Wednesday, January 28, 2004

For those who have been checking back these few days, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. I understand how that feels, coz being the Maddox addict I am, I often check out to his site to find its still the exact same post, and I feel like whacking him.

But of course I can't do that coz he has giant balls and he might hit me with them. I am scared.

But thats not the point of course. The point is why I can't update these few days.

This is because

1) Everyone else reading blogs will be reading about other people's chinese new year shit and I don't want to bore you more but telling you what a smashing new year I had, besides losing $30 to the Jie (pronounced as G) family yesterday and very stupidly shaking their hands at the end of the day saying,

"Gong xi fa cai!! Zu ni feng du bi ying!", which roughly translates to me wishing they will win everytime they gamble. The only problem is that most of the time they gamble with me.

Huifen gave a little grimace when I said that. She possibly thinks "Can't say the same for you!", but never mind.

2) All the bullshit aside, the real reason why I didn't blog is because my uncle formatted my computer. Its rude and mean to speak badly of people, but I shall do it anyway because you guys don't know my uncle and if you were me you will boil too.

See, some time a few weeks ago my computer had no less than 79 viruses. Yes, its a freaky amount. I was totally appalled and told my mum about it, and being the typical auntie she is, she freaked out too. I told her I would get a com expert friend to come to our place to help sort it out, but I don't think she believed in an average pimply teenager to handle the 79 formidable viruses.

One fine day, I awoke to my uncle sitting at the com desk. In replacement of the typical look of the computer was the big shiny blue buttons of windows XP instead of our old 98.

I got totally freaked out, and asked him, "YOU FORMATTED THE COMPUTER AH??!"

He said he didn't, and he was merely changing the OS, coz my mum complained to him that there are a lot of viruses.

Now thats fucking stupid.

He changed the OS coz he wanted to uninstall all the programs, so that whatever virus is there will be uninstalled as well. The obvious error is that the viruses files will still be in the computer! They will come back no matter what OS we have! DUH!

I have no idea why middle aged men have to act like they are damn good at computers when they are obviously NOT. It really really pisses me off.

Another uncle, for example, is just another average joe who can operate Word ok. He thinks he is damn good at computers. My mum trusts him more than she trusts me, just cos he is older, and he is a guy.

But he is really deluded. He used to tell my mum that our computer kanna virus because I have a wallpaper.


A fucking .jpg file can cause a freaking virus??! Thats the first time I heard such things. Its pure, untreated, organic bullshit. With that my mum forbade wallpapers on my computer, which was the start to a lot of quarrels.

Mum "Wallpaper again! How many times must I tell you??!"

Me: "Please lor its just a picture file! No virus one la! How can a picture coming out from my digicam have a virus??! You please don't listen to uncle's nonsense la! He thinks he is damn good but he doesn't know anything lor!"

Mum: "You don't put it will die is it?"

Me: "Thats not the point mah!"

Mum: "Yeah maybe it doesnt cause the virus, but cannot just play safe and don't put it meh? Just to make me happy can or not?"

Me: "Then put the stupid clouds can, put my pictures cannot?"

Mum: "That one is already in the computer what!"

Me: "My picture also already in the computer what!"

Mum: "Just take it off."

See? Stupid uncle's fault.

He also thinks that by having irc in the computer, you will automatically get viruses. And of course he told that to my mum as well. He doesnt know that in irc you will not get files unless you accept them, and of course I wouldn't be so dumb as to accept mysterious files.

The previous times my com got viruses, he used to come and give it a cure, by using his norton antivirus disk.


He will make it a big deal, like its really troubling him, and can I please stop putting wallpapers because it keeps causing viruses, and stop using IRC.

It really pisses me off. Operate a fucked up norton disk?? I can do that too! Duh! It not that difficult, why must he act as if he just went to the moon and he is the only rare expert that can do that?

And because he is perpetually grouchy, my mum gets very nervous whenever our computer has some problems, because she would have to face him again.

So anyway, this time she got another uncle to come. This uncle is slightly better. At least he doesn't think that wallpapers causes viruses.

But he thinks that changing the OS can curb viruses from ever coming back.

So anyway, he changed the OS and said that he is not free to complete the thing today, coz he only created one user, which is for my mum.

I was still very traumatized because I realised that all my programs are gone, and I don't have any idea where all my installer discs are.

At that point of time I told him to come format the com for me, coz its really too full of rubbish. After I copy all my files of course.

After this, I discovered coz a friend told me about it. The free virus scan helped me delete all the viruses, so now there is no need to format it already. I met the uncle during my grandpa's birthday and I told him that there is no need now to format my com for me.

But he didn't give any credit to what a little teenage girl says of course.

I saw him sitted at the com around a week ago, when I just woke up. My mum was doing her stuff.

I asked him gleefully whether he is creating another user for me?

He said he formatted the com. All the fucking files are GONE!!!!

MY god! My hundred over pictures! My word documents! My blog templates! ALL FREAKING GONE!!!

I immediately looked at my mum and asked her why she asked my uncle to come and do this when she didn't even TELL ME? She is always like this lor! She didn't give a shit about my opinions just coz I am a kid to her! She will think, "What important things can Wendy have in her com? Its just the normal nonsense la... Nothing important that will affect her life."

My mum said that she didn't know about my uncle coming to format it.

I found that impossible. Then who opened the door for him, huh? I proceeded (rather loudly I might add) to remind her of all the things that I have lost; all my pictures, my school work, my links etc. All these cannot ever be retrieved back you know?!

With this I stormed into my room and slammed the door, and proceeded to cry my heart out. All my pictures!!

Outside, pandemonium was happening. My uncle shouted at my poor mom too. He is a fucked up asshole.

He said, "How can you allow her to speak to you like this? She is very rude you know?! Wah, I come here to help her (I already said I don't need your freaking help, bastard. Thanks but no thanks!), and i still cause my sister to get shouted at like that ah! (Yeah you are right I should have shouted at you and kicked your balls.) I can do anything for you you know, cause you are my sister, but I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING FOR HER!"

With that he dramatically slammed my door and stormed out.


Why is he shouting at my mum like that??!

