Saturday, January 10, 2004

Here are some issues about men again.

Recently, while I have been working for Tiger Beer, I have met some really really irritating guys.

For example, there was this once I was working with this girl called June (she has huge boobs so lets call her Bigbreast June) and the usual June (Mediocre-sized but nice boobs) as well.

Then there was this big bunch of young guys sitting at the bar counter area. All three of us were speaking to the guys, when normal June left to serve other customers, leaving me and BB June to entertain them.

I was behaving in my normal chatty self and acting as if I knew them for a hundred years as usual. The guys said they wanted to got to Dbl O that night, and asked if the three of us would like to join them.

BP June said she would go if I go. I said I would go if June goes. June doesn't want to go.

So we are not going.

At the end of the night, the three of us finished changing and I was standing in between the two Junes when the group of guys approached us.

The apparent "leader" of them approached me first naturally, since he doesn't know the other two so well because he talked to me for a longer period of time. He tried to persuade me to go, and I told him there was no way I would go if June doesn't. I told him to convince June himself.

So he strided over to June... And asked for her number.

"Not fucking again," I thought. But its ok! Coz I have BB June standing right next to me without anyone getting her number either.

Precisely at this point of time someone asked for her number.

I stood stuck at the middle, with guys surrounding the females of both sides of me and playing with handphones, and I just wanted to kick everyone's balls.

Its not that I am interested in the guys. I am not jealous either. They are quite ugly. But its just really humiliating isn't it? Why are men so insensitive? What am I supposed to do standing there? I don't know what is the correct etiquette to practice here, coz certainly the guy would not ask for everyone's number right? *shrugs*

Similarly, if a guy wants to ask a girl for her number, and she is with a friend, isn't it really rude to totally ignore the friend while talking to the prettier girl (in most cases she is)? What is the friend supposed to do? Walk away? Why SHOULD she walk away for the guy's benefit? The correct thing to do here would be to give attention to both girls, right? Thats the smart thing to do, coz when the guy leaves, the (non selected) girl will go like, "Wow. He is so polite... He seems sincere in friendship and not just getting into your pants!"

Conversely, if a guy asks for my number while totally ignoring my friend who is with me, I am sorry. NO CHANCE. It shows untactfulness if not anything else.

When I was working at PLAB for Tiger beer with some other girls, there was this fellow whom I tried to pour beer for.

There I was, with perfectly good intentions of making his beer a nice, full cold one. He stopped me, and said, "I don't want you to pour. I want Jacqueline to pour for me. Only Jacqueline pours nice beers."

OH YEAH? What about I pour some sulfuric acid on your balls? THEN I get Jacqueline to pour it for you, asshole.

Its so totally INSENSITIVE isn't it? Of course it is perfectly natural to have perferences, but it is plain rude to say it out like this, no? Bloody arsehole. The next time I see him, I will ask Jac not to pour for him as well. He can jolly well order beer himself.

Today an old man infuriated me as well.

I was working at Chong Pang camp, with June. Usually its June and this other girl called Kim who works there, so the people there, although some remember me, are more accustomed to June and Kim.

The bloody ticopehs (chinese horny uncles) there always ask for June's and Kim's numbers, and when June and Kim are not interested (they can be old enough to be their fathers!), they would do a very nice thing. They would give them Bobby's number.

Now Bobby is our Tiger Beer boss, and he is a lao beng. He is loud and crass, but also really cute and funny, to us girls only of course. I will post his photo soon if I can.

Imagine the surprise of the men when they happily called, and heard Bobby's loud voice. Bobby's favourite sentence is "Don't be a kan ni na!". We tried to explain to him that "kan ni na" is a verb not a noun, but he told us not to be a kan ni na and shut up.

Today, there was this old guy who was sitting beside Bobby (I keep spelling Booby), and he was talking about the Tiger girls. I was standing inside the bar listening to them talk.

The old guy asked how come Kim didn't come today. Bobby said Kim is busy or something, and the fellow suddenly sounded quite pissed and smacked the table.

"Don't talk about Kim already la! I very angry with her!"

Bobby, "Why leh?"

"I asked for her number, and you know what she do?"


"She gave me YOUR number!"

I laughed and laughed till my placenta dropped out. Actually I didn't, coz I can't. I muffled a laugh while Bobby said:

"Huh? Why she do that... Aiyoh..."

Whahahaha... Bobby himself told June and Kim to give his number if people bother them, and now he acting blur.

Then Bobby said, "Never mind, here got Wendy what..."

I gave Bobby a very vicious look and kicked him in the balls.

