Oh my holy shit I am so freaking dead.

I have COMPLETELY forgotten that today is the 24th of January 2004, which is also the test date for my SATs.

I only knew around 10 minutes ago in Alvin's car when I was complaining that my SAT is coming up, and when he asked when, I said 24th, which somehow, in some delusion, I thought would be in another say.. TWO WEEKS or so?

But no. Its today. I have not studied, I have no idea what the hell an SAT paper looks like, and I don't even have 2B pencils. Oh wait, think I stole a few from Ritz (Bloody cheapo yes). But heck, I paid $80, and I must take a chance.

Wish me luck people. I would really love to blog on, but I am too busy biting my nails off and typing with one hand is really difficult.

-Pray for me, I need it.-

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