And surely it is all his fault?! How can he just come to people's house and format people's computer without prior asking?? Its totally rude! The computer is not his, not his to delete anything he likes! And now I am upset about all my pictures gone. Do I not have the rights to be? And if I were a little bit ruder, I would have scolded him too, but I didn't do it.

He deserves a prod in the ass with a bloody pussy willow. Against the grain. Again. And prodded again! Again! Repeat! Burn the pussy willow and prod it once more. Ok enough.

My mum came into the room to find me sobbing with my face in my hands. She softly said she is sorry, coz she went to the market after my uncle came, and she did not know that I have not saved my files yet as I have told her before that I wanted to format the thing.

I told her never mind la, what is done is done lor...

So the point is, after the very long digression, that I have not yet found the installer disk for my camera, so I cannot upload all the 48 photos that I wanna show you all. Thats really sucky.

And without the photos, I refuse to blog.

Soon. I promise. When I am less lazy I would get my ass off the couch and go find it. I think its in the box.. Haha...

Alright. Hope you all have a happy new year!


June, to Gwenne: "Yadda yadda Tampines yadda yadda."

Me: "Huh?? Whose penis?"

June: "Not everything is about sex you know?!"

Oh she needs an orgasm. LOL

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Why people are so stupid to think that I should be insulted by the spoof, when its entirely written by myself in the name of a fictitious character, really baffles me.

Oh my holy shit I am so freaking dead.

I have COMPLETELY forgotten that today is the 24th of January 2004, which is also the test date for my SATs.

I only knew around 10 minutes ago in Alvin's car when I was complaining that my SAT is coming up, and when he asked when, I said 24th, which somehow, in some delusion, I thought would be in another say.. TWO WEEKS or so?

But no. Its today. I have not studied, I have no idea what the hell an SAT paper looks like, and I don't even have 2B pencils. Oh wait, think I stole a few from Ritz (Bloody cheapo yes). But heck, I paid $80, and I must take a chance.

Wish me luck people. I would really love to blog on, but I am too busy biting my nails off and typing with one hand is really difficult.

-Pray for me, I need it.-

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Have been busy the past few days, thus no blogging, and suddenly, its CNY again!!

I swear I will smash the next TV which goes "Chun lian hong! Chun lian hong!". But actually I wouldn't coz I secretly like that song.

But thats not the point.

The point is, I got lots and lots to blog about, and I will do it on my clie tml, while other people are busy attacking food and chatting with useless small talk...

I hope everyone has a happy happy new year, and collect much more angpow money than Adryan, who is by far the person I know with most, averagely 700 bucks. Lucky git.

If you are a parent then I hope you have very normal looking ang pow packets so that even when you give very little money no one will remember its you.


Ba kua here I come!!

Monday, January 19, 2004

Just won $6 in mahjong. Yaaay!

Me: "I hate people who patronise me. I hate it when people are too lazy to answer so they just say 'I don't know.'"

Alvin: "Why?"

Me: "I don't know la. Just don't like."

Alvin: -__-||

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Girls girls listen up!!!

Whats this?

Its the John little warehouse sale at Expo!!

Everything there is so FREAKING cheap!!! I went there with June and Gwenne the day before, and bought $150 worth of stuff. However if you go tml there will be lotsa people as it is a Sunday. Go there dressed in tight clothes (so that u can try on the clothes by just pulling it over), and bring a light sling bag. Be sure to elbow the aunties mercilessly. It will be best if you look slightly crazy, so that people are scared off.

You will be given this big plastic bag to throw in all the stuff you want. Move along, and take everything that pleases you. You can dump anything you don't want later. NO TIME NO TIME!

Heres June and Gwenne throwing out the loot they don't want.

Pictures pictures...

Pink Camisole. $9 bucks.

Double-breasted Coat, complete with lining and stuff. 15 freaking dollars.

Pierre Cardin full set bra and panty. $10!!

Pierre Cardin again, with Felancy bra. Latter costs 2 for $10.

Some nonsense perfume that smells (and looks) like Hugo Boss!! 2 for $10.


OMG I am getting so excited.

Whitia powder, which I don't use. Intend to sell it on Yahoo! Auctions. Usual price $26. I BOUGHT IT at $9.90!

ZA two-way cake refill!!! (Currently only dark shades left, I'm so sorry, dears.) Usual price, around $16. I GOT IT AT $8.95!! I bought FOUR.

Maybelline Diamond Shine Lip Gloss, $8 usual price $14.

Nonsense brand eyeshadow in dark brown, my typical make-up must have. $4.90. I bought FOUR. Blusher, $6.90.


I am king!!!


Its so freaking cheap, cannot stand it.

I bought the new Loreal Mascara at Watsons though, with a $3 discount, so its $20.90.

Its abso-fucking-lutely good!! Its the only mascara which claims to lengthen your lashes to fake lashes standards, and really does it.

Here, living proof.


Amazing ah! I swear no photoshop done.

I apologize for being so late in sharing this wonderful piece of news, because I have been really busy recently packing clothes.

Lots and lots of clothes, which shall all be either given to the salvation army, or sold at yahoo auctions.

I think my clothes are scary. And this is only half. Theres still those in the other cupboard....

I found this sweatshirt which was designed by me and sent for printing for my NCC group. Ah... Such sweet memories...

Saturday, January 17, 2004

There was this couple in front of me when I was on the bus.

I sit behind them, directly behind the guy and ajacent the girl.

All was fine and sunny and I am feeling happy because all was fine and sunny.

Suddenly, the girl pecked the guy on the cheek.

The guy smiled, and pecked her back on the cheek.

They had a smooching competition to see who could peck more.

The girl won, and smiled triumphantly at the guy.

The guy looked at her, and gave her a sudden smooch on the lips while the girl tried to act surprised.

I got really pissed off and nudged the guy on his back with my knee (with the seat in between us of course).

He seems to feel that pretty much arousing so he smooched her more.

I nudged him harder.

He continued the smooch, and most disgustingly, the girl was STILL acting surprised.

So I took out a Ritz Carlton matchbox set his hair on fire.

"Oooh! Help help!", he cried, as he tried, with no avail, to stop the flames from spreading to his sideburns (no puns intended).

I smirked as I folded my arms. I sat back to enjoy the show. I sat back not because I wanted to act cool but because the fire was making it a little hot to sit close to the subject of interest.

