Saturday, December 27, 2003

Everyone is expecting a happy X'mas post but I am sorry to disappoint. Coz I am so FUCKING pissed, I absolutely need to bitch!

Okie, lets talk about him. (Edited: Friendster links have been removed because I am feeling kind. But you can still search if you want. *wink*)

Alright, Vincent (or Guangliang for that matter) is a guy I knew from PLAB when I was working for Tiger. He is actually cuter in real life.

So, Mr Guangliang stopped me while I was pouring beer, and invited me to be his date for his unit's anniversary dinner. I love dinners coz I love food and I love dressing up, plus he is quite cute, so I said yes.

Later on, I realized that I got work for Tiger on the 30th, which is coincidentally the date for the dinner. Feeling rather reluctant to cancel on an easy 60 bucks, I asked Vincent whether he is very sure that he would really go on the thing with me. He said reassuringly that he would. All his friends are either attached or busy, he claimed.

I went on with him out for dinner, and on my way, I saw Shuyin's friend Wanyi, whom I know as well... Stopping to chat, Vincent asked me to ask her whether she is free to go on that day too, coz his platoonmates need dates as well. I asked Wanyi, and she said it should be ok with her.

Great, I thought. But too good to be true. I told Vincent I somehow have an ominous foreboding that somehow I will not get to go for the anniversary dinner. He asked me not to worry. I said I better not, coz afterall I cancelled my work!

Today, he fucking msged me:

"Wendy, do you mind if I ask someone else to go to my unit's anniversary dinner with me?"

"Yes. Coz I cancelled on my work and plus I already confirmed with you twice and you said you were very sure. And now I would have to cancel on Wanyi as well."

No reply.

"Guess what? Fuck you. I am not interested to go to your fucking anniversary dinner. You can jolly well go with your new date. I hope that she cancels on you last minute so that you have no date to go with you. I hope that your date stains her white dress. I hope you fall flat on your face on the stage." (he is the emcee.)

"I'm really really really sorry. I hope I can make it up to you one day..."

"Yeah if you are really sorry don't go with her la! Make it up to me? Let me see... How about you stab yourself on the balls a million times? That will make me really happy."

"Wendy please don't be so angry."

"Let me consider... hmmm.... How about... NO."

"Hai... I will talk to you again when you simmer down."

"How about NOT?"

No reply.

"Next time, before you ask someone out, use your brain to THINK. But its too late now. I have cursed that you will never secure another date in your life."

No reply.

At time point of time, I was walking towards Jurong East MRT. I was already boiling mad as it is, coz I fucking keep meeting fucked up guys like Vincent, and I was just wishing that every male in Singapore accidentally (or delibrately) gets their penis chopped off, when I met who I meet every fucking single day.

Surveyors. Insurance agents. Credit card people. Every fucking single day. I cannot get pass to Jurong East MRT without being harassed by them every fucking single day. Can you imagine that?! When you are cursing colon cancer on every man in Singapore and then such a sweet sweet thought gets interrupted by a fucking insurance agent.

"Hello miss. Would you like to do a short three minute survey?"

"NO, NO NO! How many times must I tell you all NO! Can't I walk to the MRT in peace? Huh? For goodness sake ask all your colleagues to PLEASE recognise me and don't even TRY their luck. I am not interested in a credit card coz I am not 21 yet. And my mum is not interested too. And I don't wanna win another fucking contest where you let me win some "rare" prize and I must, to redeem my prizes, attend a fucking exhibition. I don't wanna hear your whiny voice calling me when I am working, to waste my time listening to you, and hear the disappointment in your voice when you hear I am not 21. I am not obligated to be 21 for your fucking sales and I don't give a shit whether you are earning enough commission coz you shouldn't be working such a fucked up job anyway."

Actually I didn't say that. I just said the first sentence. But I promise I will say that big chunk the next time I get asked to do a fucking short 3 min survey. Yes, I will do your survey! Sure, waste my time! Cheat my money! I will do it... But there is a catch. Why don't you go fuck a llama first? Then I will do your survey.

Dammit. I don't mind doing a real survey if there was one. I love doing surveys. But hello? I have been living at Jurong all my life. They think they can cheat me? Survey indeed. Survey leads to sales. DUH.

The worst is this really short "shopping" survey. Its only 5 questions or something, and it is an ill-concealed attempt at getting new databases. The totally useless survey (I'm sure you have done one before) asks about your favourite shopping centre, and suddenly 2 days later, you have won a competition.

WOW! Really? I AM a lucky draw winner?!! A swatch watch totally free? And then you know something is wrong when they ask you to come down to collect the prize. You must attend some MLM talk. KNN. Can somebody who most unfortunately went to one of the talks tell me what its about? Do you really get the prizes?

As if I have not met enough fucked up people for the day.

I worked at Marche today with this girl called Xiaowei (Don't even start on the song. Please.). Xiaowei was pleasant enough, and very chatty.

We had a break and were allowed to eat, so I ordered some Rosti, which costs $4.50, but we were given a 10% discount.

She said she would not like to eat coz she is full.

So I ordered my food, and sat down with her to eat. Out of pure politeness, I asked her whether she would like to TRY some.

She started on the Rosti with relish, and I am very very sure she ate the same amount as I did.

At the end of the day, we were queuing up to pay for the food (I ordered mushroom soup as well, which she did not touch), and she was performing the distracted look when I took out notes to pay.

I was already very very broke, and seeing that she did not make any action to pay, I asked, jokingly:
"Oei, not gonna pay for half the Rosti ah?"

"Huh? But I eat so little..."


Got such buay paiseh people or not ah! So fucking damn buay paiseh! Eat little my fucking foot. She eat EXACTLY HALF LOR! KNN! If she think she eat so little then pay 1 quarter la! People already ASKED, still don't wanna pay.

Its not that I am a miser. If she offered some money, then maybe I would say it is my treat. But I just don't like her buay paiseh attitude. URGHHHHHHHHHH!

Wah I cannot stand it. If I had not been so bloody shocked at her response, I would have scolded her on the spot. She needs to learn some manners. Ok maybe I am not exactly the best manners teacher, but I will definitely, in her shoes, offer to pay lor. Hello? I am not her mother lor, fucking hell, why should I spend my mum's hard-earned money on her fucking meal?!

I am very very very angry.

-Everybody is so fucked up.-

(Christmas blogging later, with pictures, when I feel better. Which feels like never. But at least I have chilli crab to eat.)