I know I know! I shall set up a friendster account.

It shall be an account for an ugly donkey.

I will suggest a match between the donkey and people who have "open marriage" as their status when they are obviously just "in a relationship" and not freaking married.

I will also suggest matchs between the donkey and desperate guys who msg me in friendster to "make friends". Yeah, give me one good reason why I should "make friends" with them. Do I not have enough friends as it is? Doh. Fucking waste my time to read their msgs. Some of the messages are really really hilarous and stupid. Should I be mean enough to post them up inclusive of pictures? Drop me a comment. (p/s: I am really really tempted.)

I will msg the desperate guys and ask them cheesy questions like "Are you REALLY single? How cum no girlfriend? You look so sweet... Can we be friends? I love fishing, wood-working and packing my wardrobe, you?"

It would be really nice to see the look on their faces when they see that someone thinks they will be compatible with a donkey.

For example:

I decided that using Jeremy as an example for the victim seems to be quite evil, so I decided to choose June instead. However, by some accident this turned out:

IT LOOKS DAMN WRONG. Very very wrong.


Shall go write the donkey's profile now. If wanna add the donkey as your friend to matchmake to other irritating friends of yours you can add the donkey at yycheng84@yahoo.com.sg.

Nights everyone. I shall go write the donkey's profile now.

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