by me, except the last two posts, which were written by Jo. I welcome everyone to join in the fun! Just gimme your email address and I will add you. Then you will be able to post stuff there too. There you go. Its a long forgotten site of mine. Enjoy. =D
Everyone is expecting a happy X'mas post but I am sorry to disappoint. Coz I am so FUCKING pissed, I absolutely need to bitch! Okie, lets talk about him. (Edited: Friendster links have been removed because I am feeling kind. But you can still search if you want. *wink*) Alright, Vincent (or Guangliang for that matter) is a guy I knew from PLAB when I was working for Tiger. He is actually cuter in real life. So, Mr Guangliang stopped me while I was pouring beer, and invited me to be his date for his unit's anniversary dinner. I love dinners coz I love food and I love dressing up, plus he is quite cute, so I said yes. Later on, I realized that I got work for Tiger on the 30th, which is coincidentally the date for the dinner. Feeling rather reluctant to cancel on an easy 60 bucks, I asked Vincent whether he is very sure that he would really go on the thing with me. He said reassuringly that he would. All his friends are either attached or busy, he claimed. I went
Marry X`mas everyone~!! I hope everybody is happy happy happy today!
Damn am I one pissed girl. Today while on the MRT I was happily playing Bejeweled! on my clie (highest score is 699,900 currently) again and then the elderly uncle beside me stood up to give a seat to a lady with a kid. She said thank you VERY loudly, and proceeded to announced loudly to no one in particular (in Chinese): "YOUTHS NOWADAYS DON'T KNOW HOW TO GIVE UP SEATS." I blushed crimson. Hello?! I didn't see her, but thats besides the point. It is true that we should give up seats to the more needy, but she should not take it for granted! We pay the exact same fares, WHY SHOULD I GIVE MY SEAT UP TO HER? Oh yeah, you have a stupid baby with you. Well, guess what? No one on the MRT asked you to give birth to it. If you think it will be a burden to you while you take the MRT, don't give birth. And if it was an accident, you can jolly well leave the baby at home. You have given birth and you MUST travel? Too bad your husband doesn't drive then.
For those of you who are wondering why the last post is gone, it is because the mentioned person might see it. I gave him my email. Sheesh.
Donkey has 5 new friends already! Yaay! Popular donkey! Bye everyone. Gotta work tiger beer again... Paya Lebar air base. Anyone in there? I hope I meet some cute pilots. I will choose the most eligible two and cordially invite them to role play with me the Pearl Harbour story!! Wahahahha! (warning: explicit.) Tom: Oh Wendy! Me: Oh Tom! Together: We are so in love! Lets get married! *Tom and Dick goes to war. They are handsome pilots* Years later: Me: Oh Dick! Thanks for looking after me when Tom is dead! I think I am falling in love with you... Dick: Oh Wendy! Me too! I have loved you since the day you had those boobs implants. Me: Oh Dick! Dick: Oh Wendy! Together: We are so in love! Lets get married! *Tom appears at the door* Tom: KNN the fucking plane crashed and I survived 3 years at a stupid island. Got computer there no phone, so I tried to email you, my dear Wendy, but you did not reply! OH WAIT. IS THAT DICK YOU ARE SHAGGING? Oops I
I know I know! I shall set up a friendster account. It shall be an account for an ugly donkey . I will suggest a match between the donkey and people who have "open marriage" as their status when they are obviously just "in a relationship" and not freaking married. I will also suggest matchs between the donkey and desperate guys who msg me in friendster to "make friends". Yeah, give me one good reason why I should "make friends" with them. Do I not have enough friends as it is? Doh. Fucking waste my time to read their msgs. Some of the messages are really really hilarous and stupid. Should I be mean enough to post them up inclusive of pictures? Drop me a comment. (p/s: I am really really tempted.) I will msg the desperate guys and ask them cheesy questions like "Are you REALLY single? How cum no girlfriend? You look so sweet... Can we be friends? I love fishing, wood-working and packing my wardrobe, you?" It would be rea
I just finished doing up the photos site too. Finally too. It was spoilt for like 4 months. Enjoy. If you think you will not enjoy it, don't go. Simple as that. For the rest of you... I am really thankful for the votes. Even with just the nomination, I am a winner. I don't need to win the contest as long as I have the support from all my loyal blog readers. You guys really make my day when I am down. Thanks!
Oh yeah I added a logo thingy for my site, coz it has been requested by many people. You can use the html provided to link to my site, if you want to! =D If you could, please give me an email to tell me that u linked it. Replace the square tags with the sharp tags. [a href=""][img src="img src=" p64e9991b2701a8d18d06286b3285c7ae/fa47edff.jpg"][/a] There u get it. I will try to put it into the site tomorrow. Yes. Its time to sleep. Its officially morning already.