The girl was in major distress.

She screamed her head off.

Serve her right for smooching in front of me. I bet she is the kind that smooches on escalators too. The next time I see couples smooch on the escalator, I shall stop the escalator suddenly and pretend to point at the some old uncle and say he did it. The couple will be halted in their smooching and might, if luck prevails, have knocked each other's teeth off with the sudden jerk.

So anyway, I slapped the girl and asked her to shut the fuck up.

She begged me to save her bf between mouthfuls of mucus. The rest of the bus heck-cared her coz they are watching the 14th rerun of Star Awards.

So I said, "No, coz you and him just ruined my fine and sunny day. Plus your boobs are small. I don't talk to people with small boobs. Speak to my hand."

"Please! Save him! He is dying!"

The guy seems to have extinguished the fire when we both turned to look at him. One uncle had poured a can of Jia jia Herbal Tea on his head mumbling something about how vile that concoction is. The bf seems at peace with himself and was curiously touching his hair with his index finger gently.

"Look darling!", he addressed the girl, not looking at her but checking out his reflection on the bus window. "Afro hair!!"

The TV Mobile screen flashed Fann Wong's previous appearances during past Star Awards including the year where she wore green shorts and had the exact same hair the BF has. I exploded into laughter. (no offence to Idris whatsoever.)

"OMG I am so happy you are fine!!!", said the girl. A guy at the back of the bus started to play a sad tune on his violin.

She rushed over to him, all filled with tears and stuff, and smooched him on his lips, despite it having bits of burnt hair on it.

I set fire to his hair again.

It is a fine, sunny day afterall.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Why the hell am I doing this instead of sleeping....

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

From: Terence Koh
Subject: Don't (and a song for you)

Change your image? Impulsive decision ya? haha... don't.... if you do... there wont be anymore interesting blogs to read liao... anyway... here's a remix of the song superman

I can't stand to whine
I'm not that naive
I'm not out to find
The shu nu side of me
I'm more than a bird...I can be a pain
More than some pretty face on an MRT train
It's not easy to be me

It may sound absurd...but don't be naive
Becos i just have the right to bitch
I may be disturbed...but i won't concede
You can always choose not to read
It's not easy to be me

Left out the second stanza... cant think of anything.. haha...


Wonderful. Wahahahaha... I laughed my head off. Thanks, Terence...

The soft approach is the correct way to get to me. I don't go by threat.

When I was young and my mum forced me to bathe, I would go into the bathroom, spray some water here and there on the floor, but just plain refuse to bathe. Obstinate, yes. Thats me. Ask me nicely, and explain to me that it is time to bathe, and I will. Force me to, and no way I will listen.

So anyway, yes, I will delete her photo. I have requested for the forums to do that too, but whether they do or not is not within my powers.

To Sally: sorry for causing any inconvenience on your part, guess I was behaving too rashly. Whether Jeremy makes a bad choice, or a good one, its up to him to judge as it is his relationship; no one else's.

I still maintain that I can judge it if I want to though, coz afterall I wanna know who I lost to.

To everyone who is saying: "It is none of your business who Jeremy likes!", my response is this: "It is none of your business too whether I make who Jeremy likes my concern or not."

Gosh am I a vindictive bitch.

But I am trying to be nice. Really. =D

Ok ok I said I am sorry already. Its difficult. *bites lips*

Just woke up from a series of hate msgs from Jeremy, thus spurring the first ever morning entry, simply because I can't get back to sleep.

Now Jeremy is possibly cursing SARS on me, and its possibly coming true, coz my fever has been here for 3 days already.

First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me to ask me to take care (although u all possibly know I hate that sentence.)

Back to more interesting topic besides yours truly getting SARS, lets go on to the saga, continued.


He started off with a little msg requesting for me to take off the picture of his Monkee Gal (rather politely, I might add), but too bad he msged me on my starhub line, because I don't reply msgs directed to the said account, so he didn't get a reply. But I thought to myself, "Oops, its really a little mean of me ah. I shall take it off when I blog again. Coz I am sick now anyway."

Jeremy apparently took that as a "No" I think, so today, he proceeded to msg me rather fiercely about how I can write all I want about him but I should leave his friends alone (i write about anyone I want, friend or not, dude.), and he regrets knowing me and can I stop getting on his back.

I replied,
"Hmmm... Understand your anger. Will delete it later."

He took that as a cue to start insults, and continued with how pissed his gf is coz her photo is being circulated in various forums and she did nothing to deserve it.

Ok, several arguments here.

1) Why should I give a shit about how pissed his gf is? Who is she to me? DUH. Pissed? Ask her to fuck herself.

2) I am entitled to write whatever I want in my blog, as long as it is not libel. Its just too bad for Jeremy that alot of people read it. So? Blame me for the readers? Its not my fault they come. Its not MY fault they copied her picture. Yes, it IS mean of me to post her picture, or to bad-mouth shu nus in general. Thats why I offered to take it off, but guess what Jeremy? I have EVERY right to do that. (except for the posting of her photo, which violates copyrights laws.) If she is not happy about this, she can write a blog to insult me too.

3) She did nothing to deserve it? Cheers dude, the cancer patients did nothing to deserve shit too. Welcome to life. Its middle name is "unfair".

4) Yes I posted her picture. True enough it violates her copyrights, but it has always been in friendster, available for the whole world to see. Whats so shameful about her picture then? True I said she sucks, but my readers have BRAINS, Jem. They can judge for themselves whether she sucks or not. No one will just take my word for it.

5) In conclusion, it is MEAN of me to do whatever I did, but I have every right to do it.

6) I already offered to take it off, what more you want?! Gosh. An official apology to her?

Oooh Monkee Gal its really silly of you to get angry with AstRoBoy you know coz I am the bitch here, I'm sorry I posted your picture, its my fault that u don't look like a goddess, its oh-so-mean of me to write bad stuff about you (or rather, shu nus in general. I don't remember insulting you). If you want your photos removed from the forums, do email the administrator like I did, you can even copy my mail if you want.

