Thursday, January 22, 2004

Have been busy the past few days, thus no blogging, and suddenly, its CNY again!!

I swear I will smash the next TV which goes "Chun lian hong! Chun lian hong!". But actually I wouldn't coz I secretly like that song.

But thats not the point.

The point is, I got lots and lots to blog about, and I will do it on my clie tml, while other people are busy attacking food and chatting with useless small talk...

I hope everyone has a happy happy new year, and collect much more angpow money than Adryan, who is by far the person I know with most, averagely 700 bucks. Lucky git.

If you are a parent then I hope you have very normal looking ang pow packets so that even when you give very little money no one will remember its you.


Ba kua here I come!!