Sunday, December 28, 2003

Wah I really cannot stand stupid people. Someone posted my links on some dumbass forum, and like a million chao ah bengs started to critisize what a fucked up bitch I am, etc etc.

I was vaguely amused by the very heated response I could get, plus the fact that they were actually bo liao enough to copy and post my photos etc. Even those in friendster. Go ahead, dudes. I have nothing to hide. On the other hand, pictures are protected by copyrights, so take it off (just because I don't like my rights being violated), or trust me, I have the money to sue your asses off.

Some people are REALLY dumb huh?

For example, they said that I critisized pregnant ladies in my previous (+3) post.

-_-|| Hello, before you used your pea sized brain to critisize, please read carefully first. The only person I rambled about was the lady with a kid of age 5, and I did not say I would not give the seat to her, I only said that she should be grateful instead of being so demanding.

For another example, they said that I complain about everything. "Insurance agent also wanna complain."

Why indeed?

1) Why can't I complain? Isn't this my PERSONAL website? I do what I like here. No one is forcing you to read it. Don't like the fact that I complain? Then go fuck S.H.E in your dreams and stop coming here. People say I only know how to use this argument, but they don't realise this argument beats them face down. It IS valid.

2) They are not in my shoes. If they get harassed like that every single day too, they will get as pissed.

For another example:

"So many F words. What is she trying to prove?"

Nothing. Because I just write whatever I want. I account to no one and I don't need to. Not happy, sue blogger for giving me this free space. And fucking is a pretty good adjective (not verb). But nah. The bengs don't know the difference bet. verbs and nouns of course.

But why am I wasting my time arguing? its ok of course. No matter now much you explain that the Earth is round, dumb people still believe its square. There is no need to waste time and effort explaining anything. If they wanna think I am a fucked up bitch for gangbanging, go ahead. Guess who will be parking my car in future?

-Like I care about a stupid bunch of guys who likes S.H.E/Ayumi/BOA. God save me.-