Oh yeah in future do not put pictures in friendster if you don't want anyone to copy them. This is just a gentle reminder of course, no offence. Oh yeah its MY fault that the forum people put ur picture up. I control their brains and made them do it. Anyway, they are a bunch of idiots yes but they are speaking well of you what? And bad of me, so whats there to be angry about? *yawn*

So anyway, after replying that whole big chunk (the chunk above the 'apology') to Jeremy, he replied that I don't speak reason and "just take off that photo after your period is over."

Good news for you, Jeremy.


Too bad you tried to do that, because you have pissed me off and there her picture shall remain, no matter how sweet, gentle, or polite Sally is.

As I said, if she is not happy, she can either fuck herself, or delete away that friendster picture of hers, which will result in a small red cross in my site, which will make me a itsy bitsy bit pissed, if that makes her happier. I can't be bothered to save it to my photo's site.


Back to another topic of rights.

Some time ago I was with Ghimz and PY out on dinner. The night before, my dad got angry with me, and swept the fan onto the floor. It smashed to bits.

I was complaining to them that I think he has no rights to threaten violence on us like this, and its just WRONG to slam things around.

Ghim gave a very refreshing point of view: Surely, it is better of him to vent his anger on objects than people.

I replied that well, he shouldn't even slam anything, coz its not fair as everyone at home is smaller in size and we are scared whenever he does it, so we give in to his absurd ideas, when obviously he is wrong. He uses this trick to settle things everytime, and everytime he wins.

Ghimz thought for a moment, and asked, "Did he buy the fan?"


"He bought it, he can slam it. I don't mean by doing that he is correct, but he has every right to do that."

"Its not like that one mah. That fan is bought for me, so its mine. Like that if your dad decides that he wants to smash the new car he bought for you, he can do it meh?"

"Yes, I would think he has all the rights to do that."

"So you are saying that whatever money that you save up from your pocket money, your parents have every right to destroy the things you bought with the money, coz it comes from them."


After this we got on into another discussion about how children are sort of "owned" by their parents, so the parents are free to do whatever they want to them, coz without the parents, the children can't be existent anyway.

Its just like in this situation, a man saves a woman from drowning. There is a chinese saying that the woman "owes" the man a life, because without him, she would have no life to speak of.

If this is true, then certainly a father has every right to rape his daughter and use her as a sex toy once she is born, since its his child?

To a certain extent, one could say that the arguement seems correct, but every humans has their rights.

In the drowning example, the argument could be that the woman has never consented to the agreement that she would be the man's once he saved her. She should have the rights to a CHOICE. Say for example, when on the verge of drowning, the man asked her, "I can save you, but if I succeed and you live on, you shall be MINE."

If the woman agrees, then yes, the servitude to the man will be reasonable.

But if its unspoken, then it can be argued that the woman did not ASK for him to save her, did she? Why should she listen to him after he saved her? Yes indeed, the woman would have no life to speak of if the guy didn't save her, but... I don't know how to argue this out, so I shall just say that instinctively it seems wrong.

So anyway, back to the point, the daughter did not ASK for the parents to give birth to her too. And when she is a baby, she has no mind of her own to decide what she wants, so the law states that her parents will decide for her, till she is of a legal age.

Can her parents decide to abuse her, or sell her off as a slave?

And then there is the topic of society's expectations.

When a couple decides they want a baby, surely they know that they should provide for the baby till he can take care of himself, and they should love it, and etc etc. If they think they cannot abide to these expectations, then don't give birth at all.

I have always taken for granted that my parents should love me and provide for me. Afterall, I didn't ask them to have me, and since they did they should do as most parents do.

But fact is that they don't have to do that. Its merely a set of criteria from society, but they have every right not to abide to it. It is WRONG of course, to not take care of or love their child but they have the rights to.

Very confusing stuff. Pardon me if I am rambling on, coz afterall I do have a fever. And its 10 in the morning, ridiculously early.

Shall go back to sleep now, tell me what you think yeah? Both the Jeremy and rights issue. I love to hear comments.

Oh yeah btw any other forum besides the hardwarezone retards forum? LOL. Stupid people miss the point, find another non-existent point, and celebrate it. I can't be bothered to argue, its really pretty useless.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

She is a shu nu. Every testimonial says she is gentle.

how come people say gentleness is a virtue?? Don't men (the idiots) REALISE that gentleness is a thing that can be easily FAKED??! So its not that difficult to be gentle afterall. I can speak softly, tread quietly, learn to play the ku zhen and I can be all gentle and lovely.

It is just that I can't be bothered to.

Whereas, if you ask HER to come up with a good joke, or be intelligent, I don't think she can do it.

There you go. Sweet, gentle girls. Ah well. If there ain't any of those in the world, I wonder who will tailor our clothes. Donatella Versace? Who will trim plants? Who will love those poor pets in SPCA?

Its time for me to wake up my idea, and act shu nu starting from now. Men. They want to be deceived, don't they. I can do that.

Damn. All the new clothes that I bought which fits my acting-rich image can't be worn.

*gentle smile*


*bends head down and look up with blinking eyes*

*smile without showing teeth*

*rebonds hair*

*plays piano*


Monday, January 12, 2004

Finally. The saga has ended.

We know now who Jeremy has chosen over me.

*baited breath*

All I can say is... Bleah. I shall say it again.


OMG my placenta. I puked it out again.

Big small caps! Grammar mistakes! "AstRoBoy"!

Ok I will shut the fuck up RIGHT NOW. Its Jeremy's choice and I wish him happiness.

Yeah right. Oh well. Maybe she is very caring. I may be really a sore loser, but I thought what goddess she would be. In the end...


I wish you eternal happiness with AstRoGirl. Or rather, Monkee gal I think.


Pardon me now I shall stop blogging and go stab myself in the face.

Am sick la... Having a fever. caynt tpye proplerly.

Click here to have a good laugh though. Be sure to read everything, except the ads of course. Haha... It so funny...

Sunday, January 11, 2004

To my Blogders, thank you for all the fantastic emails you guys have sent me. I may not have replied, but I assure you I read all of them.

Here are some of best mails which contributes a big load to my internet existence till now. You know who you are... =) If you don't like it published, please tell me, I will take it off yeah?


