Sunday, December 21, 2003

Damn am I one pissed girl.

Today while on the MRT I was happily playing Bejeweled! on my clie (highest score is 699,900 currently) again and then the elderly uncle beside me stood up to give a seat to a lady with a kid.

She said thank you VERY loudly, and proceeded to announced loudly to no one in particular (in Chinese): "YOUTHS NOWADAYS DON'T KNOW HOW TO GIVE UP SEATS." I blushed crimson.

Hello?! I didn't see her, but thats besides the point. It is true that we should give up seats to the more needy, but she should not take it for granted! We pay the exact same fares, WHY SHOULD I GIVE MY SEAT UP TO HER?

Oh yeah, you have a stupid baby with you. Well, guess what? No one on the MRT asked you to give birth to it. If you think it will be a burden to you while you take the MRT, don't give birth. And if it was an accident, you can jolly well leave the baby at home.

You have given birth and you MUST travel? Too bad your husband doesn't drive then. Maybe you shouldn't have married him, poor little thing, sometimes you have gotta stand on the MRT huh?

I am not saying I should not give up the seats. I would do that if I saw her. But its out of pure kindness that people give up seats to her, and she should not speak as if everyone OWED her a seat. The MRT is shared among everyone who paid, and seriously speaking, too bad that she did not manage to grab a seat. Complain to LTA lor.

As if this is not enough. I commerced with playing Bejeweled again. My world consisted of little coloured jewels falling over each other again. Suddenly, her piercing voice was heard, this time in conversation with an old lady.

Old Lady: "No no, don't need to give up the seat to me... You have a kid..."


Old lady: "Haha its ok la..."

Bitch: "Are they blind or something?"

I had half a mind to smack her head with my DIO bag but thought she was cranky enough as she is.

I took a look at the old lady, and told myself that if she is not old enough there is no way I would stand up. I would tell the old lady that I wanted to give up the seat but because the bitch is so fucked up, I shall sit all the way to Boon Lay. Too bad she talked to the fucked up bitch.

Alas. The old lady is really old. Plus I understand its the bitch's fault and none of hers. So I stood up (to my utmost displeasure) and with the best imitation of a smile gave the seat to her.

That kept the bitch quiet.

But up till now I am still boiling. I don't want her to think she has taught me a moral lesson and made me a better person. It is totally none of her credit. I would have given up the seat without her telling, provided I die in my game, which I usually don't.

I am not finished yet.

Fucking hell why should we give up seats to people with kids who are like 6 or 7? We give up the seat, and the mother sits down, and guess what? The stupid sweaty kid will run around the mrt squealing like a stuck pig, and spinning around the mrt poles, and making a hell lot of noise. If we don't give the mother the seat, she can at least catch them and give the stinky kids a good spanking. Thats what they deserve. Not my nice seat.

Today on my way to Somerset I also saw this uncle dressed really shabbily and holding a broomstick. The flourescent green and red kind. I think he just happened to buy it today.

So anyway, I didn't see what happened at first, but when I arrived I saw that the uncle was shouting at the top of his voice at someone who offended him, who was not in sight.

This is what he said, "Chao Cheebye! Zhen de shi mei you jiao yu ah ni! Nabeh chao cheebye!"

Which translates to: "*cuss* You really have no education at all. *cuss*"

LOL... It is so ironic, I had to snifle a laugh everytime he repeated that. Eventually I died of choking, coz he repeated himself 1,283 times.

I am dead now, so I shall get Blondy the Bimbo to take over my blog from now on. Please give her a chance and continue to support her.


Yes every1, i m like sooooooo exCitEd c0z it is like. mi first time bloggiNG! AnD f0r so successful site too. 1stly, i would likE t0 say mi name is Bl0ndy. I d0n't tink i m pretty but *giggles* i am working 0n it. bUt thIs is lIke s000OOooo00o cool!

Everyone tinks i sh0uld get bigger b00bs? i tink so. Pe0ple tend to judge mi by mi Hair nowadays. itZ like SOoo00oo! irritating! I wish they would judge mI by something more deep. Like mi b00bies' cleavage. It is deeP! *giggle* Although mi hair is n0t bad t00, juz curlEd it yesterDay! I l0ve it!


Sorry everyone I am alive again and I killed Blondy coz I cannot stand her.

Please don't tell the police I killed Blondy.

Oh yes you people like to say I am a fucking ah lian/bimbo. I used to say "You think I am a bimbo, you haven't seen Blondy yet."

But now you have seen her. But oh no! Like how! She is like dead. And I am like the most bimbo now!

Never mind. Being the bimbo I am, I would take it as a compliment everytime someone says I am a bimbo. As I mentioned before, to be a bimbo you must fulfil 3 criteria.

1) Pretty
2) Big boobs
3) Stupid

So am I still a bimbo? Or do I just have big boobs? (what boobs? lol)