I really got nothing better to do. I just gave stupid testimonials to all of my friends in my real life account. And I mean stupid testimonials. My favourite is the one I left for secondary school friend Jing Wei: " JING le bells JING le bells, JING le all the WEI !" -_-|| So anyway. I got nothing much to blog about today, so I shall just post some photos. To celebrate that I am celebrating Christmas for YET another year being single, I bought a christmas gift for me. Its SUPPOSED to be a Dior bag (and its pink too!) but I got it cheap at Yahoo! Auctions because the letter R is missing. Who cares about a stupid R. I got a nice DIO bag! All I want for Christmas is a pink Dio bag! I was packing my room, and I found several miscellaneous items. MY GRANDPA'S PHOTO. My grandpa is close to eighty currently. He is a mighty nice guy, and he was showing me old photos when I saw this one and snatched it away. I used to keep it in my wallet coz I
I am sitting alone at home, surrounded by the white walls of my home. Hmmm... I finished checking my email. I finished checking friendster mail. I finished re-reading my entries for grammar mistakes, but not bothering to edit them anyway. What shall I do? Ah... I shall check on people on friendster... The walls fall in. Everything turns grey. Thunder clouds form outside the house. Lightning hits a cat and it shrieks. An earthquake, famine, flood and forest fire starts all at the same time. My knees are giving way, even though I am not using them. There is a big pressure, and then Saddam Hussien gets caught. He is ugly. But never mind that. The day has come. It is inevitable anyway. I AM SO FUCKING SAD............!! People, look: =((( WHY WHY WHY??? Why must this happen?? He is attached already!! All the months of pining... All the efforts made. Everything is just GONE. Shawn, you can marry me now. Its okie girl! I'm a big big girl in a big big worl
Alright time to turn up the speakers I uploaded a song for Jeremy and all of you are supposed to SING ALONG! I don't want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I don't care about presents Underneath the Christmas tree I don't need to hang my stocking There upon the fireplace Santa Claus won't make me happy With a toy on Christmas day I just want you for my own More than you could ever know Make my wish come true All I want for Christmas is you... You baby I won't ask for much this Christmas I won't even wish for snow I'm just gonna keep on waiting Underneath the mistletoe I won't make a list and send it To the North Pole for Saint Nick I won't even stay awake to Hear those magic reindeer click 'Cause I just want you here tonight Holding on to me so tight What more can I do Baby all I want for Christmas is you You... All the lights are shining So brightly everywhere And th
Because all (actually not all, but most) of you are such nice people, I shall give all my readers (including those who hate my site but come here everyday anyway) a nice pleasant surprise. Its even better than caramel ice-cream. Nicer than Paris Hilton's sex video, which I have not downloaded yet, damn. Even better than a shiny new Ferrari. Nicer than rainbows and waterfalls and butterflies and LV bags. It is porn. I have found this link, which leads to absolutely delicious sex videos and nude pictures of many celebrities. The site has absolutely no ads and loads in a very short period of time. It is bound to elate you whatever ur interests are in, may it be gay porn, beastiality, necrophilia or child porn. This are the steps u need to take to reach the site. I guarantee you it will be worth it. First, you click on the link I provided. It is disguised as a competition for the best Asian Weblogs, but rest assured it is nothing that bo liao. It is just a facade. A
When I first started out my blog, I had never intended it to be a thing for the mass public to read. I have never intended for it to be competitive. I simply wrote what was on my mind. It may be little silly thoughts I have... imaginations, or ideas, or simple ranting about things I am not happy with which I would have to keep quiet about in real life. And then the site gets more popular. I don't know the reason for this. Some tell me I am entertaining, most claim I am funny. But there are also people who tell me they come to the site just to see how stupid I can get tomorrow. Or how "bimbotic". Nah... I don't give a shit. This is my blog. Here, I write in a language that is most comfortable to me. And of course my blog is centred around me. I don't see what is wrong with that. I am writing for myself, not for an audience. I stress again. I am writing about MY life for MYSELF to read. Everyone else is welcome to read it if they want. But if you are not
Just some random stillframes.... Look what a cute bunny apple I cut!! =D I got the idea from Shin-Chan. Recently been watching too much la pi xiao xin. I am beginning to talk like him. Greetings! Merry X'mas! Yes, I am aware the arms are too thin and the boobs are crooked. Just a silly 5 minute sketch I drew while talking on the phone. The dragon behind is what my bro drew. Compare what a girl draws and what a boy draws! Ok it seems I am a bit pervertic coz it should have been the boys drawing the bikini babes. I should have drawn flowers? Hearts? Rainbows? Oh, cut the crap. Gimme the bikini babes! The Cult uniform. I know the Gucci cap looks extra, but pardon me, I had a bad hair day. If you looking carefully enough at my bro's artwork (he is 10 btw, thus the childish drawings), you will realised there is a "mini" in my family. Thats my maid. Tml, Mini will be flying back to Indonesia! I am very very traumatized. I have had maids fo
Thats it. I had enough of models. The next time I heard someone vaguely mention something about model-fucking-ling, I will slap the person across the face with a large trout, ala IRC style. In which case I would have to bring a large trout with me everywhere I go, and it will be heavy and I will stink, but it will be worth it. When I went for the job audition for the Cult thingy, there was this girl who came into the room. She is one brain cell more to becoming a retard. The next time she smokes or take some drugs (no doubt.), the one last brain cell which is preventing her from becoming a true blue idiot will get fried and there, you get yet ANOTHER idiot model. Congratulations! And celebrations! The world needs more idiot models! Here's what she said. Interviewer: "Hi, your name?" "PurpleBalls." "So PurpleBalls, you know what our product is about right? You are to encourage people to try our new drink... There will be a night and day shift,
I knew it! I already said one black and one white would win! But oh! Chantille is so fucking pretty... But I like Travis too!!! Haiz... Nvm... I'm quite happy with the results. For those who don't know what I am talking about.. Its ARE YOU HOT, the search for America's Hottest People!
