Thursday, December 4, 2003

Recently I am laden with TOO MANY part-time jobs! Its very irritating coz being the greedy girl I am, I wanna work for ALL of them coz frankly speaking, the pay for all are quite good.... Except banqueting.

1) Cult.

This is a new drink from Germany. The young boss took it over to Singapore to sell, and its selling quite well! There are promoters for the drink in 7/11 stores and Shell stations. The drink tastes ABSOLUTELY like Red Bull, except that it is all natural and it contains Ginseng and Guarana berries...

The Cult girls are supposed to wear this black Cult tank top, a stupid red cowboy hat, jeans with covered shoes or boots, a stupid lanyard, and an arm band.

The pay may be a measly $7 per hour, but the boss is rich (I take that back. FREAKING RICH.) and he says that at the end of the promotion he would bring all the girls (with his wife too, excuse me.) to Bintan to have a holiday. Cool huh? This kinda generous behaviour is so unlike Singaporean bosses. Also, the best salesperson would get a new hp as a gift or something! Thats so sweet! Just when I lost mine!

2) Samsung.

I'm attending the training tml, so yippee! New Samsung phones, here I come! Jeremy may have looked down on my fat Mitsubishi phone, but now I will show him! I will rotate my phone's screen in his face! Lalala!

This is $8 per hour but as an incentive, I might see Jeremy. Or even better, have a new phone! Lalala!

3) Newsroom.

June and I got jobs there as being barmaids, but we might not get to actually start work coz we are so busy with the other jobs anyway. This is good bucks, for a few hours of work, we get $100...

4) Banquet.

New Park Hotel needs me...

5) Corona promoter.

A friend of mine asked me to work on Fri and Sat as a Corona promoter at a 7/11... No sleazy clothes, its a polo tee or something? $12 per hour. Not bad!

6) Tiger beer.

Though not very often, I get Tiger jobs as well... This Sat I am supposed to work. But the Corona thingy is on Sat as well? Urgh!! I can't work the Corona thing then!

I am so confused. Why do things always have to come at the same time?

Yes, I know this blog entry is absolutely boring.

And don't ask me to intro the jobs.

1) I don't wanna see any blog readers when I am working.
2) It is too troublesome.
3) All the jobs are not available anyway coz the auditions and interviews and trainings are all over. Only banquet is available though.

I shall go sleep now darlings! It is such good weather!