Wednesday, January 28, 2004

For those who have been checking back these few days, I'm really sorry for the lack of updates. I understand how that feels, coz being the Maddox addict I am, I often check out to his site to find its still the exact same post, and I feel like whacking him.

But of course I can't do that coz he has giant balls and he might hit me with them. I am scared.

But thats not the point of course. The point is why I can't update these few days.

This is because

1) Everyone else reading blogs will be reading about other people's chinese new year shit and I don't want to bore you more but telling you what a smashing new year I had, besides losing $30 to the Jie (pronounced as G) family yesterday and very stupidly shaking their hands at the end of the day saying,

"Gong xi fa cai!! Zu ni feng du bi ying!", which roughly translates to me wishing they will win everytime they gamble. The only problem is that most of the time they gamble with me.

Huifen gave a little grimace when I said that. She possibly thinks "Can't say the same for you!", but never mind.

2) All the bullshit aside, the real reason why I didn't blog is because my uncle formatted my computer. Its rude and mean to speak badly of people, but I shall do it anyway because you guys don't know my uncle and if you were me you will boil too.

See, some time a few weeks ago my computer had no less than 79 viruses. Yes, its a freaky amount. I was totally appalled and told my mum about it, and being the typical auntie she is, she freaked out too. I told her I would get a com expert friend to come to our place to help sort it out, but I don't think she believed in an average pimply teenager to handle the 79 formidable viruses.

One fine day, I awoke to my uncle sitting at the com desk. In replacement of the typical look of the computer was the big shiny blue buttons of windows XP instead of our old 98.

I got totally freaked out, and asked him, "YOU FORMATTED THE COMPUTER AH??!"

He said he didn't, and he was merely changing the OS, coz my mum complained to him that there are a lot of viruses.

Now thats fucking stupid.

He changed the OS coz he wanted to uninstall all the programs, so that whatever virus is there will be uninstalled as well. The obvious error is that the viruses files will still be in the computer! They will come back no matter what OS we have! DUH!

I have no idea why middle aged men have to act like they are damn good at computers when they are obviously NOT. It really really pisses me off.

Another uncle, for example, is just another average joe who can operate Word ok. He thinks he is damn good at computers. My mum trusts him more than she trusts me, just cos he is older, and he is a guy.

But he is really deluded. He used to tell my mum that our computer kanna virus because I have a wallpaper.


A fucking .jpg file can cause a freaking virus??! Thats the first time I heard such things. Its pure, untreated, organic bullshit. With that my mum forbade wallpapers on my computer, which was the start to a lot of quarrels.

Mum "Wallpaper again! How many times must I tell you??!"

Me: "Please lor its just a picture file! No virus one la! How can a picture coming out from my digicam have a virus??! You please don't listen to uncle's nonsense la! He thinks he is damn good but he doesn't know anything lor!"

Mum: "You don't put it will die is it?"

Me: "Thats not the point mah!"

Mum: "Yeah maybe it doesnt cause the virus, but cannot just play safe and don't put it meh? Just to make me happy can or not?"

Me: "Then put the stupid clouds can, put my pictures cannot?"

Mum: "That one is already in the computer what!"

Me: "My picture also already in the computer what!"

Mum: "Just take it off."

See? Stupid uncle's fault.

He also thinks that by having irc in the computer, you will automatically get viruses. And of course he told that to my mum as well. He doesnt know that in irc you will not get files unless you accept them, and of course I wouldn't be so dumb as to accept mysterious files.

The previous times my com got viruses, he used to come and give it a cure, by using his norton antivirus disk.


He will make it a big deal, like its really troubling him, and can I please stop putting wallpapers because it keeps causing viruses, and stop using IRC.

It really pisses me off. Operate a fucked up norton disk?? I can do that too! Duh! It not that difficult, why must he act as if he just went to the moon and he is the only rare expert that can do that?

And because he is perpetually grouchy, my mum gets very nervous whenever our computer has some problems, because she would have to face him again.

So anyway, this time she got another uncle to come. This uncle is slightly better. At least he doesn't think that wallpapers causes viruses.

But he thinks that changing the OS can curb viruses from ever coming back.

So anyway, he changed the OS and said that he is not free to complete the thing today, coz he only created one user, which is for my mum.

I was still very traumatized because I realised that all my programs are gone, and I don't have any idea where all my installer discs are.

At that point of time I told him to come format the com for me, coz its really too full of rubbish. After I copy all my files of course.

After this, I discovered coz a friend told me about it. The free virus scan helped me delete all the viruses, so now there is no need to format it already. I met the uncle during my grandpa's birthday and I told him that there is no need now to format my com for me.

But he didn't give any credit to what a little teenage girl says of course.

I saw him sitted at the com around a week ago, when I just woke up. My mum was doing her stuff.

I asked him gleefully whether he is creating another user for me?

He said he formatted the com. All the fucking files are GONE!!!!

MY god! My hundred over pictures! My word documents! My blog templates! ALL FREAKING GONE!!!

I immediately looked at my mum and asked her why she asked my uncle to come and do this when she didn't even TELL ME? She is always like this lor! She didn't give a shit about my opinions just coz I am a kid to her! She will think, "What important things can Wendy have in her com? Its just the normal nonsense la... Nothing important that will affect her life."

My mum said that she didn't know about my uncle coming to format it.

I found that impossible. Then who opened the door for him, huh? I proceeded (rather loudly I might add) to remind her of all the things that I have lost; all my pictures, my school work, my links etc. All these cannot ever be retrieved back you know?!

With this I stormed into my room and slammed the door, and proceeded to cry my heart out. All my pictures!!

Outside, pandemonium was happening. My uncle shouted at my poor mom too. He is a fucked up asshole.

He said, "How can you allow her to speak to you like this? She is very rude you know?! Wah, I come here to help her (I already said I don't need your freaking help, bastard. Thanks but no thanks!), and i still cause my sister to get shouted at like that ah! (Yeah you are right I should have shouted at you and kicked your balls.) I can do anything for you you know, cause you are my sister, but I WILL NOT DO ANYTHING FOR HER!"

With that he dramatically slammed my door and stormed out.


Why is he shouting at my mum like that??!

And surely it is all his fault?! How can he just come to people's house and format people's computer without prior asking?? Its totally rude! The computer is not his, not his to delete anything he likes! And now I am upset about all my pictures gone. Do I not have the rights to be? And if I were a little bit ruder, I would have scolded him too, but I didn't do it.

He deserves a prod in the ass with a bloody pussy willow. Against the grain. Again. And prodded again! Again! Repeat! Burn the pussy willow and prod it once more. Ok enough.

My mum came into the room to find me sobbing with my face in my hands. She softly said she is sorry, coz she went to the market after my uncle came, and she did not know that I have not saved my files yet as I have told her before that I wanted to format the thing.

I told her never mind la, what is done is done lor...

So the point is, after the very long digression, that I have not yet found the installer disk for my camera, so I cannot upload all the 48 photos that I wanna show you all. Thats really sucky.

And without the photos, I refuse to blog.

Soon. I promise. When I am less lazy I would get my ass off the couch and go find it. I think its in the box.. Haha...

Alright. Hope you all have a happy new year!


June, to Gwenne: "Yadda yadda Tampines yadda yadda."

Me: "Huh?? Whose penis?"

June: "Not everything is about sex you know?!"

Oh she needs an orgasm. LOL