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For those who have been checking back these few days, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. I understand how that feels, coz being the Maddox addict I am, I often check out to his site to find its still the exact same post, and I feel like whacking him. But of course I can't do that coz he has giant balls and he might hit me with them. I am scared. But thats not the point of course. The point is why I can't update these few days. This is because 1) Everyone else reading blogs will be reading about other people's chinese new year shit and I don't want to bore you more but telling you what a smashing new year I had, besides losing $30 to the Jie (pronounced as G) family yesterday and very stupidly shaking their hands at the end of the day saying, "Gong xi fa cai!! Zu ni feng du bi ying!", which roughly translates to me wishing they will win everytime they gamble. The only problem is that most of the time they gamble with me. Huifen g
Why people are so stupid to think that I should be insulted by the spoof, when its entirely written by myself in the name of a fictitious character, really baffles me.
Oh my holy shit I am so freaking dead. I have COMPLETELY forgotten that today is the 24th of January 2004, which is also the test date for my SATs. I only knew around 10 minutes ago in Alvin's car when I was complaining that my SAT is coming up, and when he asked when, I said 24th, which somehow, in some delusion, I thought would be in another say.. TWO WEEKS or so? But no. Its today. I have not studied, I have no idea what the hell an SAT paper looks like, and I don't even have 2B pencils. Oh wait, think I stole a few from Ritz (Bloody cheapo yes). But heck, I paid $80, and I must take a chance. Wish me luck people. I would really love to blog on, but I am too busy biting my nails off and typing with one hand is really difficult. -Pray for me, I need it.-
Have been busy the past few days, thus no blogging, and suddenly, its CNY again!! I swear I will smash the next TV which goes "Chun lian hong! Chun lian hong!". But actually I wouldn't coz I secretly like that song. But thats not the point. The point is, I got lots and lots to blog about, and I will do it on my clie tml, while other people are busy attacking food and chatting with useless small talk... I hope everyone has a happy happy new year, and collect much more angpow money than Adryan, who is by far the person I know with most, averagely 700 bucks. Lucky git. If you are a parent then I hope you have very normal looking ang pow packets so that even when you give very little money no one will remember its you. =D Ba kua here I come!!
Just won $6 in mahjong. Yaaay! Me: "I hate people who patronise me. I hate it when people are too lazy to answer so they just say 'I don't know.'" Alvin: "Why?" Me: "I don't know la. Just don't like." Alvin: -__-||
Girls girls listen up!!! Whats this? Its the John little warehouse sale at Expo!! Everything there is so FREAKING cheap!!! I went there with June and Gwenne the day before, and bought $150 worth of stuff. However if you go tml there will be lotsa people as it is a Sunday. Go there dressed in tight clothes (so that u can try on the clothes by just pulling it over), and bring a light sling bag. Be sure to elbow the aunties mercilessly. It will be best if you look slightly crazy, so that people are scared off. You will be given this big plastic bag to throw in all the stuff you want. Move along, and take everything that pleases you. You can dump anything you don't want later. NO TIME NO TIME! Heres June and Gwenne throwing out the loot they don't want. Pictures pictures... Pink Camisole. $9 bucks. Double-breasted Coat, complete with lining and stuff. 15 freaking dollars. Pierre Cardin full set bra and panty. $10!! Pierre Cardin again, wit
There was this couple in front of me when I was on the bus. I sit behind them, directly behind the guy and ajacent the girl. All was fine and sunny and I am feeling happy because all was fine and sunny. Suddenly, the girl pecked the guy on the cheek. The guy smiled, and pecked her back on the cheek. They had a smooching competition to see who could peck more. The girl won, and smiled triumphantly at the guy. The guy looked at her, and gave her a sudden smooch on the lips while the girl tried to act surprised. I got really pissed off and nudged the guy on his back with my knee (with the seat in between us of course). He seems to feel that pretty much arousing so he smooched her more. I nudged him harder. He continued the smooch, and most disgustingly, the girl was STILL acting surprised. So I took out a Ritz Carlton matchbox set his hair on fire. "Oooh! Help help!", he cried, as he tried, with no avail, to stop the flames from spre
Why the hell am I doing this instead of sleeping....
