She is a shu nu. Every testimonial says she is gentle.

how come people say gentleness is a virtue?? Don't men (the idiots) REALISE that gentleness is a thing that can be easily FAKED??! So its not that difficult to be gentle afterall. I can speak softly, tread quietly, learn to play the ku zhen and I can be all gentle and lovely.

It is just that I can't be bothered to.

Whereas, if you ask HER to come up with a good joke, or be intelligent, I don't think she can do it.

There you go. Sweet, gentle girls. Ah well. If there ain't any of those in the world, I wonder who will tailor our clothes. Donatella Versace? Who will trim plants? Who will love those poor pets in SPCA?

Its time for me to wake up my idea, and act shu nu starting from now. Men. They want to be deceived, don't they. I can do that.

Damn. All the new clothes that I bought which fits my acting-rich image can't be worn.

*gentle smile*


*bends head down and look up with blinking eyes*

*smile without showing teeth*

*rebonds hair*

*plays piano*


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