Just some random stillframes....

Look what a cute bunny apple I cut!! =D I got the idea from Shin-Chan. Recently been watching too much la pi xiao xin. I am beginning to talk like him.

Greetings! Merry X'mas! Yes, I am aware the arms are too thin and the boobs are crooked. Just a silly 5 minute sketch I drew while talking on the phone.

The dragon behind is what my bro drew. Compare what a girl draws and what a boy draws! Ok it seems I am a bit pervertic coz it should have been the boys drawing the bikini babes. I should have drawn flowers? Hearts? Rainbows? Oh, cut the crap. Gimme the bikini babes!

The Cult uniform. I know the Gucci cap looks extra, but pardon me, I had a bad hair day.

If you looking carefully enough at my bro's artwork (he is 10 btw, thus the childish drawings), you will realised there is a "mini" in my family. Thats my maid. Tml, Mini will be flying back to Indonesia!

I am very very traumatized. I have had maids for 10 freaking years (since my bro was born) till now, and I have no idea how I am going to survive without one. I have to clean my room! Cook my own food! Iron my clothes!

I am so horrified. I know I should stop being a fucking spoilt kid. But... It is just so hard...

Bad news for readers though. Might need to spend more time tidying stuff up, so might have less time to blog.

One thing good. I have my own room finally!! Yaay!

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