Hey wendy,

I am an avid reader of your blog and have been for the past 7 to 9 months. I like your style of writing and how frank you are with your opinions. In such times, people like you are rare. In fact, your blog was and has always been one of the few blogs I look forward to reading everytime I log on. I started reading your blog when I was starting to get into the deepest depression of my life. Somehow, even how unrelated your life and my depression might be, be honoured to know that your dailiy accounts of people you met, fell in love with, quarrelled with, fought with have never failed to lift my spirits up. So, in a really weird way, I must thank you.

Thank you for being a "distraction" all these months. And i hope i get to read your blog again soon.
Take Care and Happy New Year!


My response:

You are welcome, Raiken. Afterall all I did was to write out my life. The pleasure is all mine. =)


hey there. this is probably the thousandth mail that you're reading. anyway, i only stumbled upon your blog yesterday and imagine my shock when i read today that you were closing the blog down. guess i can understand your reasons. anyone who doesn't have half your strength of character would have left long ago and turn into some depressed whim but i can't see you being like that, gathering from what i read. true, i didn't agree with some things that you wrote and for a generally conservative person,i was quite shocked but darn, reading those entries really brought a smile. =) what really was compelling about you was your raw honesty. guess it worked in the negative for this, eh? then again, what matters most is that you stay true to yourself and the people you cherish most in your life. anyway, i'll end off with two great quotes.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
-Albert Einstein

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
-Joshua J. Marine

have a nice day. here's wishing you all the best. stay cheerie kiex.


I love the quotes. Thanks you so much. =)



Dear Xiaxue,

I am just a passerby who have recently discovered the world of livejournals. I chanced upon your site the last few days and found it very interesting. It gave me an insight into the young women of today and the window you opened for me is a very refreshing one. I don't see a shrinking violet or someone who is perpetually in a damsel-in-distress mode. Instead, I see a plucky and spunky individual with strong opinions. Mind you, I may not agree with everything you said but I prefer someone with a strong mind than those wishy-washy giggly "shunu" as you called them. There are far too many of them populating the earth. The worse thing is, there are many more idiots who fall for the cutsie acts.

And yes sweetheart, some men will always like "shunu", no matter how young or old. That is because anyone with opinions will be far too challenging for their ego. They do marry shunu but have affairs with someone like you [but you are too smart to grant them their fantasies] as shunus are at the end of the day - very sad and boring. I advise you to give up on those men.

The good thing is, there are many men out there who like intelligent, feisty chicks like you. You just have to look in the right place. I'm afraid, given what you have written, 'methinks' you have been shopping in the wrong department. I won't comment on those 'himbos' you have posted :-). I only have this to say - you deserve 10 times better - those guys are losers. Listen to your own blog and give men with 'brain' a bit more time.

I admit I do find you a bit "Ah lian" [now please spare me the expletives!! :-)] but that is precisely why you are so special. You may look a wee bit showy, your ideas and spirit is anything but "ah lian". You are in a class of your own - don't let anyone knock you down! [I should add that even if the pictures you posted are 80% true, you are still are an attractive sprite by any standards.] You are like a young wine, a bit rough at the edges but full of flavour and with the temperance of time - full of promise. See, I am a friend - so, don't go digging for my IP address and posting it all over your journal :-).

So - what's all this talk about closing down the blog just because an idiot has been giving you a hard time. You are just falling into his plan - as this is the result he wants to achieve sweetie. Now, recover your usual pluckiness - get back out there - do your usual two finger salute to these scum and *ignore* them.

You know full well that people come to your blog because they hear a fresh voice. The counter number speaks for itself. The hate mails could be motivated by pure jealousy - don't let these asses hound you out of town. This is not a matter of contest but a matter of you, xiaxue, standing up for yourself.

Don't be bullied - this is not your style. Get back your "Xena" spirit and banish those thugs from your kingdom.

Chin up and soldier on and continue to churn out your insane but entertaining blogs.

from a well-wisher,


ps - this is the first time I've responded to a blog - see how effective you are?

I already wrote you my reply, but here it is again: Thank you. =))))

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Here are some issues about men again.

Recently, while I have been working for Tiger Beer, I have met some really really irritating guys.

For example, there was this once I was working with this girl called June (she has huge boobs so lets call her Bigbreast June) and the usual June (Mediocre-sized but nice boobs) as well.

Then there was this big bunch of young guys sitting at the bar counter area. All three of us were speaking to the guys, when normal June left to serve other customers, leaving me and BB June to entertain them.

I was behaving in my normal chatty self and acting as if I knew them for a hundred years as usual. The guys said they wanted to got to Dbl O that night, and asked if the three of us would like to join them.

BP June said she would go if I go. I said I would go if June goes. June doesn't want to go.

So we are not going.

At the end of the night, the three of us finished changing and I was standing in between the two Junes when the group of guys approached us.

The apparent "leader" of them approached me first naturally, since he doesn't know the other two so well because he talked to me for a longer period of time. He tried to persuade me to go, and I told him there was no way I would go if June doesn't. I told him to convince June himself.

So he strided over to June... And asked for her number.

"Not fucking again," I thought. But its ok! Coz I have BB June standing right next to me without anyone getting her number either.

Precisely at this point of time someone asked for her number.

I stood stuck at the middle, with guys surrounding the females of both sides of me and playing with handphones, and I just wanted to kick everyone's balls.

Its not that I am interested in the guys. I am not jealous either. They are quite ugly. But its just really humiliating isn't it? Why are men so insensitive? What am I supposed to do standing there? I don't know what is the correct etiquette to practice here, coz certainly the guy would not ask for everyone's number right? *shrugs*

Similarly, if a guy wants to ask a girl for her number, and she is with a friend, isn't it really rude to totally ignore the friend while talking to the prettier girl (in most cases she is)? What is the friend supposed to do? Walk away? Why SHOULD she walk away for the guy's benefit? The correct thing to do here would be to give attention to both girls, right? Thats the smart thing to do, coz when the guy leaves, the (non selected) girl will go like, "Wow. He is so polite... He seems sincere in friendship and not just getting into your pants!"

Conversely, if a guy asks for my number while totally ignoring my friend who is with me, I am sorry. NO CHANCE. It shows untactfulness if not anything else.

When I was working at PLAB for Tiger beer with some other girls, there was this fellow whom I tried to pour beer for.

There I was, with perfectly good intentions of making his beer a nice, full cold one. He stopped me, and said, "I don't want you to pour. I want Jacqueline to pour for me. Only Jacqueline pours nice beers."