From: Terence Koh To: Subject: Don't (and a song for you) Change your image? Impulsive decision ya? haha... don't.... if you do... there wont be anymore interesting blogs to read liao... anyway... here's a remix of the song superman I can't stand to whine I'm not that naive I'm not out to find The shu nu side of me I'm more than a bird...I can be a pain More than some pretty face on an MRT train It's not easy to be me It may sound absurd...but don't be naive Becos i just have the right to bitch I may be disturbed...but i won't concede You can always choose not to read It's not easy to be me Left out the second stanza... cant think of anything.. haha... ***** Wonderful. Wahahahaha... I laughed my head off. Thanks, Terence...
The soft approach is the correct way to get to me. I don't go by threat. When I was young and my mum forced me to bathe, I would go into the bathroom, spray some water here and there on the floor, but just plain refuse to bathe. Obstinate, yes. Thats me. Ask me nicely, and explain to me that it is time to bathe, and I will. Force me to, and no way I will listen. So anyway, yes, I will delete her photo. I have requested for the forums to do that too, but whether they do or not is not within my powers. To Sally: sorry for causing any inconvenience on your part, guess I was behaving too rashly. Whether Jeremy makes a bad choice, or a good one, its up to him to judge as it is his relationship; no one else's. I still maintain that I can judge it if I want to though, coz afterall I wanna know who I lost to. To everyone who is saying: "It is none of your business who Jeremy likes!", my response is this: "It is none of your business too whether I make who
Just woke up from a series of hate msgs from Jeremy, thus spurring the first ever morning entry, simply because I can't get back to sleep. Now Jeremy is possibly cursing SARS on me, and its possibly coming true, coz my fever has been here for 3 days already. First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me to ask me to take care (although u all possibly know I hate that sentence.) Back to more interesting topic besides yours truly getting SARS, lets go on to the saga, continued. Jeremy. He started off with a little msg requesting for me to take off the picture of his Monkee Gal (rather politely, I might add), but too bad he msged me on my starhub line, because I don't reply msgs directed to the said account, so he didn't get a reply. But I thought to myself, "Oops, its really a little mean of me ah. I shall take it off when I blog again. Coz I am sick now anyway." Jeremy apparently took that as a "No" I think, so today, he proceeded to
She is a shu nu. Every testimonial says she is gentle. how come people say gentleness is a virtue?? Don't men (the idiots) REALISE that gentleness is a thing that can be easily FAKED??! So its not that difficult to be gentle afterall. I can speak softly, tread quietly, learn to play the ku zhen and I can be all gentle and lovely. It is just that I can't be bothered to. Whereas, if you ask HER to come up with a good joke, or be intelligent, I don't think she can do it. There you go. Sweet, gentle girls. Ah well. If there ain't any of those in the world, I wonder who will tailor our clothes. Donatella Versace? Who will trim plants? Who will love those poor pets in SPCA? Its time for me to wake up my idea, and act shu nu starting from now. Men. They want to be deceived, don't they. I can do that. Damn. All the new clothes that I bought which fits my acting-rich image can't be worn. *gentle smile* *heehee* *bends head down and look up with
Finally. The saga has ended. We know now who Jeremy has chosen over me. *baited breath* All I can say is... Bleah. I shall say it again. BLAH. BLEAH. GAG. OMG my placenta. I puked it out again. Big small caps! Grammar mistakes! "AstRoBoy"! Ok I will shut the fuck up RIGHT NOW. Its Jeremy's choice and I wish him happiness. Yeah right. Oh well. Maybe she is very caring. I may be really a sore loser, but I thought what goddess she would be. In the end... BLAH. BLEAH. GAG. I wish you eternal happiness with AstRoGirl. Or rather, Monkee gal I think. WTF IS GOING ON WITH THE WORLD!!!! WHATS WRONG WITH MEN??? WHATS WRONG WITH ME?? WHY HER , over me!!! WHY??? CoZ I dOn'T wRitE liKe ThIs?? Pardon me now I shall stop blogging and go stab myself in the face.
