Friday, January 2, 2004

I am gonna start a mailing list, so people, please give me an email with your email and name, thank you!

And also, I hope readers will add me to their friendster list (using the xiaxue_blog email, not the xia_xue_snow one), coz if I have any news, or say, Blogger fucks up on me again or something, I can just leave you guys a msg there on the Bulletin board.

Please just add me using my email yeah? Don't ask me to add you coz I can't do that without your email anyway. And also, I have an internet account specially for net friends so use the correct mail!

If you are not on friendster yet, what are u waiting for?! Get your *toot!* there now! =D Coz everyone else is there already!


My email is:....