Tuesday, December 2, 2003

I am sick and I hate all the monkey fuckers in the world coz they are the ones who brought disease into the world and flu is evolved from Ebola and I love Jeremy and I need some TLC.

If Jeremy is not free, Eddy will do too. If Eddy is fucking someone else, Brad Pitt will do. No wait. I will join Eddy.

If Jeremy is fucking someone else too I will eat more sharks' fins coz Jeremy lives beside East Coast so maybe anti-sharksfin people will make a big din there and interrupt Jeremy's steamy sex session. Jeremy will then storm down to East Coast to give the noisy environmentalists a piece of his mind and I will leap out from behind some bushes and rape Jeremy and at the end of the day poor Jeremy will weep in a corner of the secluded beach, head down, arms shielding him helpless shivering body, while I will talk loudly on my mobile phone to my mates about the latest soccer results and finger my thick gold chain while smoking a cigarette. I will then spit on Jeremy and leave.

Please pardon me if I am not making sense. The fever is frying my brains.

AND PLEASE. I know u are gonna click on the comments link to either ask me to take care, or curse that I die sooner.

For those who want to ask me to take care, please don't. I don't like those two words coz it is symbolic of a break up. Instead, please leave a comment telling me I am pretty and I will feel much better and blog something with sense tml instead of indulging in imageries of Jeremy being abused by me.

Ah... Its getting hot in here....

Wendy, you are absolutely the most beautiful woman.... in your room.