Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Just woke up from a series of hate msgs from Jeremy, thus spurring the first ever morning entry, simply because I can't get back to sleep.

Now Jeremy is possibly cursing SARS on me, and its possibly coming true, coz my fever has been here for 3 days already.

First off, thank you to everyone who emailed me to ask me to take care (although u all possibly know I hate that sentence.)

Back to more interesting topic besides yours truly getting SARS, lets go on to the saga, continued.


He started off with a little msg requesting for me to take off the picture of his Monkee Gal (rather politely, I might add), but too bad he msged me on my starhub line, because I don't reply msgs directed to the said account, so he didn't get a reply. But I thought to myself, "Oops, its really a little mean of me ah. I shall take it off when I blog again. Coz I am sick now anyway."

Jeremy apparently took that as a "No" I think, so today, he proceeded to msg me rather fiercely about how I can write all I want about him but I should leave his friends alone (i write about anyone I want, friend or not, dude.), and he regrets knowing me and can I stop getting on his back.

I replied,
"Hmmm... Understand your anger. Will delete it later."

He took that as a cue to start insults, and continued with how pissed his gf is coz her photo is being circulated in various forums and she did nothing to deserve it.

Ok, several arguments here.

1) Why should I give a shit about how pissed his gf is? Who is she to me? DUH. Pissed? Ask her to fuck herself.

2) I am entitled to write whatever I want in my blog, as long as it is not libel. Its just too bad for Jeremy that alot of people read it. So? Blame me for the readers? Its not my fault they come. Its not MY fault they copied her picture. Yes, it IS mean of me to post her picture, or to bad-mouth shu nus in general. Thats why I offered to take it off, but guess what Jeremy? I have EVERY right to do that. (except for the posting of her photo, which violates copyrights laws.) If she is not happy about this, she can write a blog to insult me too.

3) She did nothing to deserve it? Cheers dude, the cancer patients did nothing to deserve shit too. Welcome to life. Its middle name is "unfair".

4) Yes I posted her picture. True enough it violates her copyrights, but it has always been in friendster, available for the whole world to see. Whats so shameful about her picture then? True I said she sucks, but my readers have BRAINS, Jem. They can judge for themselves whether she sucks or not. No one will just take my word for it.

5) In conclusion, it is MEAN of me to do whatever I did, but I have every right to do it.

6) I already offered to take it off, what more you want?! Gosh. An official apology to her?

Oooh Monkee Gal its really silly of you to get angry with AstRoBoy you know coz I am the bitch here, I'm sorry I posted your picture, its my fault that u don't look like a goddess, its oh-so-mean of me to write bad stuff about you (or rather, shu nus in general. I don't remember insulting you). If you want your photos removed from the forums, do email the administrator like I did, you can even copy my mail if you want.

Oh yeah in future do not put pictures in friendster if you don't want anyone to copy them. This is just a gentle reminder of course, no offence. Oh yeah its MY fault that the forum people put ur picture up. I control their brains and made them do it. Anyway, they are a bunch of idiots yes but they are speaking well of you what? And bad of me, so whats there to be angry about? *yawn*

So anyway, after replying that whole big chunk (the chunk above the 'apology') to Jeremy, he replied that I don't speak reason and "just take off that photo after your period is over."

Good news for you, Jeremy.


Too bad you tried to do that, because you have pissed me off and there her picture shall remain, no matter how sweet, gentle, or polite Sally is.

As I said, if she is not happy, she can either fuck herself, or delete away that friendster picture of hers, which will result in a small red cross in my site, which will make me a itsy bitsy bit pissed, if that makes her happier. I can't be bothered to save it to my photo's site.


Back to another topic of rights.

Some time ago I was with Ghimz and PY out on dinner. The night before, my dad got angry with me, and swept the fan onto the floor. It smashed to bits.

I was complaining to them that I think he has no rights to threaten violence on us like this, and its just WRONG to slam things around.

Ghim gave a very refreshing point of view: Surely, it is better of him to vent his anger on objects than people.

I replied that well, he shouldn't even slam anything, coz its not fair as everyone at home is smaller in size and we are scared whenever he does it, so we give in to his absurd ideas, when obviously he is wrong. He uses this trick to settle things everytime, and everytime he wins.

Ghimz thought for a moment, and asked, "Did he buy the fan?"


"He bought it, he can slam it. I don't mean by doing that he is correct, but he has every right to do that."

"Its not like that one mah. That fan is bought for me, so its mine. Like that if your dad decides that he wants to smash the new car he bought for you, he can do it meh?"

"Yes, I would think he has all the rights to do that."

"So you are saying that whatever money that you save up from your pocket money, your parents have every right to destroy the things you bought with the money, coz it comes from them."


After this we got on into another discussion about how children are sort of "owned" by their parents, so the parents are free to do whatever they want to them, coz without the parents, the children can't be existent anyway.

Its just like in this situation, a man saves a woman from drowning. There is a chinese saying that the woman "owes" the man a life, because without him, she would have no life to speak of.

If this is true, then certainly a father has every right to rape his daughter and use her as a sex toy once she is born, since its his child?

To a certain extent, one could say that the arguement seems correct, but every humans has their rights.

In the drowning example, the argument could be that the woman has never consented to the agreement that she would be the man's once he saved her. She should have the rights to a CHOICE. Say for example, when on the verge of drowning, the man asked her, "I can save you, but if I succeed and you live on, you shall be MINE."

If the woman agrees, then yes, the servitude to the man will be reasonable.

But if its unspoken, then it can be argued that the woman did not ASK for him to save her, did she? Why should she listen to him after he saved her? Yes indeed, the woman would have no life to speak of if the guy didn't save her, but... I don't know how to argue this out, so I shall just say that instinctively it seems wrong.

So anyway, back to the point, the daughter did not ASK for the parents to give birth to her too. And when she is a baby, she has no mind of her own to decide what she wants, so the law states that her parents will decide for her, till she is of a legal age.

Can her parents decide to abuse her, or sell her off as a slave?

And then there is the topic of society's expectations.

When a couple decides they want a baby, surely they know that they should provide for the baby till he can take care of himself, and they should love it, and etc etc. If they think they cannot abide to these expectations, then don't give birth at all.

I have always taken for granted that my parents should love me and provide for me. Afterall, I didn't ask them to have me, and since they did they should do as most parents do.

But fact is that they don't have to do that. Its merely a set of criteria from society, but they have every right not to abide to it. It is WRONG of course, to not take care of or love their child but they have the rights to.

Very confusing stuff. Pardon me if I am rambling on, coz afterall I do have a fever. And its 10 in the morning, ridiculously early.

Shall go back to sleep now, tell me what you think yeah? Both the Jeremy and rights issue. I love to hear comments.

Oh yeah btw any other forum besides the hardwarezone retards forum? LOL. Stupid people miss the point, find another non-existent point, and celebrate it. I can't be bothered to argue, its really pretty useless.