OH YEAH? What about I pour some sulfuric acid on your balls? THEN I get Jacqueline to pour it for you, asshole.

Its so totally INSENSITIVE isn't it? Of course it is perfectly natural to have perferences, but it is plain rude to say it out like this, no? Bloody arsehole. The next time I see him, I will ask Jac not to pour for him as well. He can jolly well order beer himself.

Today an old man infuriated me as well.

I was working at Chong Pang camp, with June. Usually its June and this other girl called Kim who works there, so the people there, although some remember me, are more accustomed to June and Kim.

The bloody ticopehs (chinese horny uncles) there always ask for June's and Kim's numbers, and when June and Kim are not interested (they can be old enough to be their fathers!), they would do a very nice thing. They would give them Bobby's number.

Now Bobby is our Tiger Beer boss, and he is a lao beng. He is loud and crass, but also really cute and funny, to us girls only of course. I will post his photo soon if I can.

Imagine the surprise of the men when they happily called, and heard Bobby's loud voice. Bobby's favourite sentence is "Don't be a kan ni na!". We tried to explain to him that "kan ni na" is a verb not a noun, but he told us not to be a kan ni na and shut up.

Today, there was this old guy who was sitting beside Bobby (I keep spelling Booby), and he was talking about the Tiger girls. I was standing inside the bar listening to them talk.

The old guy asked how come Kim didn't come today. Bobby said Kim is busy or something, and the fellow suddenly sounded quite pissed and smacked the table.

"Don't talk about Kim already la! I very angry with her!"

Bobby, "Why leh?"

"I asked for her number, and you know what she do?"


"She gave me YOUR number!"

I laughed and laughed till my placenta dropped out. Actually I didn't, coz I can't. I muffled a laugh while Bobby said:

"Huh? Why she do that... Aiyoh..."

Whahahaha... Bobby himself told June and Kim to give his number if people bother them, and now he acting blur.

Then Bobby said, "Never mind, here got Wendy what..."

I gave Bobby a very vicious look and kicked him in the balls.

Actually I didn't.

But do you know what the fucked up fellow said??!

"Wendy? I not interested in Wendy."


I turned purple, and Bobby, sensing danger, said, "Actually Wendy is a very nice girl..."

I said really sascastically, "Nice no use what... Not pretty enough."

The fellow seems to know that he really pissed me off, so he said,
"No la.. Its not I not interested..
(Yeah right, fuck you. hate people who patronise me.)
Its that I got no time...."

I said, "Yeah no time for me coz I not as pretty as Kim mah."

He said, "No la... No time for Kim or for you or for anyone..."

I could have asked him to explain how can he not have time if

1) he actually had time to call.
2) he is just drinking and rotting away here anyway, every single Friday.
3) No time ask her number for what?
4) time for what? Fucking? Starting a relationship when u are 45 with a 19 yr old girl? Oh he has time. Who else wants him?

The argument could have gone on forever, but its useless arguing with a retard coz they also give irrelevant answers.

Sorry, I need to digress a little.

About retards. Why are some people so fucking stupid??! So many people got themselves pissed over the post about giving up seats. I have never mentioned that I am unwilling to give my seat to the elderly or pregnant ladies. I ALWAYS do that. My point is that people who are less abled should NOT take for granted people give them seats, like the fucked up bitch who was openly insulting me for merely not seeing her.

See? Stupid people miss the point, and find another non-existent point, and think they are damn smart. Cannot stand it.

An example is this:

If I said, "Today I didn't wear a bra. I wore a woolly black top which is quite loose. I didn't wear a bra because I have a cut where the bra strap would hit. Instead, I wore 3 singlets inside. I almost scalded to death."

Stupid people's brain process:
Never wear bra --> can see nipples ---> Trying to attract men --> What for? --> Cheat men's money, whats new --> Sleep with them --> Slut! --> Xiaxue is a slut! --> I wonder why I am repeating sec 3 the 3rd time --> But she is still a slut. --> Slut. --> Whore. --> Fucking bitch.

And etc.

No point correcting, or arguing with dumb people.

Back to the point about men. I also hate guys who ask me to ask for my friend's number. Just fucking do it yourself can? WHY should I help??

Ok I am done with the men point.

Lets go on to nice people.

Yesterday, I left my two hps in the toilet. A kind lady went into my cubicle, rushed out, caught me at the washing area, and gave me back two of the phones.

WHAT ON EARTH? I was ultra nice to everyone after that. June wanted to buy a top but it is 49 and too expensive so I sponsored 10 bucks. (But actually June bought me a skirt too) That lady is a god. She is too good to be true.

I told myself that the next time I find phones, I will return it to the owner. UNLESS.. Its a 8910. Coz it might be mine!

I was buying Ramily burger (its really really nice!!!) from a pasar malam when I realised I don't have enough money to pay! I only had $1.20 and the burger is $2.50. Really embarrassed, I told the little Malay boy that he can give the burger to the next customer coz I don't have enough. He insisted I have it, coz I mentioned that I am hungry and I love their burgers. His treat, he said. SO SWEET........!

I was late for meeting June, and I was at the bus stop when I realised I forgot to draw money so I only have 50 cents, not enough for taking a bus to meet her. I had to walk a long way to the atm, only to realise that the atm does not dispense ten dollar notes so I can only draw 50.

Amount exceeds bank account balance.

I walked dejectedly to the bus stop and bo pian (=no choice) had to ask an old lady for 30 cents so I am take a bus, or June will kill me and the bus stop is really far from home...

The auntie gave me a "Fuck off la you cheatabug I have seen many people like you around" look and said curtly she does not have change.

I was thus forced to approach a Malay uncle sitting on the next seat. I think he overheard the conversation (although he possibly cant understand chinese but body language says it all), and without me mentioning anything just took out his wallet and asked me how much I need.

Nice, or what?

I know this guy called Alvin when I was working at Tekong. It started out really normal, asking for my number and smsing. So far, we have been meeting quite often, and we have been to Mount Faber in the dead of the night, and I have even been to his place. But he never once attempted to touch me.

Guys like him are one in a million.

I suppose you would know for sure a guy is REALLY liking you when he behaves like Alvin does. He has been driving me around, and treating me here and there, listening to me complain, have me asked him to go and die a million times, but he is still HERE.