Am sick la... Having a fever. caynt tpye proplerly. Click here to have a good laugh though. Be sure to read everything, except the ads of course. Haha... It so funny...
To my Blogders, thank you for all the fantastic emails you guys have sent me. I may not have replied, but I assure you I read all of them. Here are some of best mails which contributes a big load to my internet existence till now. You know who you are... =) If you don't like it published, please tell me, I will take it off yeah? 1) Hey wendy, I am an avid reader of your blog and have been for the past 7 to 9 months. I like your style of writing and how frank you are with your opinions. In such times, people like you are rare. In fact, your blog was and has always been one of the few blogs I look forward to reading everytime I log on. I started reading your blog when I was starting to get into the deepest depression of my life. Somehow, even how unrelated your life and my depression might be, be honoured to know that your dailiy accounts of people you met, fell in love with, quarrelled with, fought with have never failed to lift my spirits up. So, in a really weird way,
Here are some issues about men again. Recently, while I have been working for Tiger Beer, I have met some really really irritating guys. For example, there was this once I was working with this girl called June (she has huge boobs so lets call her Bigbreast June) and the usual June (Mediocre-sized but nice boobs) as well. Then there was this big bunch of young guys sitting at the bar counter area. All three of us were speaking to the guys, when normal June left to serve other customers, leaving me and BB June to entertain them. I was behaving in my normal chatty self and acting as if I knew them for a hundred years as usual. The guys said they wanted to got to Dbl O that night, and asked if the three of us would like to join them. BP June said she would go if I go. I said I would go if June goes. June doesn't want to go. So we are not going. At the end of the night, the three of us finished changing and I was standing in between the two Junes when the group o
Blogger is down again, perhaps because of some new changes they are making to the site. No mood to blog, although I got plenty of stuff to rant about, because tomorrow is the start of school again and I have to wake up at like what? NINE am??! Thats like in the MORNING! Its UNEARTHLY! Its INHUMANE! Its the WEE hours of the nice 24 hours we have! Who in the right frame of mind would wake up in time to see morning glories bloom? Its mad. 4 am is the correct time to sleep, and 2 pm is the correct time to wake up. Then u slack around in bed till 3pm, then you rub off all the whatever stuff is on your eyes, then you turn on the computer with your toes. You check your mail, insult some bengs on IRC, then go bathe (and brush your teeth if you feel like it) and hurray! Its evening time so you can go out without that sun blazing on you. With a sudden flutter you realised you missed lunch! Less calories! Yaaay! Dinner with friends, then MAHJONG till morning! Thats life man....
On December 29, 2003, Cheng Yanyan wrote: RE: Violation of Copyrights and Libel Hi, I am referring to a thread in delphiforums: webtag=sammyboymod&msg=38907.1 This thread has violated my copyrights as certain parts of my writing has been copied. Also, there is an outright libel in the thread as posted by some of the members. Examples are: "Just checked out her bloggie and I can confirmed she's a blarddy bitch who's bitching around for attention." "Airhead or not, she sounds pretty horny and seems to have big tits. Is there a pic on her website?" Some males also threatened to shove their genitals into my mouth. All these threads makes delphiforums liable for both libel and violation of copyrights, since it is the publishing party, whether it is knowing or unknowing of all these happening. I do not wish to involve a lawsuit in this. I demand: (a) An apology and clar
Gatsby! Gatsby! If you're happy and you know u clap your hair *smack smack* If you're happy and you know u clap your hair *smack smack* If you're happy... and... you... and.. u...really want to showwwww *smack smack* Gatsby gatsby!
I am gonna start a mailing list, so people, please give me an email with your email and name, thank you! And also, I hope readers will add me to their friendster list (using the xiaxue_blog email, not the xia_xue_snow one), coz if I have any news, or say, Blogger fucks up on me again or something, I can just leave you guys a msg there on the Bulletin board. Please just add me using my email yeah? Don't ask me to add you coz I can't do that without your email anyway. And also, I have an internet account specially for net friends so use the correct mail! If you are not on friendster yet, what are u waiting for?! Get your *toot!* there now! =D Coz everyone else is there already! Love, Wendy My email is:....