Saturday, December 13, 2003

Because all (actually not all, but most) of you are such nice people, I shall give all my readers (including those who hate my site but come here everyday anyway) a nice pleasant surprise.

Its even better than caramel ice-cream. Nicer than Paris Hilton's sex video, which I have not downloaded yet, damn. Even better than a shiny new Ferrari. Nicer than rainbows and waterfalls and butterflies and LV bags.

It is porn.

I have found this link, which leads to absolutely delicious sex videos and nude pictures of many celebrities. The site has absolutely no ads and loads in a very short period of time. It is bound to elate you whatever ur interests are in, may it be gay porn, beastiality, necrophilia or child porn.

This are the steps u need to take to reach the site. I guarantee you it will be worth it.

First, you click on the link I provided. It is disguised as a competition for the best Asian Weblogs, but rest assured it is nothing that bo liao. It is just a facade.

And then u will see the link "Xiaxue" on there right? Yup, thats the page to get porn. However, before you click on that link, you must "pretend" to vote for the best Singapore site first. Choose my site (and no one else's or it will take you to websites which shows butchers cutting up pigs, which are actually quite interesting but nothing beats the porn anyway.) and enter your email address and click on "vote".

Funny isn't it, how the disguise to be a voting page is so complete? Not to worry, porn will come soon.

CLICK HERE to get there.

The site will say "Your vote has been counted". It may not look like porn at first, since it seems to be all words.

Let me tell u the secret. It is actually an optical illusion. If u look at the site for 70 mins or so without blinking much and concentrating on the words, you will see all the porn. I personally saw Fann Wong nude (OMG her body is what I imagine Michael Jackson's to look like.), as well as other celebrities such as Jeremy and Jeremy. He is absolutely delicious. It is totally wonderful.

Oh fuck the bullshit.

Just freaking vote for me coz I hate the mattageysius (I dunno how to spell it so I typed randomly) guy (mentioned in the last post my dears) and I wanna win him. I know I already won him, but winning is not enough. I wanna win by a big big margin. That will teach him to be so bloody yaya!

Alright I get 1000 readers a day, so if only a mere 10% of you vote, I will get 100 votes already. If you think you shall be the 90%, well, STOP BEING SO LAZY AND JUST VOTE LA!

Bleah. I can't believe I am into this thing.