Girls, you know a guy likes you really, when he is so careful with the friendship that he knows that any physical mistake will jeopardise everything. So he would rather just not have you as a gf, then to risk losing such a valuable friendship.

=D Thank you Alvin.

Singaporeans are really not that bad afterall!

Monday, January 5, 2004

Blogger is down again, perhaps because of some new changes they are making to the site.

No mood to blog, although I got plenty of stuff to rant about, because tomorrow is the start of school again and I have to wake up at like what? NINE am??! Thats like in the MORNING! Its UNEARTHLY! Its INHUMANE! Its the WEE hours of the nice 24 hours we have! Who in the right frame of mind would wake up in time to see morning glories bloom? Its mad. 4 am is the correct time to sleep, and 2 pm is the correct time to wake up.

Then u slack around in bed till 3pm, then you rub off all the whatever stuff is on your eyes, then you turn on the computer with your toes.

You check your mail, insult some bengs on IRC, then go bathe (and brush your teeth if you feel like it) and hurray! Its evening time so you can go out without that sun blazing on you. With a sudden flutter you realised you missed lunch! Less calories! Yaaay! Dinner with friends, then MAHJONG till morning!

Thats life man.... But its ending soon.

I am so sad, I shall pluck my leg hair.

I miss Shuyin (I just saw her yesterday, but never mind that.) though. And I miss June (I've been seeing her too). And Clara. Idris. Veggie. And everyone else. And Foodcourt 6's chicken rice.

Last six months of school. And then what do I do with my life?

I think I shall buy and sell Mighty Beanz on eBay.

You go like, "What the?!"

Ok, I have always been a anti-gambling kinda person. Lottery is stupid. If lottery lets everyone earn money, then who is paying the organisers? City Harvest? Nah, don't think so. You pay a little to buy a chance, but in the long run, you lose, cause you spend so much money on buying chances, that even when you win, you can't cover your expenditures.

My point is that I am about to contridict myself.

I am addicted with Mighty Beanz.

For the umpteen times I worked at 7/11 selling Cult, I see silly kids running about begging their mums to buy a bean for them.

What the hell, I thought. I took a look. That thing costs $3.90 per packet, with only 2 beanz in each!!

Welcome to the cheating world of sales, people.

For those of you who are lucky enough not to know what is a Mighty Beanz, it is a toy manufactured by some company in Australia.

I thought they should have a Herpes Bean (1 in 6 Aussies got Herpes) but thats not the point.

So this bean thing, is a bean-like object and you cannot eat nor grow. Its a plastic toy with prints on it, and it can roll around.

Yes. Thats all. There are also many designs to choose from, and there are points allocated for each bean so that some are more powerful (and rarer, may I add) than the rest.

The beans are sold in packets of 2s and 4s, and it is sealed with an opaque cover so you would never know what bean you will be getting. I took a look at all the beans, and decided I want the

I don't know how syrup sudden replaced my brain juices, but I bought a packet, opened it up, and I realised I got a sucky Study Bean and another sucky Koala Bean.

Suddenly, having the Baby Seal Bean is the greatest wish in my life. I have absolutely no use for it, but I just desperately need it. I want a freaking Baby Seal BEAN!!! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!! (hint: I would pay for it.)

So guess what? I bought another two packets.

Now I have spent $11.70 on 6 useless beans which are all ugly (Miss Battleax bean(TWO OF THEM! *TOOT!*), Frankenstein bean and werewolf bean. KNN)

Can somebody slap me please. Can someone whack me with a pink bunny slipper and stuff the two Battleax beans into my nostrils. I need to wake up. I need to stop acting like Santa Claus and giving away my hard-earned money to Mighty Moose (the company) as if dozen of kids aren't already doing that.

But I am so addicted! I got the perfect solution. I shall... I shall buy another Mighty Beanz packet, and wrap it up nicely, and give it to June for a belated Christmas present. I shall force her to open it in front of me, and then no doubt she will get sucky beans and I will not have to keep it and feel pissed whenever I see the sucky beans.

If its nice beans June can sell it on eBay and she will be happy. If she gets a Baby Seal Bean... Nah. She wouldn't. Wahahahaha! Tell you guys tomorrow when she opens it.

Oh shit did I say I will not blog tonight?

Don't believe my bullshit in future.

I got some other miscellaneous stuff to talk about.


Blog readers = Blogders. So from now on, all of you shall be called my Blogders! Even if you are a Blogger yourself, you can still be a Blogder.

2) Woman: (Cutting some veggies)

Ju-on: (Hiding under table. Touches woman's calf)

Woman: ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! *scream scream* ARGGGGHH!!! (Runs away)

Ju-on: "I wonder why everyone is so scared of me ever since I fell face down into that big plate of powder."

3) Seemingly after the Asia Blog Awards, I have earned some international readers. Its awful to go into a site and go like "WTF is KNN?"

In fact, I got a Blogder who emailed me telling me that he was reading up my archives when he realised he doesn't know whats a hp strap. He googled for "hp strap" and it returned my page to him. So he clicked on my page, and then realises that it doesn't explain whats a hp strap, and he googles for it and find my page again.

He killed himself in frustration.

I don't like tragedies happening, so I shall do up a Singlish dictionary for all Blogders. Singlish is Singaporean slang for English.

Patience, people. Soon you shall know what is KNN.

4) If you think your day sucks, think again. At least YOU didn't get a repeat Bean.

5) Somebody emailed me asking me if I could sell my underwear to him. He apparently didn't read the entry where I mentioned something about selling massive (used) underwear in yahoo auctions.

The problem with doing that is that I can only wear one underwear a day, any more and my mum will think I am mad.

To solve the problem, I shall make my dog wear my underwear.

It will be well-worn by the time I sell it.

Wankers, are you sure you really wanna put your face in there?

Anyway, in case anyone really wants to buy my underwear (don't worry my dog is given away to my mum's friend coz my maid is gone and no one is taking care of him), it is $500 per piece. I will even sign my name on it if you like.

6) I wanna start a business by selling self-portraits, oil on canvas. I will paint one soon to show you guys. The self portraits will be random pictures that I have posted on my website before. Each picture will be only painted ONCE and it will be exclusive and limited to only 1 in the whole wide world.

