Thursday, December 18, 2003

Donkey has 5 new friends already! Yaay! Popular donkey!

Bye everyone. Gotta work tiger beer again... Paya Lebar air base. Anyone in there? I hope I meet some cute pilots. I will choose the most eligible two and cordially invite them to role play with me the Pearl Harbour story!! Wahahahha!

(warning: explicit.)

Tom: Oh Wendy!

Me: Oh Tom!

Together: We are so in love! Lets get married!

*Tom and Dick goes to war. They are handsome pilots*

Years later:

Me: Oh Dick! Thanks for looking after me when Tom is dead! I think I am falling in love with you...

Dick: Oh Wendy! Me too! I have loved you since the day you had those boobs implants.

Me: Oh Dick!

Dick: Oh Wendy!

Together: We are so in love! Lets get married!

*Tom appears at the door*

Tom: KNN the fucking plane crashed and I survived 3 years at a stupid island. Got computer there no phone, so I tried to email you, my dear Wendy, but you did not reply! OH WAIT. IS THAT DICK YOU ARE SHAGGING? Oops I am sorry for the pun. MY BEST FRIEND DICK?!!! HOW COULD YOU?! Without a condom too! At least I used a condom with June!

Dick and I: Oh we are so sorry Tom! We know we have hurt you! But these three years, our friendship has blossomed into something deeper. Now we have lust. Care to join us?

Tom: NO!

Dick: Oh come on! Wendy was just telling me how u like to act as a TIGER *snigger snigger*! Care to try that now?

Tom: NO!

Me: Hey wait. Dick. YOU WERE DELETING TOM'S EMAILS TO ME?!! YOU DESPICABLE CRETIN! You KNEW all along that he's alive!

Tom: Grrrrr! Grrr! (translate: I am a fierce tiger!)

Dick: Errr.

Me: Whatever. You gave me years of orgasms no money can buy. Come on Tom....

Tom: Grrrrrrrrrrrr! (translate: NO!)

Me: Show dick how ANGRY you are!

Tom: Gr, gr grr grgr. (Oh, oh well ok.)

Together: Oh we are so in love! Lets write we are all married to each other in friendster!