Friday, December 12, 2003

When I first started out my blog, I had never intended it to be a thing for the mass public to read. I have never intended for it to be competitive.

I simply wrote what was on my mind. It may be little silly thoughts I have... imaginations, or ideas, or simple ranting about things I am not happy with which I would have to keep quiet about in real life.

And then the site gets more popular. I don't know the reason for this. Some tell me I am entertaining, most claim I am funny. But there are also people who tell me they come to the site just to see how stupid I can get tomorrow. Or how "bimbotic".

Nah... I don't give a shit. This is my blog. Here, I write in a language that is most comfortable to me. And of course my blog is centred around me. I don't see what is wrong with that. I am writing for myself, not for an audience. I stress again. I am writing about MY life for MYSELF to read. Everyone else is welcome to read it if they want. But if you are not interested to read about me, why come here? The main purpose for the existence of my blog is for me to record my life and my thoughts. If you like it and it makes you laugh, good. If not, don't read it.

I write in short form for certain words, because it is faster and easier. Like "tml". I don't use abbreviations for just acting cute. Can someone tell me WHY I should write in a serious, formal language when this site is only meant for me to read? Do I not know that "tml" actually means "tomorrow" when I read it myself?

Someone asked me whether I sensationalise my blog to get more readership.

The answer is NO. No, I would not like to have more readers. Sure, I love to read the comments people have about my opinions. I love it when I get compliments even.

But no, I do not like it that I have less freedom to write what I want. I do not like it when I mention names and the mentioned person gets to read my blog. I do not like to get flamed when I write about sensitive issues. My blog used to be limited to close friends, who will not get offended with my writing coz they know me well enough.

Then do I like the "celeb blogger" feeling? I do not deny that there was a rush of excitement when my blog started to get popular and people come to me on the streets to tell me they love my blog. That was months ago. Now, with all the above-mentioned factors in mind, I am feeling stressed and bound.

Suddenly, someone organises some silly competition about the best weblogs. Read this fellow, my readers.

People who are nominated start to criticize other websites. For example, I read that I am a semi-camwhore, just because I write blatantly about my thoughts and because I put up pictures of myself. Because I don't use big words. Because my grammar is sometimes wrong.

There is a point I would like to make.

Blogs are not meant for an audience.

There is absolutely no need for me to have good grammar. I put up pictures of myself because pictures speak of details that words cannot. The pictures bring back memories of the day's events when the mind's eye cannot.

I even admit I am guilty of narcissism. (Did I spell that correct? Can't be bothered to check the dictionary) Yes, I like to see pictures of myself. I think it would be interesting to see my pictures after a few years and see how I have changed.

Just because I write flippantly and casually here does not mean I am not capable of writing proper English when it matters.

Some of the nominees seem to have forgotten the purpose of a blog. A blog is an online diary. It is not a website with a distinct purpose for a defined target audience. Some of the nominees write in perfect English, their entries are more people-centred rather than self-centred, obviously aiming to be recognised as a "intellectual" site rather than a site which sole purpose is for the author's keeping.

Sure, that would make a good website.

But not a good blog. In my opinion, a good weblog is one which can attract many people to view it despite it remaining in its raw form without any sensationalism. The site should be of blatant opinions and real life accounts. That makes it a blog, not a forum for serious discussions (whose's main participant is the author).

Anne Frank's diary remains the most famous diary ever. You think the little girl wrote in perfect English with bombastic words? You think her diary gives the intellectual simulation other books may? No. But people still read her life stories with relish. And the best thing? She didn't even MEAN for it to be read by an audience when she wrote. That, is success for writers.

The Diary of Adrian Mole are full of stupid thoughts of a young boy wanting to masterbate everyday. Why do people still read the book? Because it is REAL. It is something people can relate to.

I am not saying that people who actually bother to do up their sites to relate to the highly intelligent crowd are wrong of course. If they want to make their blog a public thing for a defined audience, it is their business. If they want to discuss serious events (like politics?), it is of course their choice.

It is just my opinion that a simple and beautiful thing like a personal weblog should not be spoilt with such serious issues. The entries should be light-hearted and with vivid descriptions of the author's life and views, isn't that a blog is supposed to be?

I can write every entry of mine in the manner this entry is written, but why should I? I don't wanna fall asleep when I read it months later.

My usual readers are already falling asleep with this entry, yes? LOL.... (Yes I used an IRC abbrevation, duh.) You guys perfer to go thru' (oops, abbrevation again!) my life with me with all the usual laughter and tears right? (I think only one entry up to date is a truly sad one. Thanks for all the support then, although the stupid comments link got erased.)

If you agree with what I said, do vote for me and prove the assholes wrong.

There you go. I got nominated twice, so vote for the "Xiaxue" instead of the "See the World thru' my Eyes" yeah?

I am also nominated for the Funniest blog.

Thank you darlings. Remember that I love you all. Muacks! And I am not begging here. If you can't be bothered to click on the link, don't.

And thank you, Tingz, for the nomination? =D Its really sweet of you...

-Semi-camwhore? Nah. My boobs aren't big enough.

And if you don't realise that I was joking from most of the statements you quoted, perhaps you are not as smart as you try to portray youself to be. What the fuck is a metastasis anyway? Whats the point of writing that word there when almost no one can understand it?