Paintings will be coded with serial numbers and will come with a receipt to prove authencity.

Starting bids at $100 per piece.

If this site really gets more famous in future, you will get comments like,

"Wow dude, you have got a Xiaxue at home! (Say "Xiaxue" in the same breath as "Rolex") How much did you buy it for?"

"$100 only!"

"What! You are one of those lucky firstcomers! What year is it painted in?!"

"2004 jan"

"OMG she was only 19! Now she's like 25 already! Why don't you sell this? With Xiao Feng in the picture too! Damn cool. Xiao Feng is like so pretty!"

"If I sell this, what will cover the hole in the wall?"

"Quite correct."

Tell me if you would buy it if my artwork is good.

Saturday, January 3, 2004

On December 29, 2003, Cheng Yanyan wrote:

RE: Violation of Copyrights and Libel


I am referring to a thread in delphiforums:

This thread has violated my copyrights as certain parts of my writing
has been copied.

Also, there is an outright libel in the thread as posted by some of
the members.

Examples are:

"Just checked out her bloggie and I can confirmed she's a blarddy
bitch who's bitching around for attention."

"Airhead or not, she sounds pretty horny and seems to have big tits.
Is there a pic on her website?"

Some males also threatened to shove their genitals into my mouth.

All these threads makes delphiforums liable for both libel and
violation of copyrights, since it is the publishing party, whether it is
knowing or unknowing of all these happening.

I do not wish to involve a lawsuit in this.

I demand:

(a) An apology and clarification from Delphiforum for having ruined
my reputation;
(b) A severe warning to the offending members who posted so
(c) Removal of any posts which contains libel or violates my

Yours truly,

The reply:

Wendy, we are sorry you had a bad experience on Delphi Forums. The
message you cite was deleted before we could see it, perhaps by the Forum

If you give us a specific link to any remaining copyright violations
and show us what copyrighted material was copied, we will take care of
them. We can only take action if we know what they are. United States law
does not hold us liable for these violations as long as we take prompt
action when informed by the copyright holder of the specific

We closed several accounts and removed several messages posted in this
thread for obvious reasons.

Walt Howe
Delphi Forums Staff

On December 29, 2003, Cheng Yanyan wrote:

Thank you for your helpful reply, I somehow expected delphiforums to
side its members on this issue.

The first thread was a simple link to my site, and thus leading to
the rest of the discussion, in which the "she" and "her" are generally
referring to me.

Thus, the whole thread consists of a "personal attack" to me, which
is really unfair considering that its mainly untrue and malicious.

The reply:

The thread is gone, and the accounts of the worst posters are closed
and annotated with what they did.

Walt Howe
Delphi Forums Staff


Closed their bloody accounts! =D

More? You bet.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 5:55 PM
Subject: Violation of copyrights and Libel

To Whom It May Concern,

I am mentioned in a thread in Eat-Drink-Man-Woman, called WAH THIS CHARBOR.

The thread consists of numerous pictures of myself, and I am sure you know that pictures have copyrights, and they belong to the subject in the picture, which is me.

I am writing this email with the purpose of avoiding a lawsuit, which could be avoided by both parties by some moderation of the forum threads.

If the pictures are not taken down, hardwareforums would be liable for violation of copyrights as it is the party which published the pictures without permission from its owner.

The whole thread also suggests of libel in its most serious form.

To succeed in an action of defamation (libel), the plaintiff must show that:

(a) There was a statement referring (whether indirectly or directly) to the plaintiff;
(b) Which was published by the defendent (both hardware forums and the members) to a third party;
(c) Which tends to lower the plaintiff in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally or tends to cause him to be shunned or avoided.

All three criteria are fulfilled in this case and I will most definitely succeed in a case for libel.

On a further note,
The Defamation Act removes the requirement to prove special damages in a few types of slander inculding slander which:

(a) Imputes unchasity or adultery to any woman or girl;
(b) Is calculated to disparage the plaintiff in any office, profession, calling, trade or business held or carried on by him.

Criteria (a) is fulfilled as well.

As a third party publishing the offending statements and pictures, Hardware Forums will be held liable for the violation of copyrights and libel.

I demand:

(a) An apology from Hardwareforums in the forum thread itself for publishing such malicious contents despite knowing that it is against the law;
(b) And removal of all statements in the thread which is a violation of my rights and causes libel.

If the above two requests are fulfilled, there will be no law-suit involved.

Yours truly,

The reply:

Hi Wendy,

We've deleted the thread of concern.
We've issued an official warning statement to the starter of the thread.

However, do note that we do have under clause 11 of our Terms of Service ( that clearly states that we will not be held responsible for any offending content published by our community


(Blah blah)

We understand that this may have cause unnecessary inconvenience to you and we offer our sincere apologies.
We hope by removing the thread, we would be able to stop all disturbances to you as an individual.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Administrator @

Hardware Zone Pte. Ltd.,
Blk 20, #09-04/05/10, Technopreneur Centre,
Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139964.
Tel: +65-6872-2725
Fax: +65-6872-2724



Idiotic ah bengs.

Someone said my photos do not have copyrights because I am not a celebrity, not the real sort anyway.

Firstly, what the *toot!* is a REAL celebrity??

And secondly, everyone has copyrights, celebrity or not. What an idiot.

-Special thanks to Miss Phillis Peter-
Gatsby! Gatsby!

If you're happy and you know u clap your hair

*smack smack*

If you're happy and you know u clap your hair

*smack smack*

If you're happy... and... you... and.. u...really want to showwwww

*smack smack*

Gatsby gatsby!

Friday, January 2, 2004

I am gonna start a mailing list, so people, please give me an email with your email and name, thank you!

And also, I hope readers will add me to their friendster list (using the xiaxue_blog email, not the xia_xue_snow one), coz if I have any news, or say, Blogger fucks up on me again or something, I can just leave you guys a msg there on the Bulletin board.

Please just add me using my email yeah? Don't ask me to add you coz I can't do that without your email anyway. And also, I have an internet account specially for net friends so use the correct mail!

If you are not on friendster yet, what are u waiting for?! Get your *toot!* there now! =D Coz everyone else is there already!


My email is:....