I am very irritated yesterday I blogged out an entry and then I kicked the CPU's wires and then the entry got erased. So, I patiently blogged it out again.... I felt very delighted as I feel that the second entry was even better than the first. I even put in the links for the pictures. =) With satisfaction I put my legs on the end of the table and FUCKING HELL I KICKED THE CPU'S WIRES AGAIN AND THE FUCKED UP BLOG ENTRY GOT ERASED KNN ITS THE SECOND TIME WHY AM I SO STUPID.... *puff puff puff* *cool down...* My point is that this is my third time writing this so as usual I would say that I would cut it short but it would turn out longer than it once was anyway. I would like to say that I do not know how Singapore Polytechnic functions. For people who are unfamiliar, Poly students get their modules grades usually by having a mixture of tests, participation marks, projects, and most importantly, exams. Now, once I took Media Law right, and I got a 80 for my first te
Recently I am laden with TOO MANY part-time jobs! Its very irritating coz being the greedy girl I am, I wanna work for ALL of them coz frankly speaking, the pay for all are quite good.... Except banqueting. 1) Cult . This is a new drink from Germany. The young boss took it over to Singapore to sell, and its selling quite well! There are promoters for the drink in 7/11 stores and Shell stations. The drink tastes ABSOLUTELY like Red Bull, except that it is all natural and it contains Ginseng and Guarana berries... The Cult girls are supposed to wear this black Cult tank top, a stupid red cowboy hat, jeans with covered shoes or boots, a stupid lanyard, and an arm band. The pay may be a measly $7 per hour, but the boss is rich (I take that back. FREAKING RICH.) and he says that at the end of the promotion he would bring all the girls (with his wife too, excuse me.) to Bintan to have a holiday. Cool huh? This kinda generous behaviour is so unlike Singaporean bosses. Also, the
Eileen walked pass this really really cute guy and I told her, "Bye! I'm going over to shake him on the shoulders and ask him 'SO ARE YOU GONNA HAVE SEX WITH ME OR NOT!'" I performed the shoulder shaking thingy on Eileen. Eileen laughed, faked an accent, and said, "Ok ok, how much?!" We both laughed and then she said, "Hey! You can even earn money out of it!" Haha... Interesting point of view. ;D
On second thoughts, let me blog out this question first. Would u rather... 1) CHEW (and prove that u chewed by opening ur mouth) on a live FAT GREEN caterpillar which is wriggling around, or would u rather... 2) Suck on a menstrual pad which is used by this obese, ugly, disgusting, smelly girl who doesn't shave her armpits? Yes, gross indeed. My topic of discussion with Elf on IRC just now. Just wondering how u people will react. So? Caterpillar, or pad?
I am sick and I hate all the monkey fuckers in the world coz they are the ones who brought disease into the world and flu is evolved from Ebola and I love Jeremy and I need some TLC. If Jeremy is not free, Eddy will do too. If Eddy is fucking someone else, Brad Pitt will do. No wait. I will join Eddy. If Jeremy is fucking someone else too I will eat more sharks' fins coz Jeremy lives beside East Coast so maybe anti-sharksfin people will make a big din there and interrupt Jeremy's steamy sex session. Jeremy will then storm down to East Coast to give the noisy environmentalists a piece of his mind and I will leap out from behind some bushes and rape Jeremy and at the end of the day poor Jeremy will weep in a corner of the secluded beach, head down, arms shielding him helpless shivering body, while I will talk loudly on my mobile phone to my mates about the latest soccer results and finger my thick gold chain while smoking a cigarette. I will then spit on Jeremy and leave.