Actually I didn't.

But do you know what the fucked up fellow said??!

"Wendy? I not interested in Wendy."


I turned purple, and Bobby, sensing danger, said, "Actually Wendy is a very nice girl..."

I said really sascastically, "Nice no use what... Not pretty enough."

The fellow seems to know that he really pissed me off, so he said,
"No la.. Its not I not interested..
(Yeah right, fuck you. hate people who patronise me.)
Its that I got no time...."

I said, "Yeah no time for me coz I not as pretty as Kim mah."

He said, "No la... No time for Kim or for you or for anyone..."

I could have asked him to explain how can he not have time if

1) he actually had time to call.
2) he is just drinking and rotting away here anyway, every single Friday.
3) No time ask her number for what?
4) time for what? Fucking? Starting a relationship when u are 45 with a 19 yr old girl? Oh he has time. Who else wants him?

The argument could have gone on forever, but its useless arguing with a retard coz they also give irrelevant answers.

Sorry, I need to digress a little.

About retards. Why are some people so fucking stupid??! So many people got themselves pissed over the post about giving up seats. I have never mentioned that I am unwilling to give my seat to the elderly or pregnant ladies. I ALWAYS do that. My point is that people who are less abled should NOT take for granted people give them seats, like the fucked up bitch who was openly insulting me for merely not seeing her.

See? Stupid people miss the point, and find another non-existent point, and think they are damn smart. Cannot stand it.

An example is this:

If I said, "Today I didn't wear a bra. I wore a woolly black top which is quite loose. I didn't wear a bra because I have a cut where the bra strap would hit. Instead, I wore 3 singlets inside. I almost scalded to death."

Stupid people's brain process:
Never wear bra --> can see nipples ---> Trying to attract men --> What for? --> Cheat men's money, whats new --> Sleep with them --> Slut! --> Xiaxue is a slut! --> I wonder why I am repeating sec 3 the 3rd time --> But she is still a slut. --> Slut. --> Whore. --> Fucking bitch.

And etc.

No point correcting, or arguing with dumb people.

Back to the point about men. I also hate guys who ask me to ask for my friend's number. Just fucking do it yourself can? WHY should I help??

Ok I am done with the men point.

Lets go on to nice people.

Yesterday, I left my two hps in the toilet. A kind lady went into my cubicle, rushed out, caught me at the washing area, and gave me back two of the phones.

WHAT ON EARTH? I was ultra nice to everyone after that. June wanted to buy a top but it is 49 and too expensive so I sponsored 10 bucks. (But actually June bought me a skirt too) That lady is a god. She is too good to be true.

I told myself that the next time I find phones, I will return it to the owner. UNLESS.. Its a 8910. Coz it might be mine!

I was buying Ramily burger (its really really nice!!!) from a pasar malam when I realised I don't have enough money to pay! I only had $1.20 and the burger is $2.50. Really embarrassed, I told the little Malay boy that he can give the burger to the next customer coz I don't have enough. He insisted I have it, coz I mentioned that I am hungry and I love their burgers. His treat, he said. SO SWEET........!

I was late for meeting June, and I was at the bus stop when I realised I forgot to draw money so I only have 50 cents, not enough for taking a bus to meet her. I had to walk a long way to the atm, only to realise that the atm does not dispense ten dollar notes so I can only draw 50.

Amount exceeds bank account balance.

I walked dejectedly to the bus stop and bo pian (=no choice) had to ask an old lady for 30 cents so I am take a bus, or June will kill me and the bus stop is really far from home...

The auntie gave me a "Fuck off la you cheatabug I have seen many people like you around" look and said curtly she does not have change.

I was thus forced to approach a Malay uncle sitting on the next seat. I think he overheard the conversation (although he possibly cant understand chinese but body language says it all), and without me mentioning anything just took out his wallet and asked me how much I need.

Nice, or what?

I know this guy called Alvin when I was working at Tekong. It started out really normal, asking for my number and smsing. So far, we have been meeting quite often, and we have been to Mount Faber in the dead of the night, and I have even been to his place. But he never once attempted to touch me.

Guys like him are one in a million.

I suppose you would know for sure a guy is REALLY liking you when he behaves like Alvin does. He has been driving me around, and treating me here and there, listening to me complain, have me asked him to go and die a million times, but he is still HERE.

Girls, you know a guy likes you really, when he is so careful with the friendship that he knows that any physical mistake will jeopardise everything. So he would rather just not have you as a gf, then to risk losing such a valuable friendship.

=D Thank you Alvin.

Singaporeans are